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Continue By Apostle Aje Pelser Preached at Harvester Reformational Church, Cape Town Sept. 2019 After the outpouring of the Holy Spirit for the first time in the early church, we…

The Way to Go

The Way to Go Preached by Apostle Aje Pelser, Harvester Reformational Church, Cape Town Benefits of God’s Way to Go for our lives. Anchor Scripture: Isa 48:17 Thus says the…

Restoring the Church

Restoring the Church By Apostle Aje Pelser, Harvester Reformational Church, Cape Town Base Scripture Isa 44:24 Thus says the LORD, your Redeemer, And He who formed you from the womb:…

Seed Faith

Seed Faith References to seed faith in the whole Bible to stimulate your faith A bit of family history: Oral Roberts discovered this principle in the Bible and used it…

David’s Portals to Victory

David’s Portals to Victory By Apostle Aje Pelser Harvester Men’s Praise and Worship Evening Rev 3:7 "And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write, 'These things says He…

Willing Heart

Traces of a Willing Heart By Apostle Aje Pelser Read Exodus 35, 36 Here we find traces of a willing heart that builds the meeting place of God’s People. 1.…