Trademark of the first Church


28 October 2007 8AM
Preached by Apostle Andre Pelser

Acts 4:13
They realized that they had been with Jesus.

Desire for people to see that you've been with Jesus. Let this be your prayer. Ask the Lord that people see you've been with Jesus everyday of your life. Something of His nature, ways, thinking, speech, and actions must rub off on us.
We see young people grow up here in our society with their trousers hanging on the floor. Who've they been with? They've watched tv, movies, music videos, gangsters. They've decided to imitate those people. Why can't we rather train them to be with Jesus? If we can give them an appetite to be with Jesus instead of with gangs. They need to know the benenfits of being with Him. If they don't see us spending time with the word, why should they? If they don't see the change in us, why would they spend time in the Word?
Our children should continually see us growing, overcoming things, working through things, so that they also know they can overcome and face things in life because of the example we set by being with Jesus.
This is how church should be.
Let the people you see everyday, see that you've been with Jesus. This will draw them to church. We can have shows and programs, but then we have to keep having programs and shows for people to continually come to church.
God wants to use ordinary people to accomplish His will on the Earth. Normal people who've been with Him. We don't have to hype anything up. We don't have to try and turn every song into a climax. It's just us and this is His lounge. It's our Father's house, we can be ourselves here. We feel at home with Him. We don't have to try and impress Him. When we walk away from here, people must see that we've been with Him.
People saw that Peter and John were with Jesus, beuase they were bold.

Bold is not rudeor arrogant.
It means: to trust, (Heb)
exercise courage (Grk)
We don't need more knowledge, faith, or more power. We need more boldness.
Boldness is a confident trust that give courage in the face of adversity and frankness to speak what you believe.
It's almost a careless attitude full of good cheer. Boldness is basically daring to trust that God is with you. It was the trademark of the first church.
There are many indications given in the book of Acts concerning this trademark.
Acts 4:13
Acts 9:28
Acts 14:3
Acts 4:29 – they prayed for boldness. Boldness is like Vit C in your body, you deplete it. You continually need to top up your body's requirement for Vit C. Boldness is something you pray for continually. Pray for wisdom, boldness, protection and provision.

What will boldness help us accomplish?
* It will help you to face criticism.
* It will help you to face persecution.
* It will help you to speak up when you have to.
Isa 54:17 – one of your priviledges as a righteous persin is to have something to say in your own defense. God will give you what to say. Silensing the accusser. It's not always necessary to keep quiet. It's sometimes necssary to speak, but we need boldness to speak.
* It will help you never to compromise, because you will take a bold stand to say who and what you are.
* Boldness will put the devil on the run. You resist him. The mistake we make is that we resist God and submit to the devil. Turn that around – submit to God and resist the devil and he will flee from you.
* Boldness will sound the trumpet of jubilee. The victory in your life because Christ is victorious over hell, and the grave, over death, over sickness, and over sin, therefore you can be victorious too.

3 Spheres in which we can exercise boldness:

1: towards heaven
Heb 10:19 – bold because of the new and living way.
Heb 4:16 - we approach the throne of grace boldly. When Esther approached the king: if you walked into the king's presence without being invited, you would've been beheaded. Esther entered boldly for the sake of her nation. She stepped in and the king pointed his scepter at her at his acceptance of her.
This is what God did the moment we accepted His Son, Jesus Christ. He made us righteous because we believe in His son. We could've been killed or sent to hell, but because we approach boldly in the name of His Son, He points His scepter at us. That's how He honours His Son. It's not because we're perfect. It's because we believe in His Son. That's what righteousness is.

If you look at the throne as a transmitter rather than a chair, and see God as the Creator who is actively involved in finishing everything He started rather than an old man with a grey beard and a stick, you will accelerate the purposes of God in your own life. God's executive ability to execute things is awesome. He's able to lock you into Abraham's blessings, if you will buy into that program by faith.
He wants to key you into His designs and show you what requirements there are.
In the IT world, you must acquire a progam in order to access it. The throne of God is a place where you can access things. Think of it as a transmitter, where He transmits to you what you require – wisdom, provision, guidance. Instead of approaching a man on a chair, you're approaching God who is the Server, Who distributes everything.
Approach the throne boldly in order to obtain mercy.

2: hell
The church demonstrates God's power and authority in hell. In the name of Jesus we're allowed to cast out demons. We have boldness in that realm. We have boldness and access in confidence through faith in Him. Eph 3

3: earth
Heb 13:5-6
The Lord is my Helper, the One who is in control, therefore I will not fear what people can do to me.

To be bold is to dare to do and be of good courage.
Prov 28:1
As bold as a lion.
You don't back off because of criticism. You don't compromise. You put the devil on the run. You glorify God in spirit, soul and body. You sound the trumpet of jubilee, which means you are free. Bold to say that Christ arose victoriously over hell and the grave.

He wants the churh to display this boldness. It's a confidence that we have access to Him.
Paul often asked the people to pray for him for boldness so he could say what he had to say, the way he had to say it. To step out in courage and dare to do what he had to do. Signs and wonders will follow when you speak boldly.
Sepak what you believe and what you've lived. Don't speak what others have lived, it doesn't have the same authority. Your speak of your own experiences boldly. But when you speak of someone else's experience it's not in the same boldness and authority as the one who actually experieced it.
Speak what you know and you'll be bold. Don't speak what you've just read, because it doesn't have authority. Speak words with life behind it. Be real.