Delportshoop, South Africa – Where your foot has trod – by Apostle André Pelser

One of the promises of God is every place your foot has trod I will give it to you.

I visited Pastor Emanuel Brace in Delportshoop (the guy that founded the mining village was a Mr. Delport and he had hope that he would make a fortune there!) and spent the day with him and taught in the church that was given to them.
Since they became part of Harvester a lot of things have happened, he says. They received a plot of land with two houses where a Bible College can be built for the Northern Cape and a beautiful old church building that used to belong to the Dutch Reformed Church. The verse on the cornerstone is the same verse in Harvester Delportshoop’s bi-monthly newsletter for Oct/Nov! It is Ephesians 2:20 – So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets. Christ Jesus himself being the cornerstone.’

Pastor Emanuel told me how he used to walk around the town and often went to both premises that were given to the church. He used to stand there and talk to God about those buildings. His foot trod on the premises! Now it was given to him – just as the Scripture predicts! It is fulfillment of prophecy in a wonderful way.

Apostle Aje Pelser dedicated the church and the people and also trained the leadership at the Dedication Service in August this year.

It is my 3rd visit to Delportshoop. Pastor Phil Visagie connected us with Pastor Emanuel.

Pastor Emanuel encouraged his church folk to attend next year’s summit.

‘If you don’t go you don’t know what you will be missing!’ he emphasized. ‘My mind was changed in so many ways during the summit. The Bible says you must renew your thinking and that is what happened to me,’ he concluded.

We opened the meeting with an old hymn: ‘to God be the glory, great things He has done!’ We rejoice with them for the great things God has done for them! If you rejoice with someone you stand in the same queue for the blessings!

Harvester in Delportshoop is truly an all-nations Church. People come from all areas to the meetings, from Rooikoppies, Tidimalo/ Ikele and Proteahof. They are also reaching out to Barkley West at the moment starting with a Bible Cell.

They have completed our Foundation Course and are busy with Prophetess Nola’s course on Submission.

Since they became part of Harvester’s Network they have really heeded our advice to use our Miracle Bible College material as a church and they are seeing the results!

They baptize new believers in the river nearby.

Some of our Cape Town Harvesters have ministered in Delportshoop already, Pastor Stefan Fourie and Neil Palmer.

In November Teacher Stephen-John Yeo and Apostle Carel Marais will minister there.

It is interesting to note that their church is in Kerkstraat! (Church Street)

I preached on ‘It is written!’ emphasizing the importance of the written Word of God as well as what we document. We have the written Word because someone wrote it down and others preserved it! We have Miracle Bible College material because Dr. Gray and other lecturers in Miracle Valley wrote it! Pilate wrote in 3 languages ‘Jesus King of the Jews’ and placed it on the cross at Calvary. Whether the Jews want to admit it or not, it is written!

Jesus overcame the devil’s temptations in the wilderness by saying: ‘it is written!’

Peter tells us that we have the written Word of God that is made more sure than the audible voice of God and we do well to pay heed to it for it will be like the daystar rising in our hearts. The daystar is the morning star with the promise of the coming day. The day will break and the light will get brighter. As we hold on to the Word of God it becomes brighter and we see our way much clearer! We don’t have to walk in darkness!

The Word of God that came to you is something you need to hold onto, to meditate on until the light of the Word is bright enough to give you clarity on your actions and decisions!

I always have a Moleskine notebook with me wherever I go. I make notes and draw pictures in those notebooks. Many of my sermons come from notes I made in those notebooks and all my paintings come from those drawings!

God often speaks to us and gives us ideas or revelations but we sometimes forget them because we do not write it down. A wise old preacher once told me: ‘the sign of a growing Christian is one who makes notes in church of the sermons!’ (Elbert Willis)

May the grace and peace of God be with you.

Apostle André Pelser