Blessings of Asher


Blessings of Asher
Based on a Prophecy I received from Prophet Zigi Oblander
By Apostle Aje Pelser

Deu 33:24 And of Asher he said: "Asher is most blessed of sons; Let him be favored by his brothers, And let him dip his foot in oil.
Deu 33:25 Your sandals shall be iron and bronze; As your days, so shall your strength be.
Deu 33:26 "There is no one like the God of Jeshurun, Who rides the heavens to help you, And in His excellency on the clouds.
Deu 33:27 The eternal God is your refuge, And underneath are the everlasting arms; He will thrust out the enemy from before you, And will say, 'Destroy!'
Deu 33:28 Then Israel shall dwell in safety, The fountain of Jacob alone, In a land of grain and new wine; His heavens shall also drop dew.
Deu 33:29 Happy are you, O Israel! Who is like you, a people saved by the LORD, The shield of your help And the sword of your majesty! Your enemies shall submit to you, And you shall tread down their high places."

Meanings of the name Asher
Strong’s H836 'âshêr aw-share', From H833;
1. Happy; Asher,
2. a son of Jacob, and the tribe descended from him,
3. with its territory; also a place in Palestine: - Asher.
From H833 'âshar 'âshêr aw-shar', aw-share'
4. A primitive root; to be straight (used in the widest sense, especially to be level, right, happy);
5. Figuratively to go forward,
6. Be honest,
7. Prosper: - (call, be) bless (-ed, happy),
8. Go, guide, lead,
9. Relieve.
Historical Context
Asher, as well as other tribes in Israel, did not drive out the Phoenicians and Canaanites near the sea Judges 1:31 – they should have obeyed Joshua: their failure was not completing their conquest. That is a challenge to someone receiving the blessings of Asher. He was the eight of Jacob’s Sons – Leah was happy! David was also the eight son of Jesse and God called him regardless. Pastor Andrew Pelser once received a call from the AFM to Pastor a Church and he was the eighth on the list. At first he was offended, but then God gave him the scripture about David being the youngest of eight sons and he went on to have a successful ministry at the church.
But the valleys breaking down westward and opening on the plains have always yielded fine crops of grain. Remains of an ancient oak forest still stand to the North of Carmel. The vine, the fig, the lemon and the orange flourish. Olive trees abound, and the supplies of olive oil which to this day are exported from the district recall the word of the old-time blessing, “Let him dip his foot in oil.”

Blessings of Asher
1. Most blessed of Sons
2. Favoured by Brethren
3. Foot dipped in Oil:
i. H8081 shemen [sheh'-men
ii. From H8080; grease, especially liquid (as from the olive, often perfumed);
iii. figuratively richness: -
iv. anointing, X fat (things),
v. fruitful,
vi. oil ([-ed]), ointment, olive, + pine.
4. Sandals are iron and bronze
5. His Days are equal to His strength
6. God of Jeshurun carries him with everlasting arms
Meanings of Jeshurun
i. H3484 yeshûrûn yesh-oo-roon' From H3474; H3484
ii. upright;
iii. Jeshurun, a symbolical name for Israel: - Jeshurun.
iv. H3474 yâshar yaw-shar'
v. to be straight or even;
vi. figuratively to be (causatively to make) right,
vii. pleasant,
viii. to be prosperous: - direct, fit, seem good (meet), + please well,
ix. be (esteemed,
x. to go right on,
xi. bring (look, make, take the) straight (way),
xii. be upright (-ly).

7. Excellency in the Clouds – cloud of resources, witnesses
8. God is your refuge
9. God thrusts out the enemy from before – He will say “Destroy!”
10. Because of Asher the nation or move will dwell in safety
11. Fountain of Jacob – descendants – will dwell in a land of grain and new wine – Cape - Heavens shall drop dew – resources
12. Be Happy – Asher’s name means happy.
13. Saved of the Lord
14. The Lord is your shield and Sword of His Majesty
15. Enemies shall submit to you
16. You shall tread down their high place.