Miracle Bible College: Testimonies of 2014

Raquel Lombana
One of the things I learned in MBC is that if you make seeking God the most preeminent thing in your life, He will take care of things you think you need to take care of. Since I made that decision, to leave my life and family in Venezuela to come to study the Word, I’ve seen how He takes care of everything in every area of my life: spirit, soul and body. He added me to a church, provided through the church a place for me to live, provided a visa, work, friends, food and clothes, and much more. Although walking by faith is not always easy, I can be secure in God’s hands knowing that He has prepared a path for me to walk on; and not only this, but He has also prepared me to walk on it. He knows all my needs and takes care of me. Therefore I don’t need to worry about life but I can simply seek His Kingdom which is within me: righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. And out of my relationship with Jesus my life flows.

Taylor Vincent
Wow, where to begin, there really aren’t enough words to describe what this year at MBC has meant to me. In this short space of time MBC has not only helped me to grow individually as a person with regards to my boldness, confidence and self-worth (these are just a few of the personal issues that I used to struggle with, but now have been able to overcome through steps of faith, prayer and God’s divine grace); MBC has also hugely equipped me to handle various situations in my life differently and to plan, manage and live my life according to God’s purpose for my life, instead of my own. God has helped me, through MBC, to receive clarity, direction and peace concerning my further studies and career choice – which was something I really needed help and guidance with. I am overjoyed to have had the opportunity to study at MBC this year and I definitely encourage so many others to do the same, especially for young adults who want to study further at possible tertiary educations or even just preparing to begin their lives in the “big world” – it is absolutely vital to receive a strong foundation in our lives first and to get to know Christ as new creations in Him and MBC has definitely helped me to do so. God has really blessed me this year and He has shown me His unconditional love, grace and provision numerous times this year. I am so elated to be able to serve such a magnificent King!

Doreen Delport
Being a full-time student at MBC was the best decision I ever made in my life. A mom and a granny of 2 grandchildren make it easy for anyone at the age of 54 years to come and study God’s word, understand the importance of being part of a church and to serve in the body where JESUS CHRIST is the head of the church and where His grace is operating. Also what His kingdom really is – to be in right-standing with GOD, to have joy in believing and have peace that surpass all understanding. To renew your mind according to Romans 12:2 and that suffering is part of your walk with God, which is not always moonlight and roses, but in that God’s Glory outweighs it all. He always provided my needs for me. To enjoy everyone, people from different walks of life! Then last but not least – Making God the most pre-eminent person in my life. He is y husband, my friend, my everything. To abide in Him. Thank You Jesus for everything You have done for me!!

Ryan Manchest
This year I went through a lot of trials. I came to a point where I had to call on the Name of Jesus. God spared my life and I could see His protection upon my life. The word of God is true and I can stand on His word. God helped me to speak in public. I made Christian friends for life. I have learnt to serve God in Spirit and in truth.

Luisa Paulo
MBC has changed my life and made me understand God’s ways. My mind changed a lot where prayer is concerned. I now know how to pray without ceasing – which I learned from the subjects of Madame Guyon and Brother Lawrence – and that God does not look at our qualifications, but if He wants to use you He will. And that encouraged me to keep in the Lord. Thank God for His grace.

Samuel Louis
This year is the most wonderful and most important year of my life, because I’m getting trained as a full-time student at MBC, to prepare me for ministry, the purpose of God, and His will for my life, and to fulfil my calling. I’ve always had this desire in my heart to preach and teach God’s Word accurately in my area, with miracles, signs and wonders following, and the apostolic reformation being spread. When we started at the beginning of the year with the subject on the Holy Spirit, our lecturer Helga Strydom prophesied, saying, “You will bear much fruit; even in your old age you will bear fruit, and many will follow through you.” And Apostle Leigh prophesied to the whole class what God is saying, why we’re here, what we must do, and how He’s going to use us. Praise the Lord for super lecturers and teachers, and super students to study with: this year means a super lot to me. Thank you MBC and leadership.

Charity Chataira
MBC changed my life totally – the way I used to think. When the challenges come, I know where my help comes from. Now I understand that everything I have comes from the Lord, and to live is Christ. In 2007 I prayed to God, “I want to know You Lord more, and I want to meet people who worship you in Spirit and in truth, and people who talk about You and walk according to Your will.” At that time I was still in Zimbabwe; I did not know that God had a plan for me. Jesus opened up a door for me to come to MBC. Today I say, “Thank You Jesus!!” And God bless MBC over and over again.

Michelle Louw
Miracle Bible College is described as training students in practical theology, and the slogan is “Training students to hear from God with an open Bible.” We are not just taught Scriptures and given analyses, but we are taught how to have a relationship with our Father and Creator. With the apostolic doctrine and prophetic insight, a foundation has been laid in my life over the past two years as a full-time student, and I have set Jesus Christ as the Chief Cornerstone of my life. He has renewed my hope, my peace, my joy, my mind; the Word of God has become more real and practical to me. I have received help, deliverance and direction, helping me to overcome hindrances in my life, and to live with courage and victory. In the performing arts classes we participated in as part of Miracle Arts College, we received training in dance and drama. There we gain experience in working with godly people on productions that give glory to God. I am so grateful for this opportunity: for the teachings I received, for the people who work to teach and equip us, for my family who supported my decision, and most of all, grateful for God and His Word, which is truly the Light for my life’s path.

MBC means the beginning of my life, because it changed the way I used to think about God. And my mind has become renewed now to know the Word of God and live according to it, and always to know His grace and mercy is with me.

Aluis Charumbira
I thank very much for the opportunity to be a student at Miracle Bible College. It’s an honour and privilege to be under the teachings equipping for the ministry, and also to be taught to hear from God from an open Bible. May the Lord bless the Pelser family, who laid down their lives for the vision and of Jesus Christ.

Luke Agoshto
I would like to thank God for this Bible College, for everything in my life. It was too difficult for me before I came, I quit my job for every day and focussed on the things of God. So I was jobless, but during the time I came here things began to move well, and I got a job three days a week. My spiritual life also changed because of this Bible College, the way I pray, the way I preach – everything has changed. I thank God for such signs and wonders, and I Believe He will do more than this.

Sergio Idalina Mawelele
At this point MBC has changed my interior through the Word of God, therefore I feel capable to stand up and move forward, teaching what I know about Jesus the Christ, and I will tell others to come, and drink this fresh water to never thirst again.

Joseph Nyamakanga
MBC was a life-changing moment for me as it brought a new perspective to me, a clear understanding of the Word. The old way of approach to the Word was changed as I stayed more in the Word at MBC and a total makeover around my life happened.