Malaysia March 2014 – Others describing my ministry – by Apostle André Pelser

Pastor Selvaraje from Perak in Malaysia described my ministry as follows: ‘Your ministry is not easy. You travel far and leave family behind. You stay somewhere, not always in a nice place, and sometimes you wait and wait for people to fetch you. Sometimes they don’t come. (As in Jakarta, Indonesia, where I waited 3 days after making all the ministry arrangements and calling continually, no one came to fetch me or even took the trouble to come and meet me!)

You have to pay for everything all the time. You speak to people that do not understand you and when they speak to you it is difficult to understand them. People think you travel in luxury, but you don’t. It is not easy what you do, but God bless you for what you do.’

Selvaraje owns two old busses that he uses for his transport business to supplement his ministry income. He takes school kids to school and back.

When we were stopped by police in a night road block along the way from Simpang Empet in Perak, where I preached in Apostle Krishnan Pillay’s church for the second time, the policeman recognized Selveraje as the bus driver that took him to school as a kid and after a hearty conversation let us through.

‘Look how God works: he places a man in a roadblock that knows me!’ Selveraje laughed.

Krishnan writes articles for the local newspaper. Both he and Selveraje speak Malaysian and Tamil. Selveraje founded some churches in Madras, India, before moving to Malaysia. Krishnan wrote an article with a picture of him and me in the newspaper. This week there will be another such article.

‘God sends a man from Cape Town in South Africa to come and minister in our church. There are so many churches in Malaysia, but he comes to us. So God must have a word just for us. This man is willing to come all this way to minister to us, so tonight God will do wonders and miracles,’ he announced before introducing me.

And God did.

acted out some parts of my sermon and the little kids were riveted as they watched me perform. Selveraje interpreted my message. Then I prayed for people. They brought a cancer patient from the hospital with bandages covering raw sores on his arms to be prayed for. I also prayed for a man blinded by cataracts in the eyes. There was another man that is partially blind that was also ministered to. Several young people came forward for prayer.

The church trebled in number since my last visit.

‘Since you came to our small church we have a visitor almost every Sunday and Hindus get saved,’ Krishnan explained. ‘Something happened because I have favor with the community and the council asked me to serve as counselor on the board. It is the first time a non-Hindu has an opportunity to be on the counsel. The newspaper also asked me to write articles for them and they pay me 1 000 Malaysian Ringgits per month.’

Krishnan had a very bad lung condition the last time I saw him and after prayer the Lord healed him completely. His daughter was involved in a hit-and-run accident. The driver just drove away after the accident. She died in hospital but they kept praying. After half an hour she came back to life, but she could hardly walk and had many ailments. After I prayed for her the Lord restored her totally.

An old lady came up to me after the meeting and gave me 50 Ringgit!

‘No one has ever done that before! She must have received something from your ministry!’ they told me.

On the way to Simpang Empet we stopped at a roadside stall to drink some fresh coconut juice. I stuck my head underneath the tin roof of the stall to see what they have and when I stood up I knocked my head so hard on the sharp end of the wooden beam sticking out that people cringed. We all expected to see blood. They ran to get some tissues. But to our amazement there was no cut, no blood. I expected a bump to appear, but nothing happened. All the pain left just as soon as it came and I have no bump on my head either.

‘It is a miracle that there is no mark on your head at all!’ they said.

‘You are very strong, eh?’ one said.

Another miracle occurred. I had two operations on my neck to remove a swollen gland after a neck injury in rugby and a whiplash injury from being hit in my car by a truck that was out of control. For all my life I can hardly touch the one side of my neck and I learned to live with that constant pain. But after the knock on my head all of a sudden the pain in my neck disappeared completely! I can touch my neck on the left side and there is no sensitivity or pain at all! Praise God!

They introduced a well-to-do gentleman to me that just missed being elected for parliament. I told him God is preparing him for the task and prayed with him for the next election. Favor comes from God, not man.

Krishnan’s wife, Vanitha, cooked an Indian meal for all the people and handed it out in little boxes. Everyone dug in after church.

In Kuala Lumpur I met the lawyer Regie who always comes to see me when I am here. God is restoring him to his occupation after some people damaged his career. I also prayed for a young man named Dominique who is going through a divorce and his travel business is not doing well. He thanked me for blessing him.

Some other people that heard about my ministry asked to come and see me the following day and said they want me to preach in a few churches in Kuala Lumpur the next time.

I got connected to Krishnan through the intermediacy of Dr. Vedha in India.

‘We need to hold a pastor’s conference the next time you come. They need to hear the Word of God that you bring. So many pastors preach to promote their own ministries, but you bring the pure Word of God to us.’ Selveraje confirmed. ‘If you bring a team I can use my bus to transport the team and show them Malaysia!’

Simpang Empet is about 3 and half hours by car from Kuala Lumpur. When they saw me again they remarked: ‘how is it that other people get old but you stay young all the time?’

I reminded them of what Jesus said: ‘my food (that sustains me) is doing the will of the Father and finishing His work.’ It is the grace of God and not anything I try to do or even my diet. I have to eat whatever is given to me or wherever I am I have to eat the food of the area.

When I made my vow to God to serve God and humanity I said I would do so as long as God spares me and keeps me healthy. He is more faithful than I can ever be. All the glory to God!

I am going to Borneo for the first time tomorrow very early. I have to go to the airport in KL at 5.30 am to catch the plane at 8.30 am. The drive to the airport takes at least one hour and the taxi fare is $50 (US).

I thank God for everyone that supports and prays for Nola and I as I go to preach the Gospel to the poor. As a young man I always wondered how that would be possible, because there are no offerings given by the poor. They cannot afford to have me. But God’s ways are not our ways. His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts higher than our thoughts. But as the rain comes down and waters the earth, causing it to bud and sprout out, so the Word of God comes and accomplishes what it is sent to do. It never fails! God is love, and love never fails.

By going to the poor the love of God is demonstrated. In this the love of God is demonstrated that He sent us His Son. For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Only Jesus can give eternal life, no other God can do that!
Apostle Andre Pelser

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