Philippines Report March 2016 – by Hilton Pelser

Philippines Report 2016.03.25


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Hilton Pelser’s first official Mission with Apostle Andre to the Philippines. He wrote this report.

On day 1 of the conference, Apostle Andre did the foundation course with Pastor Dave Narcisso and Pastor James and a few church members, some of who were ordained as pastors in the evening session along with the graduation of some MBC students.

In the evening session there were about 11 people including us.

A man called Renne lead worship on an old guitar that had broken 3 of its strings earlier that day, Apostle Andre gave him money for new strings, he was very happy. Although the new strings kept going out of tune as they do for the first while. But the worship was good, they sing known songs, raise hands, clap, sincere worship. They need to learn about worshiping in spirit and truth, to flow in the spirit, not just known songs.

Apostle Andre spoke about Commitment, and how people stay committed to this move, even when they go to other countries – live streaming.

He spoke about what our commitment as a move is, to reach the whole world with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and how the five fold ministry plays a big part in that, to train pastors, teachers, evangelists, etc. He explained how we’re not a sit-around church, every one has a function.

The commitment here is agree with the foundation course, fellowship with one another. God puts different kinds of people together, sometimes people you don’t like, so you have to deny yourself and accept them because they have to do the same for you. The eye cant say to the ear, “I don’t need you cause you can’t see.” But the ear can hear, so we all have functions.

Commit with your mouth, say it! Faith comes by hearing. The mouth says what the heart believes, if you can’t say it, then you don’t believe it. You must have faith to commit, if you don’t use your faith, confess your faith, you build a stronghold of doubt. Commitment is a wonderful way to remove doubt, once you commit, it breaks every other yoak. If you commit, you can succeed in anything you do.

The people have to commit to the church, but it’s a two way street, and the leaders also have to commit to the people, to pray for them, visit them when they’re sick. The leaders must also totally commit, not holding back anything that will benefit them.

Commitment gives you purpose.
If your work pleases God, he will make even your enemies your friends. Apostle Andre spoke about the rejection of the Cordier family when he married Nola. But now their children are serving God, have come to bible school, even some of her siblings are in this move with us now.


Prophecy/prayer to:

Emelia: The gift of teaching, to teach children and teenagers.

Alex (ordained as Pastor): Whatever he puts his hand to will prosper & the gift of healing.

Mellot (ordained as pastor): she has tenacity, a strong spirit. Release spirit of evangelism, and to train others to win souls. Bless their farm (rice and veg) give her and her husband (farmer) new ideas + opportunities, that no one has thought of.

Roger and Eolette (both ordained as pastors): you have brought them this far; take them the rest of the way, Lord. Gift of faith, that they will be able to believe you for impossible things.

Renne (musician) & Alex (both ordained as Pastors): prayed for them for God fearing wives. Faith to commit and the knowledge that she will be the right one for them. Increase Renne’s music ability and give him songs in the night.

Pastor David Narcisso: pray for his wife & family – 5 daughters, that they will have the gift of prophecy. Open new doors for his business, let it flourish. In 20 years time let Philippines have been the catalyst for churches in all of East Asia. God give him a great reward for all that he has already done here in the Philippines. The gift of wisdom.

Pastor James: Give him the desires of his heart. Another child. Make them fruitful Lord. Let his ministry (building bridges) build bridges between many ministries here. Means of provision beyond what they can understand.

Mert Domias: Faithful, done so much for others. Reward him accordingly in ways that make sense to him. Now that he is older, give him new respect in the community. His words will have power and authority. Wisdom and show him things to come, bless and strengthen him, provide for his family.

Hilton: that the lord may make my future become clear, protection on my trip, provision, blessed of the Lord for serving Him.
Andre: full protection, angels surround him. That more people will be saved through him. Bless his family, cover him, more miracles, and anoint him with a double anointing.

Hilton Pelser

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