The Lamb & the Lion

Passage: Isaiah 11:6-9

The Lamb & the Lion

Isaiah prophesied about the coming world where there would be peace, and said, the lamb and the lion would lie together. (Isaiah 11:6-9: ‘the wolf shall dwell with the lamb’) I meditated on that statement and saw something I want to share with you.

Jesus is called the Lion of Judah. We know the righteous are as bold as a lion. (Prov 29:1) Paul asked the church in Ephesus to pray for boldness so that he would preach what he should preach even though he faced harsh opposition. (Eph 6:18)

Isaiah prophesied that Jesus would die for our sins as a lamb dumb before its shearers, He would not open His mouth. (Is 53:7)

As a child I remember watching sheep shearers cutting wool off the sheep. The sheep submit to the shearing and do not fight the shearer. They are quiet. They are dumb. They are handed over.

Someone told me about a book they read about the Roman Centurion at the cross of Jesus. In the book the Roman soldier tells how Jesus submitted to the soldiers. He crucified many other men but when Jesus was crucified, he did not struggle to resist. He stretched out his arms and lay down to be nailed to the cross, like a sheep dumb before its shearers.

Jesus surrendered to the will of God in Gethsemane after wrestling with God in prayer about the ‘cup’ that He had to empty. He died before He went to the cross.

What I noticed as I meditated on Isaiah’s prophecy was that the lamb nature of Jesus was crucified, not the lion nature. A lion would have roared and resisted, but the lamb became dumb and submitted.

As believers in Christ Jesus and the wonderful work He did for us on the cross, we receive both the lion and the lamb nature of Christ

when we are born again. We become a new creature in Christ. (II Cor 5:17)

The lamb and the lion lay together in Christ and now the lamb and lion lie together in us! The new world that Isaiah foresaw is already in fulfilment in the saints because it was already visible in Christ Jesus! We are fulfilling the prophecy about the world to come!

That is why we can taste the peace of God that passes understanding under all circumstances and have joy in believing in spite of what we are going through! It is the new world order of the eternal Kingdom of God that is at work within us already! We are experiencing elements of eternal life within us – even though the world does not notice it.

We are part of the eternal Church because we obeyed the eternal Gospel. Jesus made the sacrifice of blood on the eternal altar in heaven. The Father gives everlasting life to those who believe in His Son Jesus Christ. We have eternal life within us. That is the Kingdom of God! We are His Kingdom and Christ is our King! That is why the extension of His Kingdom is our sole occupation as we have it on our Harvester Creed of our membership certificate.

John 17:3 Jesus gave a definition of eternal life: to know God the Father and Jesus Christ whom He has sent is eternal life. To know God and to know His Son is eternal life. Eternal life does not begin when we die. We are experiencing it already – in this life, by faith in Christ Jesus! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord.

In spite of the trouble & tribulation we face in this world, we experience the blessing of everlasting life within ourselves. It is life in the third dimension, life in the spirit or living by faith. Faith is the substance of things hope for, the evidence of things not yet seen.

When the doctors told Nola, that faith is also accepting God’s will, in other words that she should make peace with the fact that I was dying, she answered: ‘faith is the substance of things hoped for!’ and kept on praying and believing that God would restore my life. My vital organs stopped functioning. My blood coagulated in my body and there was no flow of blood. So, I could no longer get oxygen into my lungs. I could not breathe. My lungs were swollen, and my chest expanded far beyond normal. My heartbeat went down and was about to stop. My body became ice cold and numb. But Nola kept on believing what she could not see.

Faith pierces the invisible realm and pulls impossibilities into our physical realm! God rebooted all my vital organs when I was given up to die and He restored my life supernaturally! He resurrected me! My blood started flowing again and my vital organs started functioning! My heart started beating again and I could breathe again! Glory to God!

The lion nature of Jesus Christ makes us bold as a lion to operate in faith and it is far beyond what the physical eye can see – we see by the eye of faith and call into being things that are unseen by faith in Jesus Christ!

We surrender to God’s will by the lion nature of Christ in us. We accept what He allows in our lives because we know He knows what is best for us.

The lamb & the lion lie together in our spirits, because Jesus fulfilled Isaiah’s prophecy about the future world in which righteousness reigns in His Kingdom! We have that Kingdom within us. It is our Father’s good pleasure to give us that Kingdom. So we have the lion nature to be bold when we have to and the lamb nature that makes us submit to the will of God for our lives, within us! We are tasting the values of the world to come, here in this life! What a revelation! What wisdom of God! How glorious is His plan for us? How great is

our God! How marvelous all His works. We are His handiwork and He has created us for His glory.

When Jesus stood in front of the man born blind, His disciples asked, ‘who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?’ Jesus answered: ‘neither he or his parents sinned, but this is to the glory of God!’ Jesus opened up the third dimension to give us a new way of living by the spirit and walk in faith. It is to the glory of God! Hallelujah! Glory be to God in the highest!

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