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The right season

The right season Fruit appear in the right season. God determined that there would be seasons in the earth: summer, autumn, winter & spring. Every season is necessary in the plan of God. Peaches & mangoes grow in summer to give energy but oranges and tangerines grow in winter when […]

Covenants, vows and promises

Covenants, vows and promises There are over 7 000 promises in the Bible. Many people made vows but God only established a few covenants with people. Here are some insights into these three dimensions of God’s dealings with humanity. 1. Promises There are promises of salvation, healing, deliverance, prosperity, protection and […]

Your vision dominates your life

Your vision dominates your life II Kings 6:8-23 / Hebrews 11:27 The results of a single heavenly vision helped Elisha to endure throughout his life. He was known as a man of God (v9) He warned the king of the enemy’s secret plans He saw a chariot of fire once […]

The mystery of godliness

The mystery of godlikeness is hard to understand because it is a mystery! Yet God chose apostles to reveal the mysteries of God to believers. Here are a few aspects of a mystery that can be revealed to those that believe: Mat 13:11 – Jesus spoke to people in parables […]