Four Apostolic Platforms for Reform


On vision Sunday I shared the vision twice in the morning and Aje repeated it in the eveneing. It is also on tape and video tape and can be ordered from the office. We are really believing God to be on TV this year - I have already preached twice. Many prophets have indicated that we would be an apostolic voice on TV. We are believing God for the fulfilment of those prophecies and for equipment, helpers and financial support to be able to do just that.
These platforms should be active in every Harvester's life - young and old. It will provide the platform to launch the reformation in your own life. It is a simple summary of a lot of teachings to help us to absorb the purpose of God regarding the apostolic reformation.Explanation of the Apostolic Platforms

Gifts operating during communion:
Prophecy, tongues & interpretation providing insight and vision
Acts 2:42 ? Continued daily the doctrine of the apostles
I Corinthians 1:9 ? Called into fellowship of His Son

Purpose of communion
To have fellowship with the Triune God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost as well as with other believers

Function during communion
All spiritual functions apply: prayer, praise and worship

The attention is focused on God during communion as well as the saints

Scanning the Spirit to understand the prophetic intent of the Spirit during communion
Inner discipline is required to walk in the Spirit
Discernment is a vital ingredient in learning to obey the Spirit

Frequency of the Spirit depends on discerning the prophetic flow and having knowledge of present revealed truths and apostolic doctrine ? prayer notices and awareness of current prophecies to be implemented and earthed

Mark 16:14-16 ? Teach every creature
John 13:34-35 ? New Commandment

Matthew 9:36 ? When he saw the crowd as sheep without a shepherd He was moved
James 5:11 ? The Lord is very compassionate

John 10:11-14 ? The Good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep
I Corinthians 12:25 ? Members are to have the same care for one another

Notes from Aje?s sermon Sunday night 25. 01.04
The apostolic platforms provide a basis for victorious Christian living.

Commission emanates out of Communion with the Lord. We are already come to Mt. Zion in the spirit ? the heavenly Jerusalem where the Church of the First Born worship together with a company of angels and the spirits of just men made perfect where Jesus the mediator of the New Covenant is present. We sing? ?Let?s go up to the mountain where He will teach us His word!? and in the spirit we go up to join with the Church of the First Born saints. When we come down from Mt. Zion we walk by faith! We draw supernatural strength from being part of that great gathering in the spirit. We hear and we obey and do what He commissions us to do.

We lay hands on the sick and they recover. We cast out demons in His Name. We preach to every creature! We do whatever He shows us to do in His Word or by His Spirit. We walk the earth like Jesus did: when he saw a man born blind he had a glimpse of what happened when His Father created Adam: he took the moist clay early in the morning after the dew came up out of the ground and he formed clay balls to put into the empty sockets of the man born blind. Then he told him to go and wash in the pool of Siloam which means ?sent?. He was no longer a beggar when He received His commission!

Matthew 9:36 ? When Jesus saw the crowds as sheep without a shepherd He had compassion on them. People with no purpose in life, people who are being harassed by the wolves that want to destroy them, people who have lost their direction are the ones that draw Christ?s compassion from the inner core of His being. The word compassion refers to the inner emotional core from which tender mercies originate. This is Jesus? direct motivation for performing miracles. That should be our motivation too.

Each member has to have the same care for each other.
I Corinthians 12:25: Let there be no schism in the body but let everyone have the same care for the other. Reach out to others who need care. Do not frustrate the grace of God ? don?t waste your god-given power to witness to others. When you keep holding back you will waste that spiritual energy on gossiping and on harming each other instead of building each other up. Pastors who do not go out to witness often end up stealing other shepherds? sheep.
According to statistics in 2001 there are 600 000 households in Cape Town. The churches that claim that the city belongs to them only have a few thousand people in their church. There is enough work for everyone!

Commission emanates from Communion and wherever your Commission leads you to go Compassion will flow! Once you have shown Compassion to someone you will know who to care for!