Satan’s sustained defeat

Passage: 1 Peter 1:18-21

This revelation came to me when I preached in Couva, West Indies (11.12.1996)
It is AD 29 and Jesus just healed a man born blind. News spread about his miracle ministry. The religious leaders were envious and spoke about stoning him. Things began to speed up in Jesus’ life and ministry. Then God produced a master stroke of genius in his plan of salvation: He begins to augment or multiply the ministry of Jesus by prompting His Son to give authority to 70 disciples with authority over devils.
They returned with joy and brought back a good report (‘Agalliao’- irrepressible, bubbling spirit that causes constant hilarity!) that demons were subject to them in His Name. Jesus leapt with joy and twirled in a dance and gives some spiritual insights into what was taking place in the spirit realm when His ministry is multiplied with power.
I saw Satan fall…and kept on seeing Him fall…’beheld’ is in the present imperfect tense that means it keeps on happening! Satan kept on being defeated wherever the 70 disciples went! Jesus saw a heavenly theatre piece being displayed before His eyes. He literally says: ‘I was contemplating…’thereo’ (theatre)…He sees the final and ultimate defeat and destruction of Satan inaugurated by the present successes of Jesus’ own disciples.

Pride made Satan fall…and because he is still proud he and his demons keep on falling! To fall from heaven simply means that their power is broken. Heaven is the sphere that influences the consciousness of men, women and children. He tries to take their thoughts away from God and keep them in the realm of the five senses or in the arena of reason. Satan can receive worship in those realms. Idolatry exists in those realms. But the power of idolatry is broken now for all who desire deliverance in Jesus’ Name!

This single act of Satan falling denotes all the victories believers will win over paganism until the final act of Satan’s defeat when he and all his cohorts are cast into the lake of fire.
Jesus warns the disciples of spiritual pride. Don’t get too excited because you have power over demons in My Name, rather rejoice that your names are written in the Lamb’s book of life.
I give you authority over demons in My Name. You have no power in yourself. You shall tread upon snakes and scorpions – the evil nature of malicious people or Satan operating through malevolent people – shall not by any means hurt you!

Satan’s three part power is broken: he can no longer deceive, tempt or cause rebellion to cause people to sin, doubt and be oppressed.

Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, wicked spirits in high places that work through people. (If the bull realizes the matador is his problem and not the red flag, then the matador has had it! When I acted out the bull and the matador in Port Nolloth an ex-matador from Portugal was in the meeting and came forward and got saved! 3/6/1993)
Satan is a defeated foe (I John 3:8) and Jesus redeemed us from his power (I Peter 1:18-21)
We are twice His now! He created and redeemed us. The little boy that bought his little boat back from the pawn shop after it got lost in the river: ‘You are twice mine!’ (when I acted out this story at Bishops in Rondebosch 700 boys and some teachers accepted Jesus as Savior in 1994)
All power in heaven and earth is given to Jesus now! Sin and sickness are conquered! He has stripped Satan of all the power he trusted in and displayed him openly as a defeated foe! And He has given us the spiritual weapons that are mighty to pull down strongholds of evil and to build strongholds of faith.

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