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Living Communion

Living Communion Preached by Apostle Aje Pelser, Harvester Reformational Church, Cape Town. John 15 “I in contradistinction to anyone else, am the vine, the genuine vine, and my Father is…

Virtuous Church

A VIRTUOUS CHURCH By Apostle Aje Pelser, June 2009, Feb 2020 Harvester Reformational Church, Cape Town “Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies.” Proverbs…

Techniques for Answered Prayer

Techniques that secure answered prayer By Apostle Aje Pelser Preached at Harvester Reformational Church, Cape Town In order to take the mysticism out of Christian prayer, we can find valuable…

More than a Champion

Being more than a Champion By Apostle Aje Pelser I loved watching ‘Le Champion’ – a weekly sports documentary from Europe – as a child. It inspired me to be…

Quietude of the Righteous

Quietude of the Righteous By Apostle Aje Pelser, Harvester Cape Town Instances where quietude overcomes great odds. Quietude: a state of stillness, calmness, and quiet in a person or place.…