The speech of Spirit-filled believers

Passage: Acts 4:13

The speech of Spirit-filled believers

Peter, filled with the Holy Ghost, spoke on the day of Pentecost in a way no one has ever spoken before and set an example for us to follow. Here are some indications that it was the Spirit prompting him to speak on that eventful & historic day.

1. Heed my words. Pay attention. (Prov 4:20) Those who paid attention to what he had to say were saved & baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit. The Lord added them to the first church.

2. He understood the Scriptures and had authority to combine prophecies to explain the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. He took from Joel & Psalms to say, ‘this is that!’

3. He refers 28 times to Jesus Christ, the central theme of apostolic preaching. What do we focus on when we speak or preach?

4. He emphasizes the resurrection power of God. If Christ is not raised up from the dead our preaching and believing are useless. (I Cor 15:14)

5. He spoke with much boldness. (Acts 4:13)

6. He points to the highly exalted position of Christ at the right hand of God’s majesty where he sits until God makes all his enemies like his footstool.

7. He reminded them of God’s promises. This is that which God promised! The Holy Spirit’s outpouring was God’s telegram that Jesus arrived in heaven!

May our speech & preaching become more Spirit-filled!

In Acts 10:44 while Peter was still speaking the Holy Ghost fell on Cornelius’ household and they were all filled in the Spirit and spoke in other tongues and magnified God – just like the day of Pentecost.

What happens when we are still speaking?

God will give many infallible proofs that His Spirit is speaking through us. (Acts 1:23)

God told me on 13 Sept ’97: ‘those who come to hear My word from your lips will never hunger. Those who believe will not thirst again.’ Today those words are fulfilled in your hearing.

Zechariah 4:6: Not by power, nor by might, but by My Spirit says the Lord.

Human power – ‘Icheel’ – ‘to writhe in pain or fear, like a wounded animal or an animal giving birth’

Might – ‘Koakh’ – ‘capacity, ability, own substance, wealth’

Spirit – ‘Ruach’ - ‘breath, wind, life, expressing God’s being & functions, courage’

At our first meeting in Mondeor Civic, Johannesburg South (12 October 1980) we planted our first church and there was a message in tongues by my mother Kitty interpreted by Jan a friend of Nic van Heerden:

‘Rely on My word. Do not pay attention to the deceiving words of men. Cast off all worldliness and follow Me. I have appointed you over little but you will rule over many. I will give you more than you can handle. I will make you successful.’

This is the Spirit speaking. Believe it and you will prosper.