Testimony of Leroy Cohen – July 2016

I was working late in our workshop on a very urgent job, to help our welder. I got a welding machine, my safety kit and jumped on to the job.

While welding with the mig, a spark or globule or molten weld metal jumped onto my left ear.

I heard the sound of it searing the canal of my ear as it went deeper, where it finally reached close to my eardrum or on it, because I heard this loud popping noise. Immediately after that pop, I felt pain like I haven’t felt before, as it shot to my head and jaw. I knew this was not right.

That same evening I was attending the foundation course with Apostle Chris. Our topic was the resurrection. As the word was conveyed, one point that must have stirred my heart was the same power that raised Christ from the dead is still as work.

Apostle Chris asked if we had any questions. I responded saying, “so this resurrection power is still available”. “Yes” he replied. I asked again: “So we can still tap into it by faith” “Yes” he replied again. “Even for healing” I asked. “Even for healing” he replied.

Then I told him I have a terrible pain in my left ear right now.

You must understand that I had difficulty concentrating that whole evening because of this cutting pain.

Immediately Apostle Chris under the influence of the Holy Spirit, laid hands on me and prayed.

Saints, almost immediately the pain was expelled! And I have not had any reoccurrence, infection or any related symptoms to a damaged ear.

Isn’t our God so gracious, healing our conditions, infirmities and sicknesses!?

Praise God for His healing touch.

Leeroy Cohen