Apostolic Patterns for Success

Bible Text: Isaiah 45:1 | Preacher: Apostle Aje Pelser

Apostolic patterns for success
Cyrus received an anointing to open the double doors that could never be opened before. (Isaiah 45:1) He is an example of apostolic anointing in the Old Testament. Those who shared in the vision enjoyed the corporate anointing that brought personal success.
Apostolic patterns for success
1. A force to open doors. (Paul: Col 4:3: more important for Paul to see doors open to the Gospel in other lands than to be released from prison)
2. Doors represent entrances into new things: new levels, dimensions, opportunities, privileges, responsibilities. Legal right to enter. Someone opens a door. Jesus said, ‘I am the door!’
3. Examples of doors opening: Paul into Troas and Macedonia (2 Cor 2:12)
Into Gentile territory (Acts 14:27); into Ephesus (I Cor 16:9)
4. Adversaries equal to opportunities: nature of adversity is in direct proportion to the quality of entrance. Demonic responses in relation to the strength of the opening. A great and effective door brings great adversity. (I Cor 15:32)
5. Apostolic penetration transformed the economy, displaced major demonic spiritual forces and birthed a powerful, solid church. Unusual miracles were wrought through Paul. Reform the church to reform the land (Belfast, 2003)
6. Keys to open the double doors:
A. Fulfillment of prophetic intent
B. Heart stirred up to decree with authority what God intends to do
C. Perfect timing in God’s purposes
D. Corporate release of activity causing momentum to drive vision forward
E. Governmental prayers
F. Wisdom to execute the plans of God
G. Release of finances to accomplish the purposes of God

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