Mboka, Zimbabwe – Healings in Zimbabwe – by Apostle André Pelser

The Zimbabwian conference was held in a school hall in Mkoba where Apostle Alastar Brown Mpofu and Samu his wife and family live. Pastor Zimbarashe and his wife Porscha pastor one of the 6 assemblies that Apostle Alastar planted in Gweru and rural areas around Gweru.

Nelson Mangwende who was healed of Aids two years ago. They brought him in on a stretcher. They told me they had buried his wife and had already dug his grave when I was about to pray for him. But God healed him and he is strong and fit today!

In February I also prayed for Alastar’s son, Omega Mpofu who developed a strange and painful bone disease in his legs. The pain left immediately but the legs are still bent. But he is able to walk to school now.

Apostle Andre Pelser