UK August 2015 – Harvester Wedding – by Apostle André Pelser

Ben Unsworth is getting married to Mary Dahdah. Both completed MBC training and Ben is teaching Miracle Bible College satellite in Birmingham.

We met Mary’s family from Lebanon: Nadim (father), Phoebe (mother), Lisa (sister) and George (brother) as well as Phoebe’s sister Sawsan (her name means ‘Lily’ in Arabic). Mary’s uncle Philip flew in from Shreveport, Louisiana, and USA. Her long time friend Thia came from all the way from Northern Ireland. Lisa works in Doha, Qatar and George in Nigeria. Among the guests were people from both Scotland and Wales. There are two couples from Cape Town Harvester at the wedding: Lourens & Jenny Badenhorst and Neil & Jasmine Lombard. It is truly an international event!

We spent the first night with Werner & Kate Lourens and enjoyed tasty curry in one of the many Indian restaurants! They are both MBC graduates and assist Harvester as household leaders. The Lord helped Werner to get a working permit that leads to citizenship in the UK.

Werner reminded us of the miracle healing when he just arrived in Cape Town to attend Miracle Bible College. He had a serious liver condition due to wrong medication and the doctors could not help him at all. It rather grew worse. But after I prayed for him and he confessed the Scripture of healing over his body the Lord touched and healed him completely!

I have concluded writing my book ‘A Compendium of Healing and Miracles’ to record some of the healings and miracles we have seen in the Pelser family for four generations as proof and testimony to the next generation that God is still the same today as He was in the days of Jesus!

Graham and Anne are doing a sterling job pastoring Harvester Church in Birmingham and there are definite signs of growth in spiritual life as well as increase in numbers. We are about to finally register Harvester in the UK. Apparently, it is a long drawn out procedure.

After Sunday morning service we will go through to Halifax in a small bus that Prophet Graham rented for the weekend. We will minister in Harvester Halifax where Pastor Duncan and Bev Curry are presiding.

Prophet Graham reminded me that the last time I ministered in Harvester churches in the UK was several years ago! How time flies!

Apostle Richard Wright from Portland, USA, and his wife Cheryl are also at Ben’s wedding. I was ordained as an apostle in his church in 1995 where the prophets and apostles gave me my first apostolic commission to bring awareness of apostolic ministry to South Africa and then to other nations. I ticked off all the assignments one by one and then returned to Portland to give a full report. Apostle Richard said it is the first time someone returned to give an account of given apostolic assignments! He also maintains history was made that day. Prophet Graham has ministered in the church in Portland several times and Ben spent quite a long time over there as well.

What wonderful occasions weddings really are! We have just had a wedding in our home before we left for the UK. Robert Gradle and Catherine Labuschagne got married the day before we left! It was such a spontaneous event that there was no time for planning. The body of Christ, the Church, simply did what they could and it ran so smoothly! It was truly anointed. We sensed the presence of the Lord, the special guest at a wedding! The Genius of God was manifested through the church members working together.

In September Louis Delport and Miandra Pretorius are getting married in Pretoria Harvester! Her husband died a few years ago and she was concerned about ever getting married again because she has 3 children. Louis used to babysit the kids when they were in Cape Town for holidays! So he knows the kids very well and they love him. It is amazing how the Lord can arrange things and sort things out not overlooking the finer details! If you make seeking Him the most pre-eminent thing in your life He will take care of so many things you think you have to take care of. (Dr. Gray used to say that sentence over and over again at Miracle Valley where I studied the Bible in Arizona)

What God has done for others He can surely do for you! (It is no secret what God can do!)

We had a blast spending time with Stuart Colum and his wife Louise and their two kids. In the evening she had a gig where she performed her songs. Hilton accompanied them to go and listen to her. He tried out a double bass at the gig during a break and says he loved it. Nola and I had to attend the wedding rehearsal.

A few interesting facts about Birmingham

Tudor palaces and Roman towns and heritage sites abound in the region. Kenilworth castle in Warwickshire that took multi-million pounds to restore is a reminder of the leaders and events that took place in history. The Elizabethan Garden has a 18-foot fountain carved out of marble.

Goodrich castle is a flashback to the turbulent medieval times with a 13th Century chapel.

Wroxeter is the oldest Roman City that gives a glimpse of what life was like 2 000 years ago!

Boscobel House and the Royal Oak is linked to King Charles II after he lost the battle of Worcester and hid in a secret priest hole in Boscobel House and then escaped to hide in an oak tree that became known as The Royal Oak!

Birmingham has a 27-year-old Jazz and Blues Festival with 180 shows every year lasting 10 days in Moseley Park. The Symphony Hall as one of the finest acoustic halls in the world. Yve & Hilton and I went to listen to the celebrated violinist Nigel Kennedy playing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in the Symphony Hall when we visited Birmingham as a family. Nola was teaching that night.

There are numerous galleries and museums in Birmingham and 200-year-old watermills giving an insight into the lifestyle of the old millers.

The Bull Ring is a giant open-air market space that is over 800 years old and attracts 20 million customers annually.

One third of all the jewelry made in the UK is made in Birmingham.

There are three professional football teams, Aston Villa, Birmingham City and West Bromwich Albion and Cricket Test Matches are played at Edgebaston, the home of cricket for over 100 years. The game of lawn tennis was first originated and played at Edgebaston in 1865.

Ryder Cup golf games are played at the Belfry grounds in Birmingham.

George Cadbury started producing chocolate in 1824 in Birmingham and Charles Dickens was the 16th president of The Birmingham Midlands Institute.

Three suburbs in Birmingham speak of California, Hollywood and Broadway!

Balti, the spicy Kashmir dish, comes from Birmingham and the Balti houses attract over 20 000 visitors per week!

Because Birmingham is attracting more and more visitors the Eurostar train is on track towards coming to Birmingham in the coming years. The other Eurostar goes to London.

The wedding

The UK is very strict regarding the ritual of marriage. The minister has to recite the procedure verbatim according to the laws of the country and the bride and bridegroom have to repeat what he says. Any hesitation or a fumbling of words makes the marriage procedure illegal!

Apparently there is no kissing of the bride in the UK ceremony because it is an Americanism. But Ben kissed Mary anyway at the end of the marriage vows!

The wedding was well attended and Prophet Graham did a splendid job of handling the entire ceremony. Ben & Mary gave their testimonies and personal vows. Nola led worship, Chantal’s ‘He’s an awesome God’ and Yvette’s psalm, ‘as the deer pants for the water’ and later on Nola’s hymn ‘when we gather round the throne’. I played two blues songs while they signed the register: ‘Things you’ve done for me’ and ‘Thank you Jesus for your love’. It’s the first time I ever sang the blues at a wedding!

Afterwards tea and coffee was served and as I moved among the guests some recognized me from previous visits where I ministered to small groups in the church. I ministered to three people for healing.

The reception was at a barn that was converted into a restaurant. The joy of all the people bubbled over and at the end of the evening we joined in Lebanese dancing in circles led by the bride!

Sunday morning I preached about the meekness of Moses. Meekness is a key to power. Jesus said Moses was the meekest man that ever lived. God did mighty signs and wonders through Moses. Jesus told His disciples to learn meekness and humility from Him. He said, ‘the Son can do nothing of Himself, but He only does what the Father shows Him.’ (John 5:19) In his obedience lay His power.

There were several words of knowledge and prophetic words and we ministered to many people.

The meeting in Halifax

Harvester Halifax moved into a new venue that is really smart and bigger than the previous space, but it is still within the same complex of buildings. The rent is 450 pounds per month.

The church was full because of local visitors, Harvester Birmingham and wedding guests! Nola led worship (‘You’re the most faithful one I know’ one of Yve Brandt’s songs and ‘You lead us in our triumph’ written by Elda Filjon) and then taught from the book of Samuel how the glory of the Lord departed and how God raised up the little boy Samuel to restore His glory and to bring His Word to the people. There was a scarcity of the Word of God before Samuel began operating as a prophet. God did not let one of Samuel’s words fall to the ground. The people began to recognize Samuel as a prophet.

There were many words of prophecy, spiritual warfare and decrees made to encourage Duncan and Bev in the work they are doing and prophet Graham also prophesied over Nola and I.

We did team ministry to meet the needs of people after words of knowledge pinpointed different ailments, aches and pains.

I first did ‘Psalm 23 Blues’ and then preached on God’s great ability. God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think! (Eph 3:20) It was God’s great ability that kept Daniel safe in the lion’s den. King Darius asked Daniel, ‘servant of God, was your God that you continually serve able to deliver you from the power of lions?’ Notice that Daniel served God continually! When he was threatened with the lion’s den because he worshipped another God it did not bend his commitment to pray to God. King Darius had to admit that Daniel’s God is the true God!

The meeting was live streamed to Adelaide, Australia where a couple formerly from Halifax, watched the meeting at 2 AM in the morning! The meeting is available on the Internet for those who want to watch it. Teacher Neil Lombard was also present to give a helping hand with the computers.

Nola and I stay in a little Bed and Breakfast hotel called ‘The Dusty Miller’ in Mytholmroyd (pronounced ‘Mythemroid’) near Halifax.

Apostle Andre Pelser