Chosen for a purpose

Apostle André Pelser, 2018/02/04
Preached at a Sunday Morning service

Israel was not merely a chose people but they were chosen to serve God among all the other nations: ‘un people choisi pour me servir.’ (Exode 19:1-25)
In the New Covenant the Church is a chosen race, a peculiar and holy nations to show forth the praises of God in the world (I Peter 2:9).
The Jews often refer to themselves as ‘chosen’ but they leave out the purpose for being chosen: ‘to serve God’.
When you are chosen you are chosen for a purpose. Sportsmen and sportswomen are chosen to represent their country internationally. Politicians are chosen to serve the people of the country. Nobel prize winners are chosen for their particular contribution in a specific field of enterprise or research for the betterment of humanity.
In 2017 Bob Dylan received the Nobel Prize for literature even though he is a fold & rock singer. He was given the prize for his contribution to literature because of all the hundreds of songs he had written about so many subjects.
The Bible teaches: ‘many are called, but few are chosen.’ Many people have opportunity to serve a purpose but not many choose to do so. God chooses whom He wills, but we need to choose to be chosen. We need to agree with the purpose of God. Then He will help you to do what you were chosen to do.
‘For we know all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.’ (Romans 8:28)

When God told me by His Spirit that Nola & I would Pastor an AFM Church in Pretoria other Pastors competed with me for the job. But the Lord assured me: ‘I have chosen you to lay a new foundation in that assembly.’ The church was split 3 times in 10 years. God needed an apostle and a prophet to lay a new foundation. That Church trebled in three years and the finances trebled (although the Church board chose not to give us any raise in salary at all). Over 500 new souls were added in 2 years and God did many signs, wonders and miracles.

When the Lord told me to make the John G Lake video film, a son of a millionaire came to mock me and told me he was going to make that movie before me. But the Lord assured me I would make it. He never did. A businessman in Pretoria called Francois Rautenbach sponsored me to make the film. That film has blessed people in many nations around the world and it is available today on DVD as well.

When God chooses you to do something for a particular purpose others may compete with you or imitate you but God will help you complete what He has chosen you to do.

When I was 12 years old Aunty Raper came to our house in 65 Gardener Street, Brakpan and prophesied over my parents and I. She said God would use me in other lands. I am still fulfilling that prophecy today. By March this year I would have gone to 120 nations. I am simply fulfilling the purpose I was called for. Others try to imitate me or compete with me, but that means little to me. I know what I am called and chosen to do.
God chooses families to do His purpose.

Judson was the first missionary sent from America to another nation. The Baptist Church sponsored him. The chosen country was Myanmar (Burma in those days). By going to Myanmar 4 times I stepped into the legacy of footprints left by Judson in Myanmar. His family served as missionaries for 4 generations and translated the Bible into Burmese. Judson also spoke and preached in Burmese.
When Judson lay fettered in ‘the death prison’ in Ma Yoon in 1820 his first wife Anne said, ‘bless God and take courage!’ She did not ask, ‘why did God allow this to happen to us?’ Judson had 3 wives. All of them and all his daughters helped with the mission in Burma.
Referring to Judson, the General Secretary of the Baptist Church in America, Denton Lutz, wrote in the foreword of the Biography, ‘tell me your heroes and I will tell you who you are.’
Today there are 4 million believers in Myanmar. Judson loved Christ and loved people. He admitted he was not without flaws.
All of them died of the effects of disease and malnutrition. They fulfilled God’s purposes in 4 generations.

Acts 13:36: ‘David served the purposes of God in his generation.’ He was chosen to serve God’s purposes. He left $200 billion in today’s terms to Solomon to build a Temple to the glory of God. He was known as a man after God’s own heart.

If you choose to serve God’s purposes God will bless you.

I met a billionaire businessman from Lusaka, Zambia. He told me his story. He and his wife lived in a shack. They were very poor. Then he asked the Lord to help him and bless him. One day as he walked in the streets he noticed something he never noticed before. He saw all the plastic bottles discarded along the rode. A strange idea came to him to collect all those bottles. Eventually he had a heap of bottles. Then he walked past a garage advertising car oil. He suddenly felt the urge to buy a large can of car oil. He emptied the can into many plastic bottles and put up a sign next to the road advertising the car oil in bottles. People stopped to buy the oil. Soon he had 4 people selling oil for him.
Today he has the contracts to major copper mines to provide oil for all their machinery.
He went to his Pastor and said he would single-handedly build a church for him because God has blessed him.
I also met his wife. She told me: ‘all God’s blessing humbles us and we give to the Church as much as we can. God has been so good to us.’

They are serving God’s purposes. That is what they were chosen for.

We are a chosen generation, a peculiar people a holy nation to show forth the praises of God in the earth. When people see how we worship in spirit and truth they should realize this is how God wants to be worshipped. Our worship serves a purpose. We don’t sing and make a noise and flash strobe lights to attract attention and to be popular among the youth, we serve God’s purpose in the earth.

God delivered Israel for a purpose: so that Egypt would know that He is God and so that Israel could worship God. He chose them as a nation to serve Him.
‘Ainsi les Egyptiens sauront que le Seigneur c’est moi.’ (Exode 14:15-31) God led Israel through the Red Sea for a purpose: so they could worship and serve Him alone – away from all the idols of Egypt.

The Church in the New Testament is made up of all nations in Christ. There is no Jew or Gentile any longer. Christ removed the middle wall of partition between them and made them one new creature in Christ. If any man be in Christ he is a new creature. (II Corinthians 5:17)

Accept the fact today as a believer that you are chosen to serve God and God’s purposes. See your calling today and accept the fact that you have been chosen. We are in the world but not of the world. We are a peculiar people, a holy nation and a chosen race so that God’s purposes can be established in the earth. God’s presence dwells among us. God expresses Himself among us. Jesus saves & heals & delivers people. God blesses us so that we can serve Him and tell others about Him.

When Moses revealed this message to Israel all the people vowed to obey it: ‘nous ferons tout se que le Seigneur a dit.’

Whenever God does something it is for a purpose. He called Moses up the mountain covered with smoke to give him the Ten Commandments. He also did it in full view of the people so that the people would have confidence in Moses as their spiritual leader.
‘alors le people oiurra entendre quand je parlerai avec toi. Et il aura confiance en toi aussi pour toujours.’

It is important for spiritual leaders to spend time alone with God and with His Word so that God can speak to them. That is why you need full-time workers. Peter said: ‘we Apostles will give ourselves to the Word and to the preaching of the Word and to prayer.’ That is an Apostles job. You need to know what to say when you go to other nations. You need to know what God wants you to say to people. You need to know what the message is. You need to know the purpose of your mission.

You are here today for a special purpose. You needed to hear this particular message. God gave me this message especially for you. If you were the only one present today I would still have preached this message. This message can change your life completely. If you believe it is God speaking to you and not a man, then faith will come to you and you will rise up and leave this place a changed person.

If you have never given your life to Christ Jesus then today is the day of your salvation. Do not postpone. Accept Christ as your Savior now and He will draw you into His purposes for your life. Your life will no longer be meaningless and empty. He is the same God of Moses as He will be to you. Your life will take on a whole new dimension. Life will become purposeful and meaningful and you will live a fulfilled life.

You are chosen to serve God’s purposes. Believe it today and all things will begin to work together for good in your life if you love God and are called according to His purposes.

Amen. So be it.