Helping in the body of Christ, and the characteristics of helpers in the body of Christ


'AircraftWhere the Spirit of God is, there is liberty. Heb 11:6 – we have to believe that if we diligently seek Him, He will reward us. But, we have to take heed that we diligently seek Him. We have to separate ourselves seeking Him and spending time in His word, then He will reward us as He sees fit. He will reward us in ways that make sense to us. We don't seek Him just for the rewards, we seek Him because we love Him, and because He loved us first.

Many times the thing that we run from is the thing that God wants you to do. We need to realize how important church is. We need to realize that what God does through the church is far beyond what we can think. Our lives are important, and we need to understand that God wants to use us. That is why He set us free so that He can use us without limitations. There is no limit to what God can do through you.

Heb 10:5-7
Do you realize that your physical body was prepared by God for you? Jesus needed a physical body to live on the earth. Did Jesus have any say in what body He got? God provided the body for Him to fulfill everything that He needed to fulfill. We have to believe that the way that God has created us, that is how He planned it from the beginning, and that is how He wants to use you. That is how you are going to fulfill His purpose for you life on the earth.

Do you realize that this body, this church that you belong to was created by God for you. There is a reason why you belong to the church. The reason is simple. It reads: “to do Your will, O God”.

God created you the way that you are. Many times people want to change you: “don't talk like this, don't behave like this, don't express yourself like this”. That is not from God. He created you in a certain way. We all express ourselves differently, we all see things differently, we talk differently. Learn to accept the way that God made you, with your flaws.

The body was created for you to belong to. It has a certain dynamic. It operates in a certain way. But why, do you think, do you fit in so easily? Because it was created for you to do His will. Not to just take, and take, and take. If you just draw out of your bank account without depositing any money, you'll eventually get a call from the bank manager. We all have a role to play in the body.

If we look at the life of Jesus, what has He done. If we look at what He did on the earth, He went and He helped people. We can't set ourselves free, and heal ourselves. Only Jesus can, and that is why we have faith in Him, because we realize that our lives means nothing without Him. We can't exist without Him. We also can't exist without belonging to a body. We have heard by prophetic utterance what is to be expected in this world, and there is only one place that we can run to for safety and that is the church. That is why we have to release our faith and trust that the Holy Spirit expands or vision of our role in the church. Church will be the place that people will run to when they need safety. This is in a global perspective.

Be encouraged by this scripture. Accept the way that God has made you. Do you know that the person that you are married to, God has prepared for you? To do what? To do His will.

We need to be in agreement with the vision of the church (Harvester Reformational Church).

Mt 28:19-20 – we are commissioned to go, and commanded to love. We have a promise that if we go He will be with us, wherever we go. That is why we are all sent ones, because we are all part of this vision. Wherever we go, we are being sent. We have this assurance and promise that He is with us. Jesus is with us no matter where we go.

The church is an aircraft carrier (H.R.C).
Where people receive training and where some of them go. Not everyone in the aircraft carrier goes, otherwise the aircraft carrier will just be a shell. If you look at an aircraft carrier, there are many roles and functions that need to be fulfilled. None of the roles are the same. They are different. Why? Because we have all been created differently. There is a specific place for you in the church, that only you can fill. It has been made for you. That is why, when you find that role or function, it happens so easily. It was made for you. It is already in you. You know what you are good at. You know what you are naturally good at. That is how God uses you.

In the church, there are households.
Everybody in the church belongs to a household. That is very important, because that is where we are being taken care of. This is where you gain experience and get opportunity to teach, help people, care for people, function, to pray and lay hands on people. We can't all do it on a sunday morning. We can't get together after church every sunday and sit together and drink coffee and chat. In a household it can be done, because it is in smaller groups. Don't be deceived thinking that you don't need a household. You can't go without it. That is why it is important.
In order for us to help in the church, we need to understand the vision of the church. We need to understand how the church works.

We need to submit to the church.
Submission means to willfully yield yourself to someone's authority. First of all, we submit to God, we submit to His word. But we also submit to one another in the fear of God – Eph 5:21. Peter also speaks of submission, telling wives to submit to their husbands, but also that we submit to one another. 1 Pet 2:13 – we should submit to the government and laws of the land.
Even if you have the best intentions, to want to help in the church, if you don't submit to the church it won't work for you. Image you decide that you are going to help in the worship, and you waltz in and take charge of everything. You want to play the piano, you want to play the drums, you want to do the backing vocals, you want to do everything. That is not submitting. That is insubordination. There is a certain protocol in the church that we learn in order for us to function, and in order for us to help.

It is also important that we spend time in the word, as helpers. It is very important that we separate ourselves, because it makes it easier to read what God is doing in a meeting. It makes it easier to follow the prophetic songs if you know the scriptures. If makes it easier to flow with the Holy Spirit. It makes it easier for God to speak to us if we know the scriptures.

Don't despise your function. Don't despise what you are good at. It can be anything. Fi we are faithful in the least, God will entrust us with more. It is up to Him how He rewards us, but He will take care of you. He knows what you need. You have to be willing to help Him with His dream. Help Him with the church, in what ever way. There are many people that can testify of how God has helped them because they've helped in the church. Don't compare your function to someone else's. God has given gifts and talents to us to do His will.

We have to have a servant's heart in order to help God, to help people, and to help in the church.
Mk 10:42-45 – do you know that by serving, you give your life as a ransom for many? Whatever it is that you do. You give your life. You give a part of yourself to fulfill that function. It is not easy. It will take something from you, that is why it is a decision to say: “I want to serve