Docking Points for Glory Part 2

Passage: John 17:12-16

Docking Points for Glory – Part 2
Preached by Apostle Aje Pelser, Harvester Reformational Church, Cape Town. 6th August 2017

There are ore docking points for glory in this prayer of Jesus. Let’s access the power and glory available in these scriptures for today.

Jesus Keeps Us
John 17:12
Jesus glorified God by keeping the ones God gave him. Not one was lost except Judas. Fulfilling Scripture. Don’t feel bad when a percentage of your disciples betray you – it fulfils scripture and keeps you humble. It also allows God’s plan to be completed. Without suffering there is no glory. This is hard to accept at first, but with experience you start to rejoice and have joy in believing.

JOY - V13
Jesus spoke these things in the world – so that they could have His joy fulfilled in themselves. What does that mean? Once again we consider what joy in believing really means. When you hear God’s word on a matter, you receive faith. When faith rises in your heart, you can start to have joy in believing that God will keep His Word.

WORD - V14
Jesus gives his disciples His Word. The world hates them for that. But that is what sets us apart as Disciples of Christ. His Word in us made flesh through our daily lives.

Jesus prays for us – not to escape the world but that God keeps us from the evil one. Our Father … deliver us from evil.

We are not of this world and neither is our Lord. We tend to forget that though and start to behave as if we need affirmation and validation from a world that will never recognize disciples of Jesus. And God still loves the world enough to send Jesus to die for their sins! That is great love for His creation. It is that goodness of God that eventually leads the hardest of hearts to repentance.

Consider praying through these docking points to release a new level of His Glory in your life and in your disciple making process.

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