How would you like to be just and perfect?


It is hard to imagine what God has in mind for us - sometimes it sounds impossible when He tells us to be perfect because He is perfect, to be holy because He is holy. He is actually telling us it is impossible to be like Him - in our own strength and He is inviting us to yield to His Holy Spirit so that He can perfect that which concerns us. The reason why God desires these things is not because He is a spoil sport but because He wants to communicate with us on mature levels and entrust us with His great riches and give us responsibilities to help Him complete the tremendous work Jesus Christ began. The universe is waiting for the manifestations of the sons of God...and the time has come that we step into our roles and begin to admit, 'Now we are sons of God...' being perfected in holiness.How would you like to be just and perfect?
Apostle Andre Pelser
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How would you like to be justified by faith and perfected by the five fold ministry to fulfil your prophetic task in life to complete the mission God has intended for you, or do you simply want to run around doing whatever you find to do and hope that somehow things will work out in the end?
My perfection depends on two things:
Justified by faith
God using me in other lands
It is very simple: it does not mean I am perfect in everything yet, but I am busy being perfected as I perfect that which I was ordained and called to do. In this I have peace and rest: I am doing what I was born to do.
If you were born to be a mine worker or a house wife, a banker or a truck driver and you do it because you have been justified by faith in Christ Jesus you are fulfilling your destiny.
Aje is justified by faith
It was prophesied that he is a leader
If He leads wherever God gives him an opportunity to lead and believes that Christ alone justifies him, he can rest assured that he will be perfected while doing what he was born to do.
Nola wanted to be a missionary and an actress. She is justified by faith and does whatever she can as a missionary. She often accompanies me on trips overseas to preach the Gospel and lead people to worship God in spirit and truth.
The Lord once told her not to seek her own ministry but to help me and to lead people in worship. If she focuses on that and believes that she is justified by faith in Christ Jesus, she will be perfected while she is doing it. It is that simple.
What is your prophetic purpose in life? What has been prophesied over you? If you believe that you are justified by faith in Christ Jesus and doing what the prophecy said, you will be perfected in your life. God will see to it.
Christ chose the five fold ministry to perfect the saints. If saints choose not to be perfected by the five fold ministry they will be perfected in other ways: circumstances, difficulties, mistakes, failures, rebukes, trails and tribulations are part and parcel of the believers experience but the knowledge that apostles and prophets bring help you to speed up the process of God in your life.
God once told me that if I tell people what He gives me to tell them, and they receive what I tell them, that it would speed up the process of God in their lives.
Hilton is a man of faith. God told me when he turned seven that faith would be revealed in him. Sometimes the only thing people need is a man of faith in a situation. As long as there is someone who believes, anything is possible. This is not something Hilton chose. He chooses to surf and play ? but God has chosen him for that purpose. As long as he believes that he is justified before God by faith in the finished work of Christ and exercises the gift of faith God has given him on behalf of others, he will be perfected in his life.
Perfection has to do with fulfilling your prophetic purpose. Prophecy sets an aim and sets the direction of your life. You cannot hope to be perfect in everything you do or say, but you can perfectly fulfil your function in life.
A hammer has a perfect function.
A spanner has a perfect function
A piano serves a specific purpose
A camera has its uses
So does each one of us ? and it may all differ ? that is why we cannot judge each other because we do not know the prophetic purpose God has given to each life. We can pray for each other and be patient with one another and love one another as God has loved us, but we cannot perfect each other. That job has been assigned to the five fold ministry: when apostles preach doctrine, when prophets prophesy, when evangelists preach about salvation, when pastors care, when teachers explain what apostles imparted, saints will be perfected and equipped for the work of the ministry until every one supplies something towards the growth of a body of believers.
The full measure of the stature of Christ will be seen in an apostolic company of people who are open for correction and discipleship according to the prophetic purposes of God for the Church. Such a group of people will be a blessing to their entire community and they will also enjoy the multiplied blessings of belonging to a body of believers: the blood of Jesus will continually cleanse them from their sins; there will be divine protection and provision for all who are drawn into that spiritual body; Jesus will be glorified and the kingdom of God extended by souls that are added to the body; their influence will spread to other parts of the country and even to other lands and they will be rewarded for their efforts: according to what makes sense for each person.

What a privilege to belong to a body of such magnificent proportions! How careful we need to be to build that body up and not break it down with wrong attitudes or hurtful words. We need to respect the spiritual oversight that lay down their lives to feed the flock and support them with material things so that they can concentrate on the important work they are doing on behalf of everyone.

This is what the Church of the First Born is like: it is a perfect specimen of the registered Church in heaven, Mount Zion, the city of the Living God! By faith we have already come to Mount Zion! By faith we are enjoying the company of angels and elders and the spirits of just men made perfect! We are being perfected by Grace and through faith to enjoy the same privileges Jesus enjoyed when he walked on the earth.

In order to meditate on perfection until we observe what to do, here are a few scripture verses to dwell on. Let the word abide in you and learn to continually abide in Christ (become aware of His presence in your life, first by faith and then it becomes a reality!)

Noah was a just man made perfect
Genesis 6:9

God?s ways are perfect
Psalm 18:30

Our Father in heaven is perfect
Matthew 5:48

Jesus tells us how to be perfect
Matthew 19:21

We can perfectly know the will of God
Romans 12:2

It is our plight to present every one perfect before God
Colossians 1:28

God?s gifts are good and perfect
James 1:17

If someone does not sin in words he is perfect
James 3:2

Perfect love casts out fear
I John 4:18

Jesus prophesied about Himself that He would be perfected on the third day:
Luke 13:32

The church has now entered into that Third Day with Jesus. The first two days he did signs and wonders but on the third day perfection is necessary. For almost two centuries after Christ the church world has concerned itself with signs and wonders ? now the call to perfection is being heard.

The Son of God has been perfected in obedience
Hebrews 7:28

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