Willing Heart

Bible Text: Exodus 35:1 – Exodus 36:7 | Traces of a Willing Heart
By Apostle Aje Pelser
Read Exodus 35, 36
Here we find traces of a willing heart that builds the meeting place of God’s People.

1. A willing hearts include the entire Congregation. Ex 35:4 – Moses spoke to the entire congregation about the Tabernacle of Meeting.
2. A Willing Heart is needed to build. Ex 35:5 It takes a willing heart to build and contribute to the meeting place.
3. Willing offerings had categories: precious metal; threads, skins, oil and precious stones, acacia wood, as well as artisanship.
4. Willing Hearts come when it’s time to build. Ex 35:21
5. Willing Hearts can part with material things in order to set up a place of worship.” Ex 35:23
6. Willing hearts will bring the materials required to prepare the tabernacle of meeting for the work of service.
7. Form follows function in our thinking, every part of our church has an orbit of function. There are no places that do not serve a purpose and the function of the church is consecrated to the Lord.
8. Willing hearts are stirred with wisdom. Men and Women whose hearts stir with wisdom will make their contribution in skilled artisanship to spin yarn, to bring what they have spun in blues, purple, scarlet and fine linen and it will be received to benefit the tabernacle of meeting. Ex. 35:26
9. The Lord will call men and women by name to furnish and build the tabernacle.
The Lord has already filled the right people with wisdom and understanding by His Spirit to build and prepare the Tabernacle of meeting in all manner of workmanship. The key is to unlock the riches of His glory already invested in the saints. Our eyes of understanding need to be enlightened to see our role.
For some it is in design, in other is it in provision.
10. The Rulers brought precious stones to set in the ephod – pearls of wisdom, precious stones of value that finance the work and prepare the leadership to be able to finish.
11. Willing hearts reveal artistic workmanship.
a. In Cutting jewels and carving wood and all manner of artistic workmanship – we have an artistic flair in all art disciplines as a church.
b. Our willing hearts are seen in our exuberant display of art in all forms.
c. The Holy Spirit encouraged me once: “When will you realize that your art is part of your ministry?” I ask you the same question today: “When will you realise that your artistic skill is part of your ministry in the church?” If we turn our gifts and talents to the finishing of the church together when God gives us the green light, it will be beautiful place o gathering and meeting in the presence of the Lord.
d. Our sacrifice of praise and worship along with our free will offerings will prepare such a glorious tabernacle of meeting that nations will come to experience the glory of God in our midst.
e. Knowing that we bring the glory with us into that place, but also consecrating a place of worship in a community that needs Jesus.
12. Wiling hearts align with the vision. If we align our willing hearts to do all that the Lord commanded then we will also receive the financing that is needed to finish.
13. Willing hearts bring daily offerings every morning! There came a time when the children of Israel brought Moses a freewill offering every morning.
14. A willing heart reveals the inner craftsman and a willing heart will come when the time for building arrives.
15. Willing hearts don’t stop until there is more than enough. There will be a moment when we say we have more than enough and we will have sufficient for the work to be done. This week as we were levelling the mountains of dirt and rubble before our future tabernacle of meeting, we had to remove the plastics and rubbish form amongst the dirt and bricks before the bulldozer could level the car park outer court. When the man climbed out of his bulldozer I greeted him and asked him his name. He answered: “Sufficient.”
16. God’s grace is truly sufficient for us, His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

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