Philippines – Quezon City meeting – by Apostle André Pelser

I found out the church that I preached in yesterday was planted by Pastor Anthony Geraldo who is pioneering a work in KK (Kota Kinabalu) where I preached two weeks ago. The church is another Jesus Loves You Church in the district of Commonwealth, Quezon City in Manila.


Pastor Nannette the wife of Pastor Elmer Gaurano from Marikina (where I ministered last Sunday for the third time) took over the church from Pastor Anthony. As usual when a pastor leaves many members also left and she had to start with just a few people. But by the grace of God she built it up to over 60 people again. There were people who did not accept a woman as Pastor over them and they left the church. The musicians were also playing in nightclubs and she gave them no alternative but to sell out their gift to the glory of God. So the musicians left. But God added another family to the church that leads worship! God is never short of staff!


En route to the church we drove past a massive cathedral with pointed shrines belonging to the Iglesia ni Christo. It is a cult with a huge following in Manila. Felix Manalo is the cult leader. They do not believe that Jesus ever existed (so I wonder why they mention the name of Christ in the name of their church?) and they do not believe in the Holy Spirit. They say God is God alone and there is no Trinity. Therefore the blood of Jesus means nothing to them either. You have to become a member to enter the Cathedral and if you do not attend church meetings you get penalized. Members have to sign a register every time they come to church. (Some Charismatic Churches have adopted this practice to control and manipulate people as if they work in a factory). If a member fails to give tithes they get fined and have to pay double tithes the next month. There are no healings or miracles, but because the church has with tremendous influence in government people join the prestige the cult offers.


There are many false cults in the Philippines parading as ‘Christian’ Churches. Because people are superstitious they fall prey to strong cult leaders that dictate terms to them.

Another cult leader with tens of thousands of followers declared himself the Son of God and members pray to God through him and glorify his name. The name of Jesus is never mentioned. Everyone wears white clothes. I heard this cult leader say on TV that no one can come to God unless he approves of a person. He also said the Philippines should be grateful that God allowed him to be born in the Philippines as the son of God. These cult leaders built monstrous cathedrals with all the money exacted from followers.


We should pray against all these false cults that the true Church of Jesus Christ would arise and that those cults will cease to exist.


I also met the Nonita and Aptemy Gernale, the parents of Pastor Anthony as well as the uncle of Maricelle, the wife of Pastor Anthony in KK. I did not plan this meeting, but God did.

The church in Commonwealth, Quezon City is very small with green walls and red cement floor. The area in front of the petite platform is tiled with white tiles. The air conditioning was not working and a few electric fans blew the warm air around. It was about 36 degrees Celcius during the day.


Perched on stage was a Genesis drum kit, a small X5D keyboard, guitar amplifier and microphone stands. The guitarist played a Behringer guitar but when a string broke he had a Global guitar handy that was already tuned in and simply continued playing!


Banners in the all the Jesus Loves You churches are exactly giving uniformity to the move. The emblem of JLY churches is made up of the letters J-L-Y shaped in the form of a dove covering the globe. They have annual themes that every church adheres to. The theme for 2015 is ‘Glory Explosion’ based on the verse in first Colossians: ‘Christ in you, the hope of glory’.


Before the meeting begins there is a countdown of the last three minutes on the small screen: ‘The meeting will start in two minutes fifty five seconds…’ As the countdown commences the worship band takes up positions and start on the dot! The family that leads worship has a son that is 4 years old who plays the drums! His name is CJ and he has been playing drums since the age of 2! At the end of the meeting he came up to me and gave me a ‘high five’! It reminded me of our oldest son, Aje that played the drums at 3! He is still our drummer in church today and has discipled over 50 other drummers! He also has a drum video available on His wife Chantal has a worship DVD available.


The people in the districts of Manila and in the Provinces mainly speak Tagalog but they understand some English. So I preached in very simple English and spoke slowly to make sure they understood the message. (Pastor Nannette has started translating our Harvester Foundation course into Tagalog. It is available from


Pastor Nannette explained to the people how I ministered to her and Pastor Elmer for several hours before the first meeting I ever held in Marikina. She testified how everything I prophesied is coming true and busy manifesting, word for word!


In Commonwealth I taught on faith. The people had questions about faith and how it works so I explained it in simple terms.

If you want a clay horse you first need clay. You have to purchase the clay from a shop. Then you have to mould the clay to make it soft and then shape the clay horse. This is how faith works.


Faith is substance. Jesus paid the price for us to obtain a measure of faith. We have to exercise our faith and mould it into what we believe. Then it will manifest.
Faith is the substance of things we hope for. Faith is not hoping for something. You have to get a clear picture in mind about what you are hoping for. Hope has to crystallize into form.

Faith always comes to you like a friend that wants to help you. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. As I speak (and as you read) faith comes because God speaks to you. Once you have the word it gives substance to what you hope for.

James tells us that we prove our faith by our works. In other words you have to do something. You have to speak what you believe.


When you bake a cake you need the right ingredients. You cannot simply put two eggs, some flour, sugar and icing with milk in front of someone and tell them: ‘I baked you a cake!’

The right ingredients for faith come from the Word of God. Your tongue is the mixer that mixes the Word and faith in the bowl of your heart. Once the picture of what you hope for is clear you can speak out what you believe. Your have eyes of faith see into the spirit realm and your ears of faith hear God speaking to you. Your spirit man is exactly the same as your physical man. You are spirit, soul and body, as God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You are made in His triune image.


When you act on what you believe it is as if you have already received what you believe. This makes you happy because there is joy and peace in believing. This is the Kingdom kind of joy and peace. It is not the kind of happy feelings and peace the world gives. It is in the Third Dimension of Faith and Spirit.


Mark 11:23, 24 tells us if you pray believe that you receive and if you do not doubt in your heart you shall have it. You need to believe what you say. Jesus always believed what He said. When He told the blind man: ‘your faith has made you whole!’ He believed it. When He said ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father but by Me,’ He believed it.


We are confronted with doubts and fear all day. Evil forces oppose us and want to destroy us, but Jesus came that we might have life and life abundantly! In other words Jesus gives us enough life that we can give life to others!


Life consists of many things, for instance it consists of health, wealth and wisdom, finances and opportunities to make money. So life abundantly means that we can trust God for sufficient health, wealth and wisdom. We can believe God for sufficient finances and opportunities to create wealth! Faith conquers doubt.


In order to conquer doubt we have to replace the idea of doubt with an idea of faith. The one picture replaces the other as we learn to focus right. We cannot concentrate on two pictures at the same time. As we become single-minded our body is full of light. We see the light in His light. As we walk in the light of God and have fellowship with God and one another, the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin. As we focus on this idea it replaces feelings of inadequacy and inferiority and gives us right standing by faith before God. One idea replaces the other.


Everything starts with an idea. An idea comes from the invisible realm. Even the white plastic chairs on which people were seated came from an idea. Someone had an idea and then the idea was designed and manufactured before it became a chair! You need white plastic as substance to produce the chairs. Someone had to pay a price for the substance and someone had to work to make it. It is the same with faith.


Jesus became the author and finisher of our faith. He authorized our faith (gave His signature on our behalf) and He develops our faith as we learn to trust Him.


God is invisible. That is why we require faith to connect with God. False cults have idols that they can see and touch. But those idols are deaf and dumb: they cannot do anything for anyone. But we serve a living God! He hears when we call on Him. He answers when we pray. He is touched with the feelings of our infirmities and He has compassion on us because He created and redeemed us with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ: He was manifested in the flesh, He died for us on the Cross and God raised Him up on the third day as conqueror of both death and hell. He gives eternal life to all who come to Him in faith. All power is given unto Him in heaven and earth and every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that He is Lord!


God spoke the earth into being. He created with His words because He believed what He spoke: ‘let there be light. And light was!’


Without faith it is impossible to please God for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. God’s reward system is large: He rewards faithfulness, witnessing, righteous living and sacrificial giving. There are earthly rewards and eternal rewards. Eternal rewards are called crowns. But we can enjoy the deposit of those eternal rewards here on earth already. We must believe that otherwise we cannot receive those rewards.


Faith is the evidence of things not seen. In other words our faith is the evidence of ideas in the invisible realm. Once we see the picture clearly we can ask in faith and we shall receive.

Nothing is impossible to God. Nothing is impossible for those who believe. We push back the boundaries of the possible into arenas that we can only enter by faith. Jesus authorizes our faith and gives us faith substance to work with. That is why we are called ‘believers’. Our greatest enemy is doubt. When doubt comes we learn to use our shield of faith to quench the fiery darts of doubt that want to rob us of what we are hoping for. We use the Word of God as our spirit sword to combat the forces of evil that opposes what we believe.


God always causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus who has made us more than conquerors and ‘overcomers’ in this life! We are not ‘under’ the circumstances but above them! Every circumstance becomes a steppingstone into a higher level of faith. We go from strength to strength and from faith to faith to experience another level of glory continually.


No matter what you and I are facing today: believe God’s Word that He will make you overcome it! This message is for you today. Believe it and receive it as if it is God speaking to you and you will have substance to believe God for things that seem impossible.


God specializes in things thought impossible and He can do what no other man can do. God is with you and God is for you. You shall overcome!


Apostle André Pelser