Raising the widow’s son


Raising the widow’s son


Jesus went to the city of Nain. Nain means ‘pleasant’. But it was not a pleasant day for a widow that lost her only son because he was the provider for the house. Jesus was also the only Son of God. He had compassion on the widow.

Picture the two processions coming together: the one was a funeral procession with people weeping and mourning and the other was a triumphant procession of a great crowd following Jesus watching him perform miracle after miracle. My father preached this story in this fashion: the devil that goes about like a roaring lion caught his prey and killed a young man that was the breadwinner for his widowed mother. But he had to face the Lion from the tribe of Judah! When the two lions met, the one was defeated! The roaring lion had to give up his prey and the Lion from the tribe of Judah triumphed over the roaring lion! Life triumphed over death!

Jesus told her not to weep. Then he touched the open coffin and those who carried it stood still. They knew something extra-ordinary was about to happen. Wherever Jesus went supernatural things happened, because God was with him. Jesus commanded the dead man in the coffin to arise. And he that was dead sat up and began to speak! Isn’t that amazing?

It is interesting to note that the initial sign of being baptised in the Holy Spirit is speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance! When our spirit comes alive we speak in other tongues! When you are born again you want to testify about Jesus!

Jesus presented the young man to his mother. Great fear came upon all the people and they glorified God saying, ‘A great prophet has risen among us’ and ‘God has visited his people.’

At the cross when Jesus was dying he presented the beloved apostle John to his mother, Mary and said, ‘here is your mother’ and he presented Mary to John and said, ‘and here is your son.’ God fills the gaps in our lives through the church. He presents someone to you that will fill the gap in your life. Likewise you will fill the gap in someone else’s life!


One day I stopped the work in the church office (that is before we closed the church offices and started working with a virtual office by computers and cell phones and redistributing the work load throughout the assembly) and felt we should all stop what we are doing and pray seriously for Simon Mahone in Ndola, Zambia where I planted two churches and where God did some amazing miracles during my campaign in an old condemned building without any seats or lights. We prayed for about 15 minutes in the office and then I felt we can go on with our work again.

The following day Simon’s wife Gladys phoned to tell us that he died of Malaria the previous day, but God raised him from the dead. I asked her at what time it took place. It was the exact time that we prayed. Simon came to Cape Town to thank the church for praying for him and told us how God raised him from the dead. Praise the Lord for ever more! God still visits his people and Jesus still raises people from the dead – even in our generation! His power has not diminished.