Instructions to win the lost


Instructions to win the lost

By Apostle Andre Pelser, preached at Harvester Reformational Church, Cape Town, 25/09/2011


Luke 14:16-26

What to do: GO!

Where to go: OUT!

When to go: QUICKLY!

What to do: SEEK & SAVE THE LOST!

How to do it: BRING & COMPEL THEM!



Jesus told a parable about a man who prepared a great feast and invited many


Guests but they all made excuses not to come. Have you ever prepared a meal for friends and then they fail to pitch up?


I once watched a man prepare a wedding feast for 1000 guests in Tongaat, Kwazulu Natal. He had several large pots of boiling water on outside fires and many women were helping to cut the vegetables, the meat and to wash the rice. He set the curry and spices up on a table. At the right moment he poured the rice in and then the meat and later the vegetables and then added the curry and spice with a well-trained hand.They handed out the food in a marquise tent on paper plates and everyone ate with their hands. There were no plates to wash. But what if he made food for a thousand and no one came?


The man in the story Jesus told was so upset that he sent his workers out to the Highways and hedges to bring the lame and the wounded into the feast. When there was still more space he sent them out again and said compel them to come in so that his house may be filled!


How many people invite others to church but in the last minute they have excuses not to come. Jesus gives instructions to win the lost by saying, don’t invite them, but bring them in. Some you have to compel!

When you invite people they have an option whether they should come or not, but if you tell them, I am taking you to church on Sunday and I will be at your house at a quarter to 8 in the morning, they are litterally compelled to go with you.


Sharing your faith in Jesus Christ with others is not an option as many believers think it is. It is your care thermometer. It is proof of your unselfishness. Seek out the poor, the maimed, the blind the cripple, in other words, the neglected and needful ones in your area of inlfuence and bring them in.No one is beyond reach. Each one of us can make an effort to reach someone else.


Rev Tony Louch taught us a few Sundays ago to ask two simple questions: ‘Do you know Jesus Christ?’ and then to follow it up with, ‘Are you prepared to meet Him now?’ that is evangelism in a nut shell!


We have to be totally convinced that people who do not know Jesus and His saving grace are on their way to hell. May God give us compassion for the lost. We need to apply great persuasion due to our concern for the lost. Ignore people’s excuses and compel them to come into the Kingdom of God.


Those who mock and reject you now, will thank you later on once they are saved!


There are tremendous blessings for obedience to win souls. There is great joy in heaven when one sinner repents. You will have the joy of soulwinning in your heart. The Lord of the Harvest will say, ‘well done, good and faithful servant, enter the joy of your Lord!’


Those who sow in tears will reap with joy. When last have you sown tears for the sake of lost souls?  He that goes out bearing precious seed will doubtless come again with rejoicing bringin his sheaves with him. (Psalm 126:5,6)

You will live a fulfilled life if you go out quickly and seek and save the lost! The Lord’s house will be filled with people and that will bring glory to God!