Report: Togo 2012 – Like water on dry ground – by Apostle Andre Pelser

Pastor Hyancinthe summarised the effect that my ministry had on the people in Lome, Togo, by saying: ‘It was like water on dry ground. We were thirsty to hear the Apostle and we are satisfied with his messages. He tells us things we know in a way we have never heard it before. The presence of the Lord is wonderful and we will apply what we have learned from him.’

Apostle Yasmir from Harvester Abidjan arranged the meeting with Pastor Hyacinthe and Apostle Manu. They have been active in West Africa for several years and are prepared to open doors to countries I have not been to, like Burkina Faso, Benin and Gabon.

The trip was via Addis Ababa in Ethiopia as there are no direct flights to Lome from South Africa. What people do not always realise is that the cost of these flights is the same as two return flights to London. Flying in Africa is expensive. But the Lord is faithful and always helps me to cover costs for the sake of the people I minister to. These people cannot afford to pay any air tickets or accommodation, but they are very grateful to God for sending me to them. Paul tells the Philippian Church: ‘My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ,’ because they sent money to him to help him with his apostolic missions. I say the same to those who help me to do what I have been called to do together with Nola and my family.

When I preached in Lome I acted out the sermons as I normally do. When God called me to be a prophetic actor I did not understand it immediately but eventually it dawned on me. Nola and I gave up acting as a career to become missionaries. So I died to acting. But because I am dead to it, God can use it whenever he wants to. So I never plan before hand or write in my sermon notes what I will act out. It is by the Spirit. When I preach I see what I should act out and then I comply and co-operate with him.

I do not take any sermons with me when I go to a country for the first time, because I want the Word of God to be fresh and inspired. Even if the Spirit directs me to preach on a topic I have preached on before it is different because He knows the needs of the people and He supplies their spiritual needs and gives them keys to supply their physical needs as well.

For instance when I preached on The Four Lepers that sat outside the gate of Samaria when there was a terrible famine, I was impressed to stress how they took the first step to go to the camp of the enemy where they found an ample supply for the entire city. When they took the first step, God made the enemy camp hear the sound of a mighty army in the sky which made them so fearful that they fled leaving the camp intact with all its provision and even their precious things!

So the message was simple: make a decision to do something about your desperate situation, take the first step and God will work with you! I got four guys to act out the lepers and also appointed an officer at the gate and a king on the throne. I chose a prophet for the scene and told them all what to say and what to act out. I became a director of the ‘theatre’. When the four lepers took the first step I asked the drummer to beat the drum at every step they give. When they reached the camp of the enemy the drum beat was loud! As they returned with all the provision they distributed it to the people who went wild to grab the food! They literally ran over the officer at the gate that did not believe the Word of the Prophet who said, ‘tomorrow, this time, there will be enough food for everyone in the city!’ It was pandemonium – but afterwards Apostle Manu’s wife told me: ‘we got your message Apostle!’

The presence of the Lord was powerful. One night, I said, ‘God will confirm my message now!’ and then I went into the crowd to lay hands on people. A lady was delivered from spirits and fell over, many were baptised in the Holy Spirit and began speaking in tongues and others were healed of diseases – Jesus said, ‘These signs shall follow them that believe in My Name they shall cast out demons, they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover, they shall speak in other tongues!’

Apostle Manu interpreted what I preached in the local language. It is also a French speaking country, but they prefer their own language. When I acted something out, so did he – even when I took a sip of water he would do the same!

The President of the Apostolic Union in Togo attended the second night’s meetings and said afterwards: ‘you charged our spirits tonight – I hope I meet you again.’

All the glory to God in the highest for what was accomplished in a very short time! They gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a gift. I took a picture.

My next mission is to China and Asia in January 2013, D.V.

Apostle Andre Pelser