Apostolic Gravity

Apostolic Gravity
Preached by Apostle Aje Pelser, Harvester Reformational Church, Cape Town, 4th July 2021
As we celebrate 30 years in Cape Town, we are also celebrating 40 years in ministry for Apostle Andre and Nola and 50 years since he made his vow to serve God and humanity on a mountain in Switzerland. Chantal and I are thankful to the Lord for Godly parents and mentors who have laid an accurate foundation in life and ministry for us and for a move of God in the earth that has multiplied exponentially. Since the 4th of July 2021 when we started Harvester and life for Christ Bible Institute together with 5 students of the Word, we have seen how Jesus builds His church so that the gates of hell do not prevail.
Harvester Cape Town has served the body of Christ by equipping the saints for the work of ministry and acting as an aircraft carrier to launch lives and ministries, as well as businesses. We have planted many churches and established many Bible Training Centres in 4 continents by God’s grace so that we envision several hundred churches in the Harvester Galaxy in the near future with 40 MBTC Satellites to date. Glory to God!
As a church in Cape Town God has given us a clear strategy to be a city-wide church reaching over the barriers set up by local communities extending the love of Jesus and drawing in diverse cultures into communion together. Harvester Cape Town has sponsored many missions through our Art Auctions too and along with our global partners we have been able to reach 124 nations with the Gospel and 144 nations through our broadcasting services provided by Pelser Media and Faithful Media Orbit. During the pandemic, the broadcasting has been emphasized and we thank those involved to help us forward the reformation of his Church in anticipation of His coming.
Three things God told us to do as a ministry:
Go to nations preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Plant churches with Bible training centres
Be productive creating life changing resources to reform hearts and minds establishing the kingdom of God!
We have done the first two and continue to do so but now we are entering a productive phase and we are even moving towards the final stages of building the church in Burgundy Estate, commencing in September with a God-sent builder that sees our vision and wants to help us finish. God has also miraculously provided for the next phase of our building project towards occupancy.
With this all in mind, we envision a new type of church building that will not operate like the usual liturgical building.
We are seeing that God will lead us into new depths of worship and training, with curated themes that will serve the city, and be broadcast to the nations. The prophecy about us building a type of studio church that will draw God’s blessings is being fulfilled. We are positioned for growth and influence in the body of Christ as a new day will dawn out of the darkness of this global pandemic.
We are thankful to all our friends and partners across the world for their love and support, and synergy in ministry. We are commissioned to go, commanded to love!
The gravity of apostolic and prophetic work that has transpired here has caused a galaxy of churches to work together centred on the principles of Christ Jesus our Chief Cornerstone and centre of all activity and philosophy as a move in the earth.
The Lord has established several apostolic councils around the world that reach their regions and draw in more and more people to the centre. We have modelled our galaxy of churches differently to traditional denominations and have moved away from denominational thinking towards confederation of autonomous churches that agree on the tenets of faith and adhere to the orbital structures God has shown us.
Gravity in an orbital system is defined as follows in my book entitled “Into Orbit: Orbital Systems for every Organization.” Available as a pdf purchase from : https://pelsermedia.com/product/into-orbit/
Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation states:
“Every body attracts every other body in the universe with a force that is directly proportional to the product of the masses of the two bodies and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centres.”
(“Physical Science”, Brink & Jones, Juta & Co. Ltd, 1987. P. O. Box 14373, Kenwyn, 7790, ISBN 0 7021 1836 2. page 29)
Our planet earth is so placed that we orbit around the Sun in 356 days and 6 hours at an average distance of 150 million kilometres. We are thankful for this fact for if we were too close to the Sun we would be incinerated! Too far away and we would enjoy another Ice Age! (Earth facts from: “The Universe Revealed – Insights on Science” Mitchell Beazley, ISBN 1840000651, 1998, published by Mitchell Beazley, an imprint of Reed Consumer Books Ltd., Michelin House, 81 Fulham Road, London, SW3 6RB.)
Viewed from ‘above’ we rotate in an anti-clockwise direction allowing us to calculate that an earth day is actually 23 hours 56 minutes and 4.1 seconds. We experience seasons because while we are orbiting the Sun, we are tilted at 23.5 degrees, allowing the Sun’s rays to reach the earth at a different angle, thus affecting northern and southern hemispheres accordingly.
What does interest astronomers and theorists alike, is the fact that most planets in our system orbit in almost the same plane. “This suggests that the original solar nebula was rotating” says Beazley alluding to the origins and formation of our present Solar system. He adds: “If a collapsing dust and gas cloud is rotating then centrifugal force will stop some gas and dust in the rotating disk from falling into the centre and becoming part of the new star. The planets formed from a thin rotating disk…” Today our solar system comprises the Sun, nine planets, 63 satellites or moons and regions of dust and debris, asteroids and comets called the Oort Cloud, the Kuiper Belt and the nearest Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.
Beazley also sets forth a scientific theory of the formation of our galaxy and solar system.
Relating to the “Big Bang Theory”, he states that our galaxy was first an “interstellar medium of vast clouds of dust and gas.”
Some of these vast clouds were triggered into collapsing through gravitational forces. (See Newton’s Law of Gravitation.) Possible reasons for such a collapse could be the gravitational pull of a passing star, or the “density waves spiralling through the plane of the galaxy.” The shockwave of a nearby supernova could also be responsible.
This “trigger” caused the gravitational collapse of huge clouds of interstellar dust and gas. Such “clouds” can be light years in width. As they collapse, they fragment and eventually form more than one star.
The fast rotation of gas and dust cloud prevents it from collapsing further and a disc shape cloud forms. As it collapses, the temperatures and pressures within the cloud rise. It is hottest and the pressure is highest at the centre. Eventually nuclear fusion of Hydrogen into Helium begins. This is the birth of the Sun.
In our solar system the disc of dust and gas gradually cooled. Elements began to condense out of the cloud and particles started to “stick together”. Larger particles formed and their gravitational pull attracted smaller particles and the embryos of planets and planetesimals began to form.
“The early solar system was a dynamic place with planetesimals colliding and smaller particles impacting onto the larger bodies.”
Eventually, the theory brings us to where we are today, where we have “fewer larger bodies, which swept up the smaller bodies by their gravitational pull.” These smaller bodies are drawn into orbital motion which is “the motion of a material body through space under the influence of its own inertia, a central force, and other forces.”
In astronomy, the term “elliptical orbit” is defined as: “two bodies revolving under their mutual gravitational attraction, but otherwise undisturbed, describe orbits of the same shape about a common centre of mass.” (McGraw Hill)

Spiritually speaking, the substance and experience, coupled with anointing and grace is what gives a ministry reach globally. The fruit that has been developed over time and tested gives the gravity of a ministry its influence.
Reading about Apostle Paul’s influence to the Corinthian church, it is clear that there were factions and other ministries trying to interfere with the church. But he takes a moment to explain:
“But as for us, we will not boast without a proper standard of measurement but in accordance with the measure of the measuring rule which God apportioned to us as a measuring unit, one that reaches even up to you [Paul’s divinely appointed field of service]. For we did not extend ourselves beyond the prescribed limit as though we did not reach as far as you, for we came as far as to you in announcing the good news about the Christ, not boasting without a proper standard of measurement, namely, not in other man’s labours, but having hope that as your faith grows, we may be increased [ in our apostolic efficiency] among you in accordance with our measuring rule [apportioned to us in our apostolic labours], resulting in a superabundance [of fruit in service], with a view to proclaiming the good news in the regions beyond you, not boasting ourselves in another’s field of activity with reference to the things made ready [ in advance by others, namely, Christian assemblies already founded by others]. But he who boasts, let him be boasting in the Lord, for not he who recommends himself, that one is accepted after having been put to the test, but he whom the Lord recommends, that one has His stamp of approval placed upon him, that approval being based upon the fact that the approved one has met the test satisfactorily. Wuest’s Translation of New Testament. Second Corinthians 10:13-18
Apostolic measuring Units that reveal gravitational reach across the world
1. God opens up a field of apostolic service.
2. Apostles have influence where they are sent.
3. Apostolic influence is where the good news has been proclaimed.
4. Apostolic efficiency is linked to the faith of the people reached and influence.
5. Apostolic labours are equivalent to fruit in labours, not boasting about other ministries’ activities.
6. True apostolic labours have God’s stamp of approval and they need not try to approve themselves. That’s why Apostle Paul goes on to write carefully about his labours to the Corinthians who seem to have forgotten all he did for them and for the Gospel in the region.