Williamsville Abidjan, Ivory Coast – A Chained man set free – by Apostle André Pelser

In Williamsville, Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire) I saw a sight I will never forget: mad people chained to trees. The church in Williamsville has had a breakthrough in seeing mad people being delivered. Now people bring more mad people to them where they feed them and minister to them until they are set free.

I walked up to a man chained to a tree and he started talking to me. ‘I am Hervey. I am mad. I went to America. But I am mad.’

Later on I found out he had a basketball scholarship in America. But he lost his mind when he returned to Cote d’Ivoire. He has been chained to a tree for a long time, because when the spirit takes hold of him he becomes so violent that many other men cannot hold him down.

‘Give me an English Bible!’ he demanded.

Lidia, the wife of Pastor Yasmin Atsali, happened to bring her English Bible along. She opened her handbag and gave it to me. I took it and handed it over to Hervey.

‘God will use you!’ is all I said to him.

Then I turned and walked away from all the others. Some shed their clothes, some cursed me and some threatened to strangle me as they pointed fingers and made wild gestures at me. Some rolled over and played dead like baboons do when they see danger approaching.

I thought of the slave trade in West Africa. Slaves were chained together and sold to slave traders. The devil chains people and make slaves of them, slaves of Satan. But Jesus came to set the captives free and to bring deliverance to those who are in bondage.

That night, in the hotel, I got a call down to reception: ‘Two men to see you.’ It was the pastor’s driver and Hervey. I was totally astonished to see Hervey. He was fully clothed and in his right mind.

‘When you gave the Bible to me, the spirit left me. I am totally free! If you came to Abidjan just to set me free, then it was worth it!’ How powerful is the Word of God! The written Word is powerful! It is truly the Sword of the Spirit that Jesus used to defeat Satan when he was tempted in the wilderness.

What an amazing recovery! What an astonishing miracle! What a turnaround of events in a man’s life! And even more surprising is the effortlessness of it all. I did nothing; God did everything!

They filmed the event on DVD and we will soon have it available as a testimony of what God can do.

Hervey opened his English Bible at Ephesians 6 and asked: ‘please explain the spiritual armour to me. I don’t want to go back to the state I was in before!’

There I was teaching a man in the foyer of the hotel who had been chained to a tree because of madness a few hours before.

A pioneer in Cote d’Ivoire

Pastor Yeo has been a pioneer in Cote d’Ivoire for many years and even reached the unreached Ibio tribe where they still hunt with bow and arrow. He planted a church there. ‘I will take you there the next time you come. They will kill you if you do not have the Holy Spirit to protect you.’

Mysteries revealed

In Yopougon, a large district in Abidjan I held meetings where Pastor Zidago was the overseer. When I finished the second session people spontaneously rose up and gave the Lord a standing ovation. Then Pastor Zidago spoke quietly: ‘this man reveals the mysteries of God to us. He has been sent to reveal the mysteries of God to us. He should stay for a few weeks and come and teach us.’ The people agreed.

I turned to my interpreter, Marjolaine, and said, ‘Paul said it is the grace of God given to an apostle to explain mysteries of God to the people.’ And God confirms His Word in many signs, wonders and miracles.

The miracle on the plane

Another miracle took place on the plane between Dakar and Abidjan. A woman got an epileptic fit in the row opposite me. I was stuck in the middle seat and could not get out of my seat to reach her. Her husband tried to hold her down and the air hostess stood there helpless. The woman was foaming at the mouth, her eyes turned white and her body contorted. People were panicking.

‘Just remain calm and bind the spirit!’ the Holy Spirit instructed me. I did just that. No one even noticed. Immediately the woman relaxed and became normal. Everyone was relieved. To God be the glory. Once again, the effortlessness of the miracle amazed me. I hardly did anything; God did everything.

I sat where T. L. Osborne sat

Pastor Nielbien, the president of the Protestant Federation invited me for lunch and allowed me to choose the restaurant. I did not know any restaurants in Abijan so I opted for a Chinese restaurant.

When we sat down, he said, ‘you are sitting in the same seat where T. L. Osborne sat 9 years ago.’ Amazing! I met T. L. Osborne as a young man in his office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. We shared many experiences in the mission field and he encouraged me to go to the nations of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So, without trying, I entered into T. L. Osborne’s labours!

I handed him a Photostatted copy in French of my book, God’s Genius (Le Genie de Dieu) and he held it up in the air. ‘I have been writing to Peter Wagner and other men of God in America to send us any material they have in French about the Apostolic Reformation, but I have been waiting for many years and received nothing. This is the first book we have on that subject in French in Cote d’Ivoire! We will use it in our Theology Schools to train the pastors! We need to have it published in French!’

Nola & Ouma Evelyn’s prophetic words

Nola’s prophetic decrees concerning this trip came true: My servant Andre shall succeed on his mission because I have sent Him. I will do signs and wonders to confirm the Word he preaches.

Ouma Evelyn also had a dream about me. She saw how hard I was working and how I was carrying many churches on my outstretched arms.

Paul says, besides all the hardships, suffering and tribulation as an apostle, the care of the churches have come upon me as well.

An effective door has opened up

The Protestant Federation has subsequently invited me to speak at both their conferences in June and November 2011.

Pastor Yasmin Atsali has done a splendid job to arrange all these meetings for me in such a short time. We connected over the internet when he visited our website two years ago.

Pray with me that we will find sponsorship to publish my book in French and Portuguese.
Apostle Andre Pelser