The anointing


02 November 2008 8AM

Apostle Andre Pelser

1 Jn 2:20, 27

'OilJust like anti-bodies abide in your blood stream to attack the germs and heal the wounds, so this anointing abides in you. Don't let just anyone teach you, because the anointing will teach you whether it is the truth or not. It doesn't mean that you don't need anyone to teach you. The Spirit of God in you knows everything, so when someone speaks the truth, the Spirit in you, the anointing in you, will tell you whether it is true and whether you can accept it or reject it.

There are 2 kinds of anointing: the believer's anointing and there is the anointing for ministry.
The believer's anointing teaches you all things, but the ministry anointing gives you a divine ability to do the work of the ministry.
The anointing that abides within you is the thing that creates opportunities in life for you. The anointing is the thing that make dreams come true.
The anointing will make you prosper too. It will tell you what to do and how to go about it.
The anointing is the Holy Spirit's expression of Jesus in you today: His wisdom, His counsel, His might.
It is not something that you are going to get, it is something that you already have! It abides within you. All believers have it, but when you minister, God gives a different kind of anointing to help you to minister.
You can have a teacher's anointing where you teach things you didn't plan to say. An evangelistic anointing where you desire to win souls for God, suddenly feeling confident and bold to do it, and to speak up. A prophetic anointing where you prophecy without difficulty. An apostolic anointing where you can break through in certain areas. Apostolic grace puts things in place.
Anointing makes it easy. It's a flow. It makes it easy for you. The believer's anointing is constant, but the ministry anointing comes for a purpose.
God gives different anointing to do different things and to accomplish things. The easiest way to explain: if you have a saw and you have to cut down a tree, it takes a long time. But if you have an electric saw it slices right through the tree in no time. That is what the anointing does. It just speeds up the process.
The anointing will break the yoke. Isa 27
It gives you the divine ability to do the work that God requires. The impartation of God's ability on an individual is called anointing. It gives you skill to do God's work in God's way, not your way.  If you do it your way, it is a heavy yoke.
The believer's anointing is always there and it does not change, but the ministry anointing can increase or decrease.

How to obtain this ministry anointing: The 3 H's
Habit to fast and pray.
You trust the anointing, the urge to do it for God. When you depend on that anointing, it brings courage, and faith, and boldness. God anoints you – at that point you must speak up. There is a time that you must do it, or say it. That is the anointed moment. After that, you don't have the courage to do it. It is when that anointing is there, that it breaks the yoke. Why must christians keep quiet when we have authority, when we have anointing? We just keep quiet trying to stay out of the line of fire. No! We have an anointing that abides within us, and there is a time to let it out. You don't have to parade it all the time, but it's there.

The anointing is the nature of Christ being revealed. Peter and John said: “look at us, what we have we give”. They had faith in Christ – the Anointing. It's a divine expression. It's the expression of Jesus in you.
We need the anointing to preach the gospel, to set people free, to be an effective witness in all the nations that we go to, to operate in the gifts of the Spirit etc.
Rom 8:11 – it will also quicken your mortal body. It will give you more strength and more ability than you can work up in your own strength. If you do nothing, the anointing sleeps. The anointing must work. If you get up and do it, the anointing works. The more the anointing works, the more it energizes you. It gives you motivation. You don't have to go on a motivational course, you can just rely on the anointing that is in you.
What makes you get up in the morning? It's because you have a purpose. God has given our lives purpose, and God has given our lives meaning. Most people are looking for meaning, they are still trying to find out why they exist. The purpose of your life is to be you. That is all that God has created you for. He created you to be you, because there is no one else like you. When you express yourself, you are bringing glory to God, in which ever way. Just be yourself.

The anointing will teach you about Jesus Christ. You don't have to wear an arm band that asks “what would Jesus do”, you know what He would do. How do you know? It's written in the Bible. Religion is a hard task master, because it can give no rewards. But when you are free to serve the Living God, there are many rewards. We tend to quickly become religious, and make rules for ourselves which we want to put on others, and if they don't keep it we judge them. As if you have become God, and your rule has become the 10 commandments. You make rules to pray an hour everyday, but you don't have time to do it. You can, however, pray without ceasing, which means constantly praying throughout the day. When you see a headline, you bind it. When you hear something, you agree with it. When someone tells you something that happened, you pray for that person quickly. Short prayers. It means you are praying throughout the whole day. If a thought comes to you, you bind it in Jesus' name. Another thought comes, you speak it out, you decree it. When you think of your children, you bless them. And so you are constantly praying. If you put all of that together, it is longer than your struggle for an hour. We make christianity such a drag that the young people don't want it. Christianity is the normal lifestyle. Anything else is abnormal. To be a Spirit-filled believer is normal. To dance in church is normal. You can get an anointing to dance too. David got an anointing to dance. You get an anointing to play instruments.

You get the voice of the Lord by the anointing. You receive spiritual vision by anointing. You make decisions by the anointing. The anointing sets you free from fear.

How the anointing works:
You wait on the Lord. You get a thought, a feeling, an urge to do something. Then fear comes and tells you not to do it. You must bind that fear and push through in the anointing. Step out in faith, know that it is from God.
The lame man was raised by the resurrection power of Christ working through them.
Isa 10:27 – every yoke is broken by the anointing.
He teaches you how to abide in Him. He corrects you. He convicts you of sin, but He also convicts you of righteousness and of judgment. He will teach you what you ought to know. The Spirit tells you when God is speaking through someone.
2 Cor 1:21 – He who established us, and anointed us is God.
Lk 4:14-18 –  Jesus says: “the Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me, because He has anointed Me”. Jesus believed in the anointing. The anointing of God confirms His word.
The anointing of God abides in you, and the anointing will work when you get up to do or say something.
Acts 10:38 – God is with you.
Jn 3:34 – measureless anointing.
The impartation of God's divine ability on an individual's life is called anointing. The skill to do what God r

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