Spiritual Standard

Passage: Isaiah 54:8-13

Spiritual Standard
Raising a standard is creating a rallying point for like-minded people. Noah is an example of someone raising a standard in his generation. Here are some of Noah’s characteristics:
1. He was perfect in his generations: Enoch (‘dedicated’: son of Cain) walked with God and was not; Methuselah: ‘javelin’ – honoured parents and lived longest on earth; Lamech (‘wild’) became a man of faith mentioned in Luke 3:36 in Christ’s ancestry. You can become the first person in your family to raise a spiritual standard.
2. Found favour with God – ‘grace’ – we find grace through faith in Christ – throne of grace where we obtain mercy to help in our time of need – (Gen 6:8) – received divine instructions concerning things to come and obeyed them – (Gen 6:22) God established a covenant of mercy & peace with Noah and showed kindness to him.
3. Became a preacher of righteousness – first farmer, then shipbuilder and then preacher – flood of judgment coming – the ark is the accurate Church (not just individual believers!)
Stumbling blocks to raise a standard
1. Misconceptions – about God, about the Church, about people and about yourself. Truth of the word of God will set you free. God loves you and believes in you. He will perfect that which concerns you if you let Him. He knows what is best for you. He is not a miser or a bully.
2. Not knowing God’s will – faith begins where the will of God is known.
3. Veil of ignorance preventing understanding – false teaching and false doctrine prevent people from believing truth – Apostolic doctrine lifts the veil.
4. Not knowing purpose allows abuse – if you do not know what a microphone is used for you might use it like a hammer to knock in some nails! If you know someone’s purpose you will not abuse them.
Characteristics of an accurate Church
1. Worship in spirit and truth
2. Faith towards God
3. Repentance as a life style
4. Commissioned to go to all nations
5. Commanded to love one another as Christ loved us

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