Faith agrees with God’s word


Faith agrees with God’s word

The reason that God hates murmuring is because it cuts you off from the divine supply. That is why Paul commands us to do everything without murmuring and complaint. If you murmur and complain you disagree with God’s word and negate the power of God. God cannot help you. If you murmur against God then God is no longer obligated to perform His word for you. His promises won’t work for you.

People who received miracles and healings from Jesus had to agree with God’s word.

Jesus told the leper to go and show himself to the priest according to the Law of Moses. Remember Jesus was still an Old Testament prophet under the law although He came to introduce the New Testament in His own blood. If the leper murmured and complained and decided not to show himself to the priest he would not have received his miracle. He would still be leprous.

Jesus told the lame man at the pool of Bethesda: rise up, take up your bed and go home!’ If the lame man replied: ‘can’t you see I am lame?’ he would not have been cured of his lameness. When Jesus asked him if he wants to be made whole he blamed other people for his calamity: ‘Sir, I have no one to take me to the water!’ They believed that an angel came down and stirred the water of the pool and the one who gets in first will be healed. Jesus came and healed him and eventually told him, ‘go and sin no more’. So murmuring was like a sin to Jesus.

As people obeyed the word of God the power of God was released. Those who agreed in faith with the word of God were healed, delivered, cleansed and restored.

Peter and the disciples had to learn the lesson of agreeing in faith with the word of God. When they toiled all night and never caught any fish Jesus appeared on the beach and told them to let the net down on the other side and they will catch fish. Peter said, ‘Master, we toiled all night and caught nothing, but at your word we will let down the net!’ and they caught a great number of fish!

My parents always prayed before moving to the next town to pastor a church. They never went to look at the parsonage or the prospects. They did not want to be swayed by sense evidence. They wanted to hear the word of the Lord for their lives. When they received the call to Florida AFM they were told there is no parsonage and the church is empty and has no funds in the bank. My dad prayed and the word of the Lord came to him: ‘I have given the crows command to feed you there.’ He took the call and Florida was one of his greatest successes in the ministry. He built the parsonage and by the time he left after 4 years the church was full and had a solid bank account. He set it up for the next minister.

Trying to get physical evidence for an answer to your prayer is as foolish as trying to smell with your ear. Physical senses were not made to believe with. Faith operates in the unseen, spiritual realm. During the waiting period for the manifestation of God’s promise, during disappointments, hold on to God’s word in faith. Agree with God’s word. Paul wrote to Philemon and said, ‘without your consent I will do nothing.’ That is also God’s word to us: without agreeing with God He can do nothing for us.

Learn to cast all your cares upon Him for He cares for you. Don’t murmur about your cares. Don’t burden other people with your cares. Talk to God about them in prayer and leave them there.

Jesus commended the centurion for the greatest faith when he told Jesus: ‘I am not worthy that you should come under my roof, Lord, but speak the word only and my servant shall be healed, for I am also a man under authority. I tell this soldier to do this and he does it. I tell the other soldier to do that and he does.’ (Matthew 8:5) He recognized that all disease have to obey the Master Healer.

Murmur in Greek is ‘maomai’ and it means ‘self love’. When we murmur it shows how self-centered we really are!

Stop murmuring and start believing. Murmuring is snorting in anger under your breath.

Israel’s murmuring kept them out of the Promised Land

Fear caused them to murmur and reject Moses as their chosen leader

Miriam and Aaron murmured against Moses’ leadership and became leprous. Moses had to pray and intercede for them so that God could heal them.

Jude 14-16 talks about the judgment that comes upon ungodly murmurers

Isaiah 29:24 says murmurers should learn doctrine and come to understanding

The woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5:21-42 confessed her faith instead of murmuring and received her miracle. She said, ‘if I touch the hem of his garment I shall be made whole!’ It happened according to her faith. She was made whole. The issue of blood ceased.

So let us stop murmuring and complaining and begin to believe and confess our faith instead. Then we will not be cut off from the divine supply! It is a great lesson to learn.

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