Fellowship: Two fellows in a ship – communion message


Communion Message 19 Aug 07
Frequency – Seeing eye to eye
1 John 1:7

When you have two fellows in the middle of the ocean in a boat they need to work together to make it safely to shore. They are going to need to work together, as a team. When both are in agreement with where they are going and they row together they will reach their goal quicker. Imagine the struggle and lost of time when they don't see eye to eye!!Apostle Armstrong said something very good at the Feast of reform.
He said that to see eye to eye you need to see things the same way. To have the same view point and perspective. Unity of perspetive, of belief, speech and of action. He said that when Abraham was about to offer Isaac the Lord said that now I know that you know what I know.Unity of faith. Eph 4:13

This brings us into frequency.
Have you ever tuned into a radio station that is just off the orrect frequency? You hear noise, distortion, half sentences. Its like a Chinese movie in english. When we are not acurately tuned into frequency even if we are off by .1 (CCFM 107.5) we get distortion. ...
Yes pastor I hear what you are saying but did you hear what Creflo Dollar said on Christian TV? What Joyce Meyer said about this and that??? That is when we are not tuned into frequency acurately. To be in frequency of the Apostolic Reformation we need to be of one mind, one faith, one speech and one action. What happens when we go feed from another flock is that we get selective hearing. We only hear what we want to hear. Correction is then received as rejection not as direction.

For the harvest in 2015 we are not going to be 2 fellows in a ship but a Roman galley with many oars, all working together every one doing their share.

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