Uganda – Preaching in the Dark – by Apostle André Pelser

The Eyes of Faith

I preached in the dark in Kisoga, out in the bush because there is no electricity. We were held up on the way by a truck that got stuck in a dirt road. This made us late for the meeting. By the time we arrived it was getting dark. I started preaching in pitch black darkness in the make shift building. Ironically I preached on ‘The Eyes of Faith!’ Some people used the light of their cell phones to make notes!

God said, ‘as far as your eyes can see, I give it to you!’ Our natural eyes are limited. We need to use the eyes of faith, to see further. I explained how the eyes of faith are the eyes of our spirit and the eyes of our imagination are the eyes of our soul.

It took about 2 hours to get to Kisoga and just as long to return. The traffic jams outside Kampala are incredible because there is only one road in and one road out of Kampala. The traffic lights keep changing but we literally sat in the car and watched them change – going nowhere slowly!


The Bottom Indicator of Reformation

In Seeta I preached in a church called Faith for Global Deliverance. The apostle has planted 36 churches in Uganda. In every church he appoints a pastor and a building committee who has to erect a wooden structure covered with corrugated iron on the sides and the roof. I preached on John the Baptist becoming the bottom indicator of the Reformation brought about by Jesus’ ministry.

Zecahrias (‘God remembers’), John’s (‘Gracious’), father did not believe the words of the Angel Gabriel (‘Man of God’) because he was old and his wife Elizabeth (‘God is an Oath’) well advanced in years and she was barren. Gabriel said he should call his son John because it will be a bottom indicator of the Grace of God for those who will believe. Just by looking at the meaning of the names of these people we learn a lesson: God remembered His oath to Abraham and sent a man sent from God, gracious enough to prepare the Way for His Son, Jesus Christ, who became the Saviour of the World.

Because Zecharias did not believe he became mute and could not speak until they asked him what the name of his son should be. When he wrote ‘John’ his tongue was loosed and he could speak again. In obeying the instruction of the Angel, Zecharias expressed his faith and also broke with the traditions of naming a son after a father or someone in the family.

In order to experience reformation we have to believe the message of reformation and call the old obsolete before even announcing the new! This is a principle of the apostolic reformation.


Someone to Prepare the Way

In Kasangati I demonstrated how John the Baptist became the forerunner for Jesus Christ, preparing the way for Him. He took all the initial pressure to make it easier for Jesus. We all need someone to prepare the way for us in life. Everything we want to we require someone to show us how to do it. I demonstrated this by taking 9 people from the audience and making them stand in the V-formation that birds fly: the one in front takes all the pressure but makes it effortless for those who follow. Then when the one in front has handled enough pressure it goes to the back to rest while another takes its place in front. This is how a church should work! It is God’s Genius at work!

I made the 9 people flap their wings during the demonstration which brought great hilarity in the church! But the people got the point.


Waiting on God

In Kampala I preached in Exodus Church, where Nelson Kabuuka is the pastor. I customarily preach in that church every time I go to Uganda. I felt a strong impression to preach on Isaiah 40:31: ‘They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall rise up with wings as eagles. They shall run and not grow weary; they shall walk and not faint.’ Just before I preached they asked the choir to sing one more song. Guess what? They sang: ‘I am waiting on you Lord!’ It is absolutely amazing how the Holy Spirit confirms what you have to preach if you are sensitive to the Holy Spirit. It becomes effortless!

Nola’s women’s group prayed and felt that Uganda will be the HQ of East Africa for Harvester. I ordained Richard Ssendi as apostle for the whole region and also ordained four pastors who became part of Harvester. We also began the three month registration process of Harvester International Ministries in Uganda. They also prayed for a 4X4 for us in Uganda so that we do not have to rent a vehicle every time. It costs $100 per day to rent a car and $200 to fill the tank!


True Blue Missionary

Richard Ssendi reminded me of something I have forgotten when he introduced me to the church in Seeta: ‘The reason I know that God sent Apostle Andre to Uganda is because he came into our country without a visa. It is not possible to do that. But he did!’ This is the second nation I entered and existed without a visa! The other nation was Ghana! It is almost as if God blinded the eyes of the custom officers to let me go through.

Felix, a Bible School principle added: ‘Apostle Andre is a real missionary.’ When I asked why he made that statement he explained: ‘I had a preacher here from America. He wanted to preach in the rural areas. When we got there he wanted to use the toilet. When he saw the open pit toilet he said, ‘I can’t use a toilet like this! Take me back to the hotel!’ I had to drive him all the way back to the hotel again! Apostle Andre never complains. He uses the poor facilities and eats the food we eat. He is a real missionary!’ We all had a hearty laugh!


A sign for Richard

After I preached in Kisoga, the pastor wanted me to go back to Seeta where I preached the night before. But it would be another 6 hours on the road there and back. It took about 4 hours to go to Kisoga. I felt that I needed some rest. So I told Richard to preach in my place. ‘The people will be very disappointed,’ the pastor warned me.

‘Listen here, if I send someone to preach in my place it is as good as if I am there!’ I insisted.

That evening Richard preached on Jeremiah 38 where the prophet was thrown into a pit. He elucidated that even though Jeremiah was a prophet he still had to suffer some things he did not like. We enter the Kingdom through much tribulation!

When he finished preaching a woman got up and said, ‘the Holy Spirit told me this morning that a man would come to Seeta to preach on this verse to explain it to us tonight!’ This was a sign to Richard and the pastor that Richard was sent.  I would have preached something completely different!


Along the Way

Along the way I saw a little boy play Bull-Fight with a long horn African cow. He used a sheet of white plastic for a cloth which he dangled in front of the cow. He stared at the cow and challenged it to charge at him. The cow paid no attention to him, even as he stepped closer and closer!

I saw the many roadside stalls along the way selling just about everything you can think of, from raw meat hanging on hooks in the sun, to manikins nailed to wooden crosses to display clothes!

I saw a traffic officer clad in white trying to direct the traffic but no one paid attention to him. He blew his football referee’s whistle in vain. The drone of traffic noises overpowered him.

I saw a vendor leading four goats on four strings, but one of the goats kept on lying down in the tall grass to rest!

I saw a huge crane sitting on a steeple like a weather horn waiting for the wind to blow.

I saw a deserted mission church in the jungle.

I saw school children walk along the road in the villages balancing their books on their heads.

I saw people walking on railway tracks because the railroad system is non-existent in Uganda.


Support the mission

If I reach 4 new nations every year for the next 20 years, if God spares my life and if God keeps me healthy, I will reach all the nations in the world with the Gospel of the Kingdom in one life time! You can share in this mission through praying for us and by supporting us financially as the Lord leads you.


For further details write to: or to Harvester Church, P. O. Box 276, Milnerton 7435, South Africa. Grace and Peace to you!

Apostle Andre Pelser