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Thank you for browsing through our website.  We hope that you have gained clear insight into Harvester’s activities and people.

Apostle Andre and Prophet Nola Pelser invite you to visit us on Sunday at:

    Nassau Guest Farm

    Route M12


    South Africa

Sunday services:  10:00

Limited seats are available.  Registration opens 24 hours before the meeting according to the requirements set out.

Event registration for Sunday, 20 September 2020

Every individual needs to register to attend the Sunday meetings so that we can manage the cutoff number of 50 people as set out by law.

There are 2 registration forms: One for Attendees and one for Workers.

If you want to attend the service please register as an Attendee and not a worker.

If it is your turn to function as a Worker, ONLY register as a Worker.

10am Service

Kindly note that each attendee and worker is required to complete the Covid 19 consent form in accordance with current lockdown regulations.

Have you registered your family on our GoDoChurch database ? Register today