So many false christs but only one Jesus


So many false christs, but only one Jesus

Someone asked: ‘why are there so many false christs, but no false Jesus?’ The answer is simple: Christ means annointed one.
Everyone wants to be annointed. But Jesus came to die. He gave His life as a ransom to save many. No one wants to die for others. That is the difference!

All over the world there are false christs rising up deceiving tens of thousands of people with their charismatic personalities and their cultish teachings. But you do not find many who lay down their lives to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom of God any more. People preach the gospel for gain: they want to see how they can satisfy their human ambition in the church


Self proclaimed Messiah

On my 3rd visit to the Philippines I watched a self-proclaimed Messiah promote himself in front of a large white clad audience: ‘You are lucky to be in the Philippines, because the Father chose to manifest me as the first son in the Philippines. I am the guardian of the kingdom. You cannot enjoy your inheritance as a son, without my stamp of approval. I am the last teacher on earth. You have to go through me and hear my teachings before you can become a son. Religion and church are no longer necessary. Only my teachings.’

The people applauded and worshipped him as he stood there with his arms raised up receiving their adoration. People even began to weep, being swept up into a false emotion.

And then he went on to explain his baseball theory of sonship: first base is circumcision; second base is barmitzvah; third base ... and so on! He based his cultish teachings on old covenant and Jewish traditions.

All the people have to wear white – all white – as he wears white! What is this obsession with wearing white clothes to signify your spiritual status? In the New Covenant we stear away from the outward impressiveness of things to the inward realities of faith (one of the reformational principles) for the kingdom is within, Christ within, the hope of Glory, the Holy Spirit is within and the anointing abides within and will teach us concerning all things.

Galatians 2:26: ‘For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus’.

Galatians 2:28: ‘And if you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s offspring, heirs according to promise.’


Roman Catholic error

The Roman Catholics lead people astray into idolatry and try to sound very sanctimonious about it. Pope someone or another declared Mary’s bodily ascencion – so according to him, she never died and went up to heaven just like Jesus. And because the Pope said so, it cannot be argued
against. That is why they pray to Mary who lives for ever more to intercede for them. That is heresy, for Christ alone lives for ever more to intercede for us.

They also teach that Jesus is physcially present when they have ‘holy’ communion: the transubstantiation theory is a false doctrine. The Catholics preach that the bread and the wine becomes a living Christ every time they eat it – that is why they have to eat it all. If the people do not finish it, the priest has to gobble it up or else pieces of Jesus will be lying around...what nonsense!

In Chenai, India, Yvette and I went to visit the tomb of Apostle Thomas. The Roman Catholics enshrined his tomb and placed a life size picture of him with the inscription: ‘I will take you to your Lord’ underneath it.

The Roman Catholics take the idolatrous Hindus and give them new idols to worship. They entrap and enslave souls of men, women in children in heresy.

The Roman Catholics have murdered Protestants by the millions over the years and everyone turns a blind eye to their deeds. The night of

St. Bartholomew they drowned Christians near Point Neuf, on the Seine River in Paris.

And yet the Roman Catholic Church is the largest denomination of all religions with a wealth amassed over the years that is absolutely staggering. They have more than 11 churches that have more than a million people in the congregation. So numbers and prosperity are not proof of God’s blessing!

Jesus said, they will know you are my disciples by your love for one another! The New Commandment that replaced the Old Covenant is based on love, not works according to a law.

Galatians 3:23-25: ‘But before faith came, we were kept in custody under the law, being shut up to the faith which was later to be revealed. Therefore the Law has become our tutor to lead us to Christ, that we may be justified by faith. But now that faith has come, we are no longer under a tutor.’


The Jewish deception

The third great deception I found in the Philippines is the worship of Israel and Jerusalem. They keep all the feasts, only mention the Hebrew names of Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit and they go on pilgrimages to Jerusalem just like the Muslims go to Mecca for their faith.

The apostolic teaching of Paul clearly indicates that he is a Jew who is one inwardly and not one circumcised in the flesh. He also explains that the earthly Jerusalem speaks of Hagar, the bondwoman, but the heavenly Jerusalem refers to Sarah, the free woman of promise.

It is so obvious that Christ erased the middle wall of partition that existed between Jew and Gentile when He died on the cross of Calvary, destroying the enmity between the two groups, making a new creature of them both. This new creature is called ‘Christian’.

A Jewish rabbi in Israel told a friend of mine who tried to do missionary work over there for 8 years and then returned to South Africa, ‘why do you people play at being Jews? You are amateurs at it. We are professionals. We laugh at your paltry efforts to convince us. Why don’t you show us the new creature in Christ where there is no Jew or Gentile? Then we will believe you.’ It seems as if the orthodox rabbi understood the New Covenant better than the Jewish-Christians.

We are grafted into Christ, not into the Jews! They have to be grafted into Christ as well, by faith, just like any other believer, be he or she Portuguese, Brazillian, Philippino or Chinese!

The moment someone says he is a Jewish Christian he erects the middle wall of partition that Christ broke down through his sacrificial death. When someone says he is a Messianic Jew he negates the death of Christ. Then Christ died in vain.

How people love to play shadow games by keeping all the obsolete feasts and rituals of Shabbath. They are so bent on keeping the rules regarding food and drink but they forget that Paul clearly explained the Kingdom of God is not in meat and drink, but in righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost!

Remember Paul’s worst persecution came from the circumcision: that is believers who insisted on adhering to the Jewish practices of circumcision and obeying the laws concerning eating and drinking.

Philippians 3:3:’ for we are the true circumcision who worship in the Spirit of God and glory in Christ Jesus and put no confidence in the flesh.’

God is looking for people who can worship Him in Spirit and Truth (John 4:24)

To keep the feasts like most churches do, is playing shadow games.

All those feasts simply foreshadowed the coming of Christ. They showed us what He would be like. But when He came those feasts were no longer necessary!

If I visit you and you spend all your time looking at my shadow I will think there is something wrong with you! Yet the church happily carries on playing these games without any significance, trying to squeeze spiritual meaning out of all the rituals.


Announce the New Covenant

The New Covenant cannot be announced unless the Old Covenant is called obsolete (another reformational principle found in Hebrews 8, 9). But people want to hold onto the Old and enjoy the New Covenant privileges. It is like moving to another country but trying to keep your feet in the old country. It is like living in the new country but obeying the laws of the country you left behind.The veil remains over their spiritual eyes
because they keep the Old Covenant Law before them all the time.

What an indictment against Christianity that churches cannot discern the difference between the Old and the New Covenant!

That is why we are busy rewriting Christian Dogma for the 21st Century because a lot of the dogma taught in Christian circles are outdated and outmoded and no longer apply!

Of course there will be opposition – like there was in Paul’s day – but in the end the truth will prevail. Jesus is The Truth!


The New Jerusalem is the Church

We have already come to the New Jerusalem (which is Mount Zion, or the Church of the Firstborn) and to a great company of angels and the spirits of just men made perfect, to the elders in heaven, to Jesus the Mediator of the New and Better Covenant and to the Father of our spirits (Heb 10:22-24).

Let us not go back into the dead systems of the past but advance in Christ with the eyes of our understanding enlightened, knowing the hope of our calling, the riches of God invested in the saints and the power that raised Jesus from the dead that works mightily through all of us who believe (not just the superstars on stage!).

We are a kingdom of priests, a royal priesthood – every believer can go in through the veil, because it was torn when Christ died. We can serve God where only the High Priest could go once a year and we can do so daily! What an awesome privilege!

We begin to recognise Christ in every believer – the riches of God within! We see how ordinary believers use the powerful Name of Jesus and how demons have to obey and leave, sickness depart and miracles happen in the body of Christ, the Church, of which He is the Head.

Let us reform our thinking to enjoy our kingdom privileges – we do not need the approval of a man who thinks he is a god.

To as many as received Him (Jesus), to as many as believed on His Name (Jesus), He has given the power to become sons of God (John 4:12).

Put your faith in Him today. He is the Saviour of the world. He will build you into His body, the eternal church that existed long before this world was created! The eternal Gospel also existed from the beginning. We have entered into eternal things by accepting Christ’s sacrifice for our sins. He has given us eternal life. Eternal life is to know God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent to us.

Thank God for clarity concerning these things: because the Holy Spirit will lead and guide us into all truth and even show us things to come!