The second touch

Passage: Mark 8:22-29

The Second Touch

It’s hard to think about Jesus praying twice for a man. We expect Him to do it only once because He is the Son of God. And yet he prayed twice for a blind man in Bethsaida. I always wonder about that. Why was it necessary?
Mark 8:22-29

In French: Jesus et ses disciples arrivent a Bethsaida. Les gens amenent un aveugle et ils demandent a Jesus de le toucher. Jesus and His disciples arrived in Bethsaida and the people brought a blind man to Him and demanded that He touch him.

There are a few indications why Jesus had to touch the blind man twice:
They arrived in Bethsaida, meaning they purposes to go there. There was a reason for going to Bethsaida.
The crowd wanted to see a miracle and brought the blind man and demanded Jesus to touch him. But Jesus never played up to a crowd. He was not into entertainment.
He took the blind man by the hand and led him out of the village. Sometimes Jesus wants to minister privately to you. You need to spend time with the Lord to speak to Him and listen to His voice. Let the Bible speak to you. If you want to know His voice you have to learn to listen.
Jesus put spittle on his eyes and laid His hands on the blind man and asked him: ‘Est-ce que tu vois quelque chose?’ Do you see something? It is important what we see and how we see. What do you see? What do you see in your spouse, in your children, in your boss, in your city and in your past & future?
The man saw people like trees. Their arms were like branches. But these trees could walk! But if you see people as trees you will treat them like trees. You will tear of the bark, break off the branches and carve out your name on the tree. You will hurt people because you see them as trees.
Then Jesus laid His hands on him again a second time and only then did the man see clearly. He could distinguish people clearly. Il est gueri et il distingue tout, meme de loin. He could see clearly from the same distance because he was healed.
I believe Jesus wants us to see things clearly and I asked the Lord for the second touch in your life so that you can distinguish things ‘clairement’ or clearly. May you go into the New Year 2019 with a fresh vision about things in your life and be a blessing to many.

Happy New Year!