Scotland April 2007 – A new Reformation in Scotland? – by Apostle André Pelser

A prophecy given in Scotland was that there was a Shofar that has not been played since the time of the Reformer John Knox! Those who tried to play it failed. Then someone stepped up to play it and it was able to produce a sound! Could this be the weekend that a NEW REFORMATION could be birthed in Scotland?


Prophetess Barbara, who is arranging the meetings in Kilsyth near Glasgow, let

Graham Unsworth know that people are coming from all over Scotland. One guy emailed a friend in Australia and asked if he had heard of Andre & Nola Pelser and received a reference that I was a good man and worth hearing! So God is giving us references from our past mission work in Australia! (1983-85) I think it was five years ago that I went to Edinburgh and visited John Knox’s house. The tour guide took us through the house and when we passed a small room I asked what that was.


‘That’s nothing. There’s nothing there.’ He said and moved downstairs with the group. I dawdled a bit on purpose and slipped into the half-open door. He was right. There was nothing to meet the eye: just an empty room with wooden panels on the wall and a cement floor… but I instinctively knew that it was the Reformer’s prayer room! So I closed the door from the inside and prostrated myself on the cold floor where he must have prayed many a times!


I asked the Lord to revive the spirit of Reformation in Scotland and that he would inspire me to be a reformer wherever I go. I did not ask for the spirit of John Knox, you understand, I asked for the Spirit of God that worked in that Scottish reformer. We are not supposed to dabble in other human spirits, but the Spirit of God that worked through others can also work in us.


Spiritualism and witchcraft dabble in other kind of spirits and also produces a release of power…but it is not always God’s power…we need to be careful in that respect.


I heard another group of tourists come up to the top floor but they did not open the door of the prayer room at all. When I finished praying I went downstairs again.


Barbara told Graham about a prophecy given recently in Scotland at some national meeting. The word was that there was a Shofar that cannot be played and those who tried to play it failed. It has not been played since the time of John Knox! The prophet saw the angels pouring out a double portion of anointing oil on the Shofar and someone stepped up to play it and it was able to produce a sound!


The word about this was that God is about to do a new thing in Scotland and it’s a NEW REFORMATION!


Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen were centres of genius: many of the modern world’s operational systems were birthed in these centres were intellectuals could mix with ordinary people and discuss the world at large.


Capitalism was birth here. So were many inventions. The Scots exported much of their genius to other countries and never took credit for it. All the world knows about them is that they are divided up into clans…but is that not a picture of our global village? We can learn so much from Scotland and their history…


How amazing the detailed accuracy and timing of the Lord! Barbara Smith, the prophetess that read my book three times and then invited me to come to Kilsyth, could only arrange one meeting on the Saturday night. She told me how she tried to arrange other meetings for the Sunday but nothing seem to work out.


Graham in Birmingham assured her that the Lord would take care of it if she would just relax. So she stopped trying.


When I arrived in Birmingham I told Graham that I knew a certain John Smiley in Ayr. He preached in our church and I preached there several years ago. But the phone numbers I had no longer applied.


Graham went onto the internet, which he is very good at, and found John Smiley a COC pastor (Christian Outreach Centres). His the guy who attempted to climb Everest and one day on a treacherous mountain peak in New Zealand where he originates from he had a near fatal accident which made him consider his ways and turn to Christ in his crisis! He’s always been a very inspirational speaker ever since, exhorting people to serve God with all their heart!


He immediately let Barbara know. She tried the number but did not succeed in reaching him. So she prayed and simply took the telephone book and looked up

Christian Outreach Centre and found one in Inverness. When she called they said they knew John and gave her his number. He was glad to hear that I was in Scotland and would have had me any other time but this week-end, because they had a big conference.


Barbara was reminded of a couple who wished to attend the meeting at Kilsyth but had to go to Edinburgh for a 60th birthday of a friend on Saturday. She also remembered that they attended a newly found COC church in Perth. (The Perth in Australia is named after the Scottish one!) So she asked the number of their pastor.


When she called his wife she said they would phone back within an hour. The pastor has been asking the Lord to send someone from overseas to visit their new church even though it was small.


They took this as an answer to prayer and invited me to come over to Perth! I was the first non-COC pastor to preach in that church!


That couple that went to Edinburgh returned home from Edinburgh at 3 am Sunday morning when they heard I would be there! I think the man’s name was James, if I remember correctly.


When I separated to prepare for the visit to Scotland I heard the voice of the Spirit tell me early one morning that he would open the Scottish heart for me. He would give me a key! Jesus promised to give the keys of the kingdom to His apostles.


When we finished ministering in Perth COC the pastor’s wife told me that she

forgot to say something to me, ‘I wanted to welcome you to the heart of Scotland

and we receive you as a sent one here!’


The heart of Scotland opened – just as the Spirit told me it would. Isn’t it amazing?


Barbara told the church, ‘this man could have gone to any other church in Scotland, but the Lord saw it fit for him to come to this little church in Perth, nowhere else! God must have something wonderful in mind for this assembly that he would go through all this trouble at this man’s own expense to bring him here to you!’


Graham also gave them directions to move the church to the centre of the city. They confirmed that they had been waiting on the Lord about moving location.


At Kilsyth I met many wonderful people. I love the Scots. They are so real and down to earth and very, very funny at times! This is where my great grandfather Robert John Bailey hailed from. Somehow I felt at home there.


On the Friday night there were no meetings so we went for a meal and to watch a movie. It was almost like being kids again. We had a wonderful time together and lots of laughs! During the meal Dave said in his broad Scottish accent, ‘Ahm sue hungrie ah cuid eat ah scabbie horse!’ I’ll never forget that statement and the picture it conjured up in my mind!


Iain and Susan Wilson took me around on the Saturday morning and gave me an express tour of the history of Scotland around Sterling! We went to William Wallace’s Tower and Statue of Braveheart. It was freezing cold up there. Iain simply remarked, ‘it’s nice and fresh!’ The gusty wind almost blew Susan off the hill top! She had to grab the railing to stay on her feet!


I laughed when Susan told me how all the visiting speakers, especially from

America, all have prophecies about the brave heart of Scotland! Movies do influence American prophets so much. I remember how they prophesied to me at Rick Joyner’s prophetic conference in Florida through images from Jurassic Park, which I had never seen at that time!


Sterling castle was an amazing sight. We attended a history lesson in the fort and were told how the soldiers suffered in the barracks and how their wives had to wash their clothes in old urine containers because the acid content would actually remove the dirt. But one could imagine what the clothes smelt like! We also heard about the bravery of The Thin Red Line, two lines of Scottish soldiers who withstood a whole army and drove them off!


Lastly we visited Robert the Bruce’s museum near the site of his famous victory.


That Saturday night we held a meeting in the Kilsyth Baptist Church that has changed its name three times in a hundred years or so. There is a memorial plaque displaying the names of soldiers from that church who gave their lives in World War I and II.


Dave, Barbara’s son-in-law, led the worship. His eyes filled with tears and he could hardly speak when the anointing welled up within him. It was a glorious session of worship and he often stopped to read the scriptures. He did not just sing one song after the other but really tried to flow in the anointing. I told him afterwards that he should sing those scriptures instead of reading them. I enjoyed all the Scottish instruments and percussion instruments, especially the sea-shell and the tube! Barbara’s daughter played the piano.


Pastors Mark and Ian allow Barbara to arrange meetings in their church hall and always attend her meetings! That shows the hunger they have and the openness of their hearts.


I spoke a message on reformation and afterwards there were many different remarks, mostly favourable. They said things like, ‘it was a breath of fresh air!’ and ‘the Lord sent you to us! This is the message Scotland need to hear!’ An Italian film animator attended the meeting and came to me and said, ‘I enjoyed what you had to say – I like your laid back manner.’ Then he put his Nano iPod earphones on and walked away before I could respond!


At the end I did a blues number and some folk asked if I would not do a concert next time! It would be great to have the whole worship band with me next time!


Graham brought 16 books with him and I brought some of Nola’s CD’s and a few DVD’s. They just about all sold out that night!


The Sunday night we met in Barbara’s neat little home. She made me espresso! There were sandwiches and cakes and much tea! The Scots love their tea – just like the English and the Zimbabweans. Nola would feel right at home with all that tea drinking going on!


The atmosphere in Barbara’s home was electric. We simply had fellowship. Graham prophesied to some people, very accurately as was confirmed a week later. I taught a bit about worship and dance in the church as the Lord sees it.


When Barbara thanked me for coming she said, ‘I have only known this man for three days, but it feels like we have known him for a long time!’ I felt exactly the same way. It felt like family; God’s family! There were tears as we said goodbye.


Scotland is organizing a massive prayer walk throughout the nation and also going to pray at the Stone of Scone where all the Scottish Kings were crowned. The owners of land used to bring sand from their area and dump it on a hill where the Stone of Scone was eventually erected to indicate their submission to the king.


The Christians are going to pray there where Scottish soil has been gathered over the years to proclaim Jesus King over Scotland! Susan had a vision of planting a sword in the soil to signify the Sword of the Lord, ala Excalibur! Iain her husband had to purchase an expensive sword just for that special occasion.


The key I felt that the Spirit gave me for Scotland was delivered in a very unassuming way: there were no fireworks, but truth was spoken: ‘No longer look for a man to bring reforms; but look for an accurate church!’


It is so simple; yet so profound. I believe pastors Mark and Ian heard what I said.

I believe we will go back there. I believe the seed of a new reform was sown in the hearts of those who attended from Edinburgh, Glasgow and other regions, that one night in Kilsyth.
Apostle Andre Pelser