Remember me


'jesus_crucifixion_thief_cross2.jpg'by Apostle Andre Pelser

Today I want to give you three examples where people said, "Remember me".

  • Joseph
  • Nehemiah
  • The thief on the cross

My Grandmother used to sit at the piano and sing a very short little chorus:

    Remember me Almighty One

    Remember me Almighty One

All of us want to be remembered somehow. That is why people leave rich legacies behind – to be remembered. There is a statue of a man in Lagos. I asked the taxi driver who the man was. He simply said, ‘I don’t know his name but he did a lot for the country’.

We remember Neels Labuschagne every time we give a bursary to a student. He left an investment in the earth that will be remembered as long as Miracle Bible College continues. This year we have a student from Malawi to whom the bursary has been given. We have trained another student from Sutherland in South Africa for two years, Lundell Baadjies. His father was part of the Bible School right at the beginning and is doing evangelistic work on the farms surrounding Sutherland.

When Joseph was cast into prison with a false accusation, he served the prison warden so well that he was promoted to run the prison. He also served fellow prisoners by using his gift of interpreting dreams. When the king’s cup bearer was released from prison after Joseph interpreted his dream Joseph asked him: ‘remember me when you are established again.’ But the man forgot about Joseph in prison.

Only when the king had a dream that troubled him did the cup bearer remember Joseph. He told the king: ‘there is a man in prison that interprets dreams.’ The king had Joseph brought out of prison and changed his prison clothes.

Joseph had a habit of always leaving his coat behind: when his brothers tricked him and threw him into a pit they took his coat of many colours that his father especially made for him and tore it and dipped it in blood so that they could lie to their father and say that Jospeh was eaten by a wild animal. That animal was jealousy! They sold him to travelling traders for 30 pieces of silver.

Amazing Joseph’s worst moment became significant in the eyes of God! Jesus was betrayed by Judas for 30 pieces of silver! It is amazing how God honours those whom He favours: even your enemy’s worst shot turns out to be in your favour! If the devil knew he would not have crucified Jesus on the cross! His best shot became Jesus’s highest promotion! You never suffer in vain for the Gospel’s sake! It becomes your blessing in disguise!

So Joseph was brought before the king and the king asked him if he could interpret the dream. Joseph immediately gave the right perspective and said, ‘it is not for me to interpret the king’s dream, but there is a God in heaven that interpret’s dreams.’ Wow, what a confession! What a way to honour God in front of a heathen king!

God honours those who honours him! In Chariots of Fire the Scottish athlete that refused to run on a Sunday in the race that he was sure to win, had to compete in the 400 meters which he never raced before, but before the race the American athlete that won the race that the Scot refused to run on a Sunday gave him a note in his hand that read: God honours those who honour Him. With that note the Scot ran and won a gold medal in the Olympic Games!

Joseph was promoted to become the Prime Minister of Egypt. His dream of his brothers and his father bowing before Him finally came true. They had to come and buy food from him in Egypt because there was a famine in their land.

Joseph had a very clear perspective about his experiences. When the brothers finally confessed their sin against him for selling him as a slave to slave traders, he explained; ‘No it was God who sent me ahead of you to prepare provision for you in Egypt!’

He even obtained a whole city from the king of Egypt for his family! They were given a large area where they could farm and make a living! How about that!

God remembered Joseph...

When God remembers you He honours you!