Our Position In Christ


Our Position In Christ
by Apostle Andre - 09 Sept 2007 10am

From where you stand what does it look like? Your positioning determines your outlook. From your position, the way you look at things, is different from where I stand. The church is a spiritual position of strength, of recourses, of life. And if you are part of that you will look at things differently, or from a different perspective. The world was designed to put you in a position of defeat, and a position of fear and of constant alarm. If you are in a position of what the world has created through the media, you cannot see things in the true perspective. Jesus came to change perspectives for those who want to believe in Him. He is offering a different perspective on the world, a different take. And that is why we have examples of people in the Old Testament, and by faith they have lived there. Enoch, the seventh from Adam, saw Christ returning. Jesus hasn't even come to earth yet, and Enoch saw Him returning. And he was starting to preach that and God had to take Enoch out of this earth. He had a glimpse of something. He walked with God. You cannot walk with God unless you have a glimpse of how God sees things. If two people see things the same way it is easier to relate. We have too much trouble because we do not see as others see, you do not see as I see. From where you stand what does it look like?The world system is so designed to make you aware of your problems that that is all you see. You have no perspective of life and have no room for anybody else. All you can talk about is your problems, so much so that you become a problem. It is the way you look at things, and it is determined by the way you stand.

The Devil tempted Jesus. We know of three temptations, but Jesus was tempted in the same way we are tempted, yet without sin. And the three things He was tempted in, where the Devil stood in the desert, with all the heat and mirages, the stones looked like little loaves of bread. The devil then told Jesus to turn the stones into bread. It was the devil's perspective. Jesus, from the Word's perspective said that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that comes form the Father. From the devil's perspective, it gives you an illusion that it is not true. Temptation is an illusion of something that has not happened yet. The Devil tempts you with something that is not real, because later on Jesus referred to that, if you ask, if you ask the Heavenly Father for a piece of bread will He give you a stone? The devil tempts you with illusion.

Satan then took Jesus to the pinnacle of the temple and said to Jesus that he will give Him all the kingdoms of the world if He bow down and worship him. From the devils point of view it could have worked, but from the position where Jesus stood, in the Word, He said I will not bow down to anyone and will worship the Lord God alone.
It is a different perspective. The devil didn't tempt Jesus' will power but His positioning.

In Christianity it is not your self effort but your positioning that is important. From that position you can accomplish. Church is a spiritual position of strength and recourses. And to be part of an accurate body of believers that try to obey the Word like it says and get understanding, is a position of strength and authority that brings blessing and success to you without having to try and motivate yourself always. It is natural to achieve, because your positioning is right. No pride will be involved because you realize that from your position you have nothing good in yourself and everything you have has been given to you. So the positioning is not like, 'oh please pray for me that I won't become proud...', because that is a wrong position. In a right position meekness and humility reigns, and success is a natural outflow. God will promote you when He thinks it is time, so you don't have to connive to get a promotion, you can just be at rest because God knows where you are. When Moses was in the desert for 40 years, no one could find him, but God knew where he was.

The first temptation was one of illusion. The second one was delusion, thinking that he will now own all the kingdoms. The point is that the devil had no one to help him rule all those kingdoms.
Those kingdoms would have been in chaos if he would have to do it all alone. Jesus knew that it was not yet time for Him to rule over all those kingdoms because He first had to make disciples to help Him reign and rule all those kingdoms. The devil tempts you with illusion, delusion and then thirdly he said to Jesus to jump off this roof and commit suicide and see if the angles of God will catch Him, but the devil quoted it out of confusion. So the devil tempts Jesus with confusion now. He confuses the scripture and Jesus, from His position of strength, said no, man shall not tempt the Lord your God.

That is what a church is about, we realign our position. If you're still going to church and not being part of the church, you are in a wrong position. The Bible says that the devil goes around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. He is not a roaring lion but acting as one. Whom may he devour? The one that strays. That is why the Bible says not to neglect the gathering of yourselves together.

Why? If you just go on your own, you are the first target. So how do you know if you are part of a body? It is very simple, if the body moves you move with it. My head cannot decide to stay when I move. So you cannot say that you are part of a church and still do what you feel like doing. You need to be part of that positioning. If you are not faithful in a body you are on your own. You do not need a church until you need a church. Church is a wonderful positioning. From where you stand, what does it look like?

Sickness and decease, from where you stand, what does it look like?
The doctor might tell you that there is no hope for you, but it is from where he stands. But if we position in a body of Christ we keep on believing, because faith is a miracle. It is a miracle to believe in someone you cannot see. How do you believe? And for you to continue even though your sickness might look terrible, but you keep on believing. In the end it is the trial and the test of your faith that matters, not your behavior. We tend to rate ourselves according to our behavior. And we rate our partners according to their behavior. God rates our faith. Job's behavior was terrible because he complained all day long, but he said one thing, 'even though God slays me I will still believe.' Throughout the whole trial Job gets hundred percent, because of his faith. God only took note of Job's faith, not the complaints. The only thing that connects us with an invisible God is our faith. When that connection is broken God cannot help you. So why does the devil attack your faith? So God can't help you when you stop believing, and the devil has you. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. How does unity of faith come?

By preaching of the Word. If you go to too many churches, watch too many TV broadcasts, you are so confused that you do not know if you are Artha or Martha, and you are not part of a body of believers, you are not in a position of strength, whereas the unity of faith is a position of strength.

That is why God chose the church. He designed it for our benefit.
Not for our duty and feel guilty and condemned all the time. Rom 8, 'there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.' Are you in Christ Jesus? If you are, then there is no more condemnation.
So why do you allow preachers to condemn you? The Holy Spirit was given to convict us, which is not condemnation. Condemnation writes you off. If you say of someone that they will never accomplish anythin