Report: Uganda – Zimbabwe – Nigeria – Olifanstrivier vallei – By Various Authors

Gwero, Zimbabwe – Apostle Andre Pelser

It was a moment I will never forget. No microphone was needed, no band, no great platform with high back seats that look like thrones, no plush carpets, no pomp and circumstance, no flashy backdrops, no electronic devices, no glitter and no showmanship …just simply under a tree…I thought, that’s how Jesus did it. It’s so simple, it cost so much less, there is no fuss and there can be no pride involved. Yet it is so effective, just a man talking to a group of people.


Kayunga, Uganda -Apostle Andre Pelser

I arrived at Entebbe airport after 7pm and Richard Ssendi and a kombi full of people were there to meet me. They took me to Kayunga, about a two hour drive from there where we would have our first meetings in Nazigo, a suburb in the district. It is the area in which Richard and his wife Christine grew up during the reign of terror of Idi Amin.


Clanwilliam and Citrusdal – MBC class of 2010.

Apostle Jan & Chantal Oosthuizen is celebrating their 10th year in the Olifantsriver Valley, known also for the export citrus all around the world. The sermon of the ‘Apostolic Orange’ comes to mind as you enter the valley. The MBC class of 2010 performed the Job Production. The slogan for the production reeds: ‘One man’s suffering tells every man’s story. If you can take the pain, you can handle the glory!’


Onitsha, Nigeria – Apostle Aje Pelser & Teacher Morne van Wyk

It’s easier to go where an apostle has cut open a path for you. Apostle Andre wrote down a few tips for travelling in Nigeria that is a must read for any future ministry team. Thank you for sending us Apostle Andre and paving the way for the Gospel of the Kingdom throughout the wonderful continent of Africa. The point is to see the riches of God invested in the saints and your geographical region as well. If you don’t see it, then all the little experiences along the way become irritations.

There are no words to describe the feeling of seeing thousands of young people, praying in tongues and worshipping God for days, culminating in a night vigil that showcased the talent from different provinces where Grace of God Mission has churches.