Prerequisites to enter the bond of perfection


Enter theBond of Perfection


Col.3:14, "And above all these things put on love, which is thebond of perfectness"

Inorder to get the full impact of that verse, you need to read the previous fewchapters, because where Christ is pre-eminent in the church, people's heartswill be knit together in love. There is a certain inspiration to overcome theworks of the flesh and to become more spiritually attuned where a body ofbelievers make Christ Jesus the most pre-eminent thing in their lives. Here area few pre-requisites for the bond ofperfection.

It can only be experienced whereChrist is pre-eminent

Ourpreaching, worship and giving, without love, will have no effect at all. Evenif you have faith to move mountains, give your body to be burned at the stake, youhave accomplished nothing. People rob God for a lifetime because of not givingtheir tithe, and when they commence tithing, later in life, they have nopatience with God to turn their situation around. They took a lifetime to learntithing, and then when they set off to pay tithes, they want God to turn theirsituation around immediately.

Thelove of God makes us patient. We have to learn to be patient towards God,towards ourselves and towards others. You love God and others as you loveyourself. By making Christ Jesus pre-eminent in the Church He is the Head ofthe Church and each member is attached to His body. This supernatural structureis not man-made or controlled by man. It is something only Jesus can do.Together we begin to experience the fullness of His stature in our midst. Christwithin is the hope of glory. We pray for each other till we see Christ formedin us. This is the divine purpose of God to conform us to the image of His dearSon, Jesus Christ.

It can only be experienced whereagape love is pre-eminent

Thefirst quality of love is patience. Where there is no patience there can be nolove. It's not my definition, it's the Bible's. It's not a soppy feeling but anaction that pours out of your Spirit. After He's allowed to build Godly Characterinto us through trials and temptations, that love pours out of us. Jesus saidthat those who live godly will suffer persecution. Love, God's kind, 

1Cor. 13: patient, kind, longsuffering, is not easily irritated, does not boast,does not behave unseemly, does not rejoice over iniquity, but rejoices over thetruth; it hopes all things, believes all things, endures all things: love neverfails.

Everytrue believe who has tasted of this love, and is willing to suffer to fill upthe afflictions of Christ for the sake of others in the Body, there is a hiddenmystery. There are riches that only those who enter into the Bond of Perfectioncan enjoy. As Apostles labour to the point of exhaustion, to present everyoneperfect before God.



It can only be experiencedwhere it is understood what we mean by perfection

Perfectiondoes not mean to never make a mistake. Perfection means maturity. It is aprocess to become mature. By entering into the bond of perfection we are in theprocess of becoming mature believers. We are able to overcome things in the strengththat the Spirit of God provides, we are able to bear with the shortcomings ofothers, and we are able to stand together in a spirit of unity for the sake ofthe body. We learn to share and share alike because no one calls anything hisown thing.

 It's not a church growth method or a system ofman that we're promoting. Many churches treat their people like slaves, but theyare just forming a club around Biblical principles. True divine growth startswith Apostles labouring, praying, teaching, and then is imparted into those whoaccept the apostolic doctrine. I'm just showing you how to enter in. This isrevealed through Christ being formed in believers.


It can only be experienced wherepeople recognise the Body of Christ.

Themoment something happens to you, you feel sorry for yourself at that moment,you only think of yourself it has no lasting value. But when you say, "Isuffer this for the Body of Believers,"- now that has lasting value. TheLord chooses that you to go through certain things, and when you go through youare saving others in the Body to go through the same things, because you werewilling to go through it. If you don’t want to suffer anything on behalf ofother people, they have to double up and carry your load as well. Once you havea perspective of suffering as being part of a Body and not being isolated, itchanges your responses to your own trials of faith.

Paulsaid, many people are sickly and even die before their time because they do notdiscern the body of Christ. This is not just meant to happen when we havecommunion, it should become a life style. If you do not see someone as part ofthe body of Christ, you treat them harshly and ignore them. But if you seesomeone as part of the body of Christ of which you are a part, you treat themwith respect and honour. Now your mother and father becomes part of the body ofChrist, your children become part of the body of Christ. Your boss who is inthe same church becomes part of the body of Christ. The picture changes becauseof Jesus! He suffered for our sins, and tasted death for us so that we can haveeternal life. He took our load of sin and took the punishment of our sin uponhimself.

Ifyou take a tackle in rugby so that someone else can score a try, then you'vesuffered for the team so that the team can win. That is the right perspectiveof a Body: what I go through, I go through for Christ and His Body, and ittakes the attention off of us. We become unselfish. If God honours and blessesyou, it's because you're part of a Body. You can hear from their mouths howpeople think.

Whenyou enter the Bond of Perfection, you're now part of a team. While it's justyou and the Lord on the Jericho road, you're not part of a Body yet. Ifeverything that happens to you is always you and God, you're not part of a teamyet. You're out of frequency with a whole Body. That's when people easily getdeceived. A Bond has chains or links. Slaves have bonds that tie them together.Our bond is a bond of love, which is a much better bond than the bond of sin,iniquity, or the bond of secret societies. We say, "Lord, we decide toenter into the Bond of Perfection."

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