Lamb Juxtaposes Beast and Wins

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Lamb Juxtaposes Beast and Wins
Continuation of the Series of “Jesus in Revelation”
Preached by Apostle Aje Pelser, Harvester Reformational Church, Cape Town
August 2022. Notes from Apostle Andre Pelser’s MBTC subject “Revelation.”
Suggested reading: Revelation chapters 13, 14.

In the next few chapters of revelation, the plans of Lamb are juxtaposed to the plans of the Anti-Christ, exposing forces at work in the world today.

Discerning the Anti-Christ justaposed to the Lamb of God
The Beast that rises out of the sea is the Anti-Christ or the Humanistic Superman that will come out of the nations of the world. The sea always represents people or nations. He has seven heads and ten horns (Rev. 17:16, the ten horns eventually destroy the spirit of Babylonian systems in the world. See “Ten equations that Rule the World.” Book about the laws of mathematics that expose banking, gambling, corruption, insurance and other institutions that rule the world.) and a blasphemous name on his heads. The dragon gave him power and authority over every nation and tribe for 42 months.

All the people, whose names were not written in the Lamb’s book of Life, worshiped the dragon and the beast. The beast blasphemed God and made war against the saints.
The devil’s personality seduced Eve, his offers tempted Jesus, he influenced religious leaders to crucify Jesus, he caused disbelief, persecution and his main purpose is to steal, kill and destroy lives. He is the cause of all wars in the earth. He has no good intentions at any time. That is why he is called ‘the devil’, ‘the snake’ or ‘the dragon’.

The Lamb that was slain juxtaposed to the wounded Beast
Opposite the Beast is the Lamb. The verb ‘slain’ is used in the causative and imperative tense, implying that the Lamb had to be slain as a causative or preventative measure, and also inferring that it was imperative or necessary for someone to be slain for the sake of others in order to save them. It was decided at the foundation of the world that the Lamb would be slain as a causative and imperative measure to fulfil the redemptive plan of God on the earth. He was only slain once: at Calvary almost 2 000 years ago. His single death was sufficient to pay for the whole world’s sin! He died once for all – not continuously from the foundation of the earth!
From the foundation of the earth it was written that the names that would be written up in the Lamb’s book of Life will be saved. (Revelation 17:8)

Jesus Way of speaking juxtaposed to the Voice of the Dragon
If anyone has an ear let him hear. John must have heard Jesus use this phrase over and over again as he walked with Him, so here he thought it was a good opportunity to throw it in! The angel who brought the revelation to him probably also used that phrase. When you spend time with someone you begin to sound like them. They recognised Peter as one of Jesus’ disciples because he sounded like Him!

Lamb with a Voice of a Dragon
The devil copies God in everything because he cannot be original. So he also produces a lamb with horns – but this lamb spoke like a dragon! Satan just cannot get it right! Imagine a lamb sounding like a dragon. You know there is something wrong here! This lamb forces people to worship the beast. Forced worship is never real. Spontaneous worship is. God never whips people into worshipping Him. Strong leaders in churches that continually have to urge people on to praise and worship God are obviously doing it wrong. You do not have to force people to worship God. Just show them how to do it!

There is a habit among Pentecostal and Charismatic leaders to always tell the congregation: ‘You can do better than that!’ because they want a louder ‘amen’ or ‘hallelujah’ or praise from the people. They do this out of habit and just to get a better reaction from people. But this is forced praise! It has no value and God pays no attention to it. When supporters of a team cheer their team on, they do not need someone to tell them to do a better job. They are there because they want to be there and because they enjoy being there!

God is looking for people who spontaneously worship Him in spirit and truth – not a forced labour camp as some churches have become. Galatians 6:12 says those who want to make a fair show in the flesh, force others to do what they want them to do (be circumcised, sing louder, say ‘Amen’ or ‘Hallelujah’ louder for the sake of the preacher!)
The lamb that sounds like a dragon performs great signs. He even makes fire come down from heaven in the sight of men. He deceives people with these signs to think he is from God. But they should just listen to the sound of his voice – it sounds like a dragon!
He encourages people to make an image of the Beast that was wounded but recovered from the wound. This is an imitation of Christ again: he was wounded for our transgressions and by His stripes we are healed (Isaiah 53:4; I Peter 2:24). We are conformed to be transformed into the image of Christ (Romans 8:29, 30).
The Lamb causes the image of the Beast to speak – he becomes a ventriloquist! Those who refuse to worship the image of the Beast are killed. There you have it: forced worship had another side to it: if you don’t comply you get killed!

The System of the Beast is forced juxtaposed to Jesus motivation by love.
A new system that is opposed to Christ is introduced; everyone has to have a mark on their forehead or on their right hand. Without that mark no one is allowed to buy or sell. The mark represents the mark of the Beast and it has his number. It is the number 666 or the number of a man.
The world’s system is working to one world order with one world religion and one world government, and one world economy controlled by one man: the Anti-Christ or the Beast. Many years ago, when computers were introduced into the financial markets they called the machine, ‘The Beast!’

The people who control the financial markets of the world by fluctuating the stock markets and causing wars to break out in order to bring chaos instead of peace (because war makes lots of money for those who control it) wants to take charge of the world so that they can introduce a one world government in the earth. It is clearly seen in the news broadcasts of the world. They are working towards the rule of the Anti-Christ.

The heavenly Jerusalem is juxtaposed to the earthly Jerusalem
Juxtaposed to the earthly Jerusalem, we have the heavenly Jerusalem is called the Church of the Firstborn in Hebrews 12: 22. It is also referred to as Mt. Zion. Wherever we read about the heavenly Jerusalem in the New Testament or about Mt. Zion in the Old or New Testament we know it indicates the Church of the Firstborn. Jesus Christ is the Firstborn from the dead.
The Old Covenant was between God and a man. The New Covenant is between God the Father and God the Son. The man could not keep the Old Covenant. That is why it is better that it is over and done with. The Old Covenant is obsolete. Jesus announced it on the cross when He said, ‘It is finished’. He is the Mediator of the New and better Covenant based upon better promises!

144000 are juxtaposed to the nations that succumbed to the Beast and corruption
There are some people who have a different sign on their forehead: they are sealed with the name of their heavenly Father on their foreheads! John saw 144 000 of them. Then he heard a voice of many waters, like a loud thunder and the sound of harps. When Jesus was baptised in the river Jordan by John the Baptist a voice came from heaven saying, ‘This is my beloved Son in whom I am well-pleased! Listen to Him!’ To many that stood on the river bank it sounded like thunder.

A New Song is juxtaposed to the traditions of men in religious liturgy
Here they sang a new song before the throne. You could not learn the song. You had to be part of the chosen ones to sing it. In other words you had to know what they were singing about!
In our church Nola has introduced the new song early in the 1990’s already. At first people didn’t like it because they wanted to sing old, known songs. They felt out of place and out of their depth having to sing a new song they have not learned. But unless we learn to sing new songs to the Lord while we are on earth, how on earth are we going to do it in heaven? (Excuse the pun, I just couldn’t help it!)
The 144 000 represent the Redeemed of the Lord.
Peter tells us in his second epistle that we can escape the corruption which is in the world through lust, through the great and precious promises given to us. They have the power to produce the divine nature of God is a person.
John describes the 144 000 as ones who were not defiled by women, as virgins, who followed the Lamb wherever he goes. In their mouths there was no guile and they are without fault before the throne of God.
That doesn’t make room for many of us, does it? Very few men can live up to those demands!
But we could look at it spiritually and say there is a price to pay: if we are circumcised in the heart and we give up our rights to be pure in heart before God, He can present us faultless before God one day!

The Eternal Gospel is juxtaposed to temporal blasphemy
John saw an angel flying to preach the Gospel to the whole earth. The word angel is ‘angelos’ or sent one. Could it be possible that it referred to an apostle flying in an aeroplane, but John didn’t know what he was seeing? Angels normally do not preach the Gospel. Yet he made an announcement to fear God and to give glory to Him for the hour of His judgment has come. He tells every nation and tribe to worship Him who made heaven and earth, the sea and springs of water. That should silence all the atheists who try to tell us that there is no God and that the earth just ‘evolved’ by itself!

Babylon is fallen juxtaposed to God’s kingdom and Jesus who reigns forever
Another messenger followed announcing that Babylon has fallen. Babylon made the nations drunk with the wine of fornication. Who else could that be than Hollywood and the film industry that controlled TV and the media?
The third angel followed and said with a loud voice, ‘if anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, he shall also experience the wrath of God.’ Such worshippers of false gods will be tormented with fire and brimstone and they will have no rest.
In juxtaposition to such hellish torment, he talks about the patient saints, who kept the commandments of God and the faith in Jesus. This is the church of the Firstborn. They waited patiently for God to judge the earth.
Then he heard a voice that said, ‘blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.’ And the Spirit agreed and said, ‘yes, that they may rest from their labours and their works follow them.’
What keeps believers out of the rest of faith? What kept the Jews out of the Promised Land? Is it not a hard heart of unbelief? Is it not the rebellious heart causing disobedience? Is it not the deceitfulness of sin that promises fulfilment that it cannot give?

Jesus the Greatest Harvester is juxtaposed to the ultimate failure of the Dragon, the Beast and the false Prophet
Then John saw the Son of Man sitting on a white cloud and he had a golden crown on his head and in his hand was a sharp sickle. It was a sign that the harvest is ripe. Another angel came with a sickle and helped him reap. Then a third angel announced that the vine is ready to harvest, the grapes are ripe. This angel had power over fire. Perhaps it was this angel who helped Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego through the fire in Babylon when they were cast into the fire for not bowing before the king’s statue to worship it. Perhaps he helped Elijah to control fire to devour the offering when he challenged the priests of Baal.
The winepress, as John saw it, was outside the city. But this time it turned into blood, and it flowed up to the horses’ bridles for about 314 kilometres! This was a foreshadowing or a prophetic vision of the battle of Armageddon.
Jesus was crucified outside the city walls of Jerusalem. He trampled the winepress alone until his clothes were stained with blood.
Jesus turned water into wine – this time wine turns into blood… next come the bowls of wrath.

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