Testimonies: Blitz Report May 2015 – April 2016

We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimonies.  Discover how the Lord Jesus helped many to overcome in 2015-2016.

Pastor Morne Fourie
I started a new job, which was stressful enough.  But on top of that I developed some form of stage fright, and started stuttering at work when I spoke English. It worried me. One day I decided to pray for a colleague at work and after that the stage fright was gone. If you know what to do, just do it.

Bridget Young
I want to testify about God’s healing. It has been quite a year for us and I had to put my faith out there regarding healing. I have learnt through the apostles that sometimes it takes a bit longer but God will do it. I have had to put my faith out there. I am not sponsoring my doctors next holiday overseas. He is our miracle doctor. Doctors are there for a purposes; but it has worked up to now. We have seen miracles happen. A friend that discovered a lump in her breast. I prayed with her daily. The German doctor was confused that the lump had disintegrated into many little pieces; he was dumbfounded.

Nicholas Meyer
I’d like to thank the Lord for apostolic doctrine and the church and for receiving good doctrine here. This morning before church we where waiting and it was drizzling. We were waiting for our lift under a tree but it wasn’t sufficient so we went across the road to the shop for shelter. There were a few homeless people there and the one gentleman started talking to me.
I was reminded of Apostle Andre’s word that we should show interest in ordinary people. I asked him some probing questions like how did you get into this situation and he shared briefly with me and I shared the four spiritual laws with him and I lead him to the Lord before the service. I advised him to got to a church and to be baptized in water. I was just amazed at the simplicity at how easy it was. Compared to the previous church where we were and we had to phone the pastor to lead someone to the Lord so he could do it. I thank God that we are taught accurately and are able to do His work.

Wayne Carstens
God inspired someone to cover a certain portion of our rent. My debt was cleared, and our rent rent reduced.

Eric Collins
We have been trusting God for a new vehicle for a long time. God blessed us with a car.

Lonwabo Jacobs
Before I knew God, I was in and out of prison. Thank God for the way He changed my life and that I am married with a beautiful daughter!

Jonathan Rael
An armed robbery took place at our work on Monday morning. There wasn’t a lot that the victims could do, but I prayed. No one got hurt and everyone was safe.

Eric Collins
The word challenges us to give our full tithes and to test Him in this. Last week God provided a lot of equipment for my work for free. We cannot out give God.

Pastor Morne Fourie
Thank God for being my advocate. Got an exorbitant surprise bill. I decided to stay at peace, and decided not to pay the bill. God showed me how to handle the issue, and the bill has been reversed.

Helen Sauerman
I want to give glory to God for healing. Apostle Leigh said that when you praise God He fights battles for you on your behalf. I woke up with difficulty to sing and speak cause of a cold I had. While I was worshiping it all cleared away. I just want to thank God.

Apostle Aje Pelser
Delportshoop church got a building for free. The Salvation Army gave them a beautiful building.

Jonathan Rael
I got invited to long distance sport shooting competition in September. I qualified but it is very expensive. I said okay Lord, please help me. My friend offered to sponsor

Nicholas Meyer
Give God the glory for provision. We moved to a bigger place. There were no closets. We prayed about it several times. About two weeks ago my wife came from work and said they were moving from the one shop to another and the boss asked her if anyone was interested in the closets. When she asked about the cost, we were given them for free.

Abigail Engelbrecht
A training position became available at work for which I was busy applying. The client that we work for called me to the office and said that the head of the UK office wants me to get the job. I thank for seeing that I am capable of doing things, and promoting me.

Pastor Derrick Davids
When we moved into our new place the roads were bad. And then the Lord told me, stop complaining and start praying. A week later people started fixing the road and its now smooth.
We were invited to a wedding on a farm in the Paarl region where live, and were asked to sleep over. We went to pray and worship in the chapel on the property and ended up being 9 people worshipping. The owners of the farm asked if we don’t want to use the chapel for future prayer meetings and to have church there.

Angela Colllins
Thank the Lord for healing. E.J. had a rash behind his knees, God gave us wisdom on what to use for his healing. His legs are completely healed.

Wayne Carstens
I was struggling with my old car which was costing a lot of money to maintain. The car got stolen in May and a month ago I met with my regional manager at work. The company bought me a car.

Charlene Faurie
17 years ago the Lord promised me I would worship Him with my two daughters and tonight it was fulfilled.

Michelle Louw
Thank the Lord for the doors his opened and opportunity He has given me. I applied at a Chef school a month ago. I was recommended to work at a cafe for experience. After working for a few weeks, I got into the school.

Few weeks ago Joseph had infection in lung. After two weeks it went away. Then last week one night the child died twice. I said Lord I cannot loose him now the doctors said he’d live for only three weeks and he’s lived 3 years. I want to thank the Lord for work and miracles He has done in my life.

Cheyene Junior
I’ve been waiting for a permanent slot at a certain gym. I went to train at another gym, and I randomly asked if they needed aerobic instructors. The lady called her manager and they needed somebody that evening. It was Gods timing. I went to present the class and God came through. He gave me so much favour. Thank the Lord for opening the door.

Dale Collins
My hips were in a bad state. I went for a double hip replacement. God led me to the right doctor. I can stand in front of you and I can stand on one leg. God has to arrange for the muscles to accept the foreign matter (titanium). I will improve over the next eighteen months and maintain this state of healing for the rest of my life. I give God the glory.

Kristofor Collins
Thank God that I could finish school and for providing for my education.

Prophet Nola Pelser
I took art work to NYC, and I desired to preach and speak the word to people and testify of what God has done. With the art auction, I testified of all the things that God had done in all the different nations where Apostle Andre had been. Thank God for selling a few paintings.

God’s favour – I applied for an assessment at my work among 63 candidates. God gave me favour, and I am now officially a fire-fighter.

Louise Louw
I thank God for restoring my family, it was such a blessing to have Jaqueline here, I had a holiday in my house, it was such a time of restoration, God confirmed what He has done for us. What I noticed – My husband had a joyful presence in my house, and so does Carter. There was so much joy and laughter. God restored that back. God’s glory always outweighs the suffering.

Prophet Nola Pelser
While visiting in USA, Yvette and I went for a walk. A man followed us to attack us, and all of a sudden he was in front of us. I threw my hands in the air and started praising God. The man fled so quickly that we couldn’t find him when we looked for him!

Stefan Wever
God encouraged me to give a tithe of the amount that we needed, and He supplied it to us in a way we did not expect.

Sharlene Collins
Thanks God for protection in Eastern Cape. Fires are a big threat because of dryness. My parents have a small holding with cattle on. Dale smelled fire one afternoon. We saw fire on one side of property and prayed that wind will take it away. The wind turned the fire away and the fire didn’t touched the property.

Jennifer-Lee Robertson
I got admitted as an attorney to high court of SA, and I just want to thank the Lord and all the praise and all the glory and all the honour.

Mimi de Jager
My son is involved in a church in Bronkhorstspruit and they prayed at a prayer meeting for a child that had cancer and they just felt they faith rising.
They phoned the father and they asked him where the child was and he said the child was asleep and they asked him to lay hands on the child while they were praying in Bronkhorstspruit. The child was extremely sick, he had recurring cancer and at this stage the cancer had grown up his spine. They were going to operate on him to remove the cancer but then they said there was nothing they can do, the cancer is too severe, they will have to take him home and he will die within a month. They took him to the hospital the next day and they opened him up to do the operation to remove the cancer but they said there was no cancer, absolutely no cancer and it is incredible what the lord did and they send him home.

Robert Gradl
I thank God for being able to witness for Him. On the island in the Seychelles, we had a Sunday church meeting and I had to preach. I asked God for a word and I prepared. I said God, it has to be You. Just before 10:00 he gave me something. It is with His help through the Holy Spirit and wisdom of God that I was able to do this.
We had another service on the second Sunday and we baptized a man in water and the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Marieke Fourie
I want to thank the Lord for saving my brother’s life. He had a stroke and it was a miracle that he recovered so quickly. I also thank the Lord for Christian doctors in the hospital for speaking the Word to him. The doctors said that the hand of God was on his life’ all four doctors spoke into his life. I am very grateful for the hand of God on his life.

Prophet Nola Pelser
I was driving home after teaching at MBC, and I saw a man that was under the possession of an evil spirit walking along the side of the road. He was dancing very violently and when I came right past him, I cast out the evil spirit. I took authority over this evil spirt and rebuked it and the man walked normally afterwards.

Colleen Robertson
I had heart surgery (a double valve replacement) a few months ago. Yesterday was the first time I could walk on the beach in two years. I thank the Lord for the improvement. Its so wonderful that my blood is flowing throughout my whole body as it should. I thank the Lord for giving the medical doctor wisdom, and for speeding up my recovery.

Prophet Lynette Collins
Kristofor brought a friend to the screening of Touch of the Master’s Hand, and she recommitted her life to Christ.

Youth Testimonies from Into Orbit Coaching Sessions:

Charlise Kriek
I discovered that the subjects that I took were perfect for what I want to do. I like accounting and singing.

Cameron Young
I realized that I love computers and technology. That is the direction that I want to go into.

Jesse Coetzee
I learnt that you must work your hardest and trust in God in everything you do. I would like to be a rugby player.

Jodi Meyer
Thank God for blessing me with 4 awards at school: Geography, Maths, Afrikaans, best in class.

Yessica Schollash
I had a bad knee injury and the doctor said that I would have to have an operation. We continued praying and having faith. I want to thank God that he healed my knee.

Ethan Pelser
I got an opportunity to train with the Liverpool Academy Coaches, and it was a very good experience. We had a match straight after, and my friend and I played very well and we won the game 6-1.

Summer Davids
I did a ballet exam. I asked God for a gold medal, and I got one for the ballet.