Single mindedness

The secret of single-mindedness

One of Jesus’ strengths was his single-mindedness. In Luke 9 we read the account of His transfiguration. He lived His earthly life to perfection and was about to be taken up like Henoch, Moses & Elijah before Him, but Moses & Elijah appeared on the mountain where He and 3 of His close disciples were praying and reminded Him of the mission He still had to accomplish. They reminded Him that He came to die and give His life as a ransom to many.

Then he set His face steadfastly towards Jerusalem to accomplish His mission of dying to save the world from sin.

There is no clearer picture of single-mindedness than that!
When God called Nola & I to Australia to go and call a nation we did not know we received many prophecies from several people about how much we would suffer in Australia. I had a few dreams where I saw how we suffered. Sometimes I would cry myself awake. The result was that I could not make up my mind to go to Australia. One day I felt confident to go and the next day I felt why go if you are going to suffer so much?


The promise God gave me that was attached to the suffering was if I call a nation I do not know then many nations would run to me for He will glorify me. (Isaiah 55:5) The next verse says He would make me a leader and commander of people. (v.6)


Nola finally told me: ‘just make up your mind: if you go to Australia I go with you. If you stay I stay with you, but I cannot live like this!’ What she meant was she could no longer live with my double-mindedness. Double-mindedness brings insecurity and doubt.


So after two years of wavering I locked myself up in a hotel room near Johannesburg International Airport for 3 days and waited on the Lord to speak to me. He finally said: ‘My son, if you do not want to go, you don’t have to go. I won’t hold it against you.’


This word released me from all doubt and gave me enough faith to apply for immigration to Australia. At first the Australian Embassy in Pretoria rejected our immigration when they saw I was a preacher and wrote in big letters across my application: ‘YOU NEED NEVER APPLY AGAIN!’ This confused me. It took me two years to make up my mind and now they refuse me?


I prayed about it and the Holy Spirit told me to apply again and simply change the word ‘preacher’ to ‘teacher’. I did and I was accepted with my family.


We sold our first house in Leondale, Germiston ( I was born in Germiston so it is fitting that we were sent from Germiston to begin our apostolic ministry!) and also sold our car and furniture. We gave our upright grand piano to a church (because you cannot sell a friend and a piano is a friend!) and moved in with my parents. There in their home in 16 Korund Avenue, Randhart, Alberton, I heard the audible voice of God call me twice: ‘Andre! Andre!’ At first I thought it was my dad but when I went to his room he was fast asleep.


We purchased our tickets and took the necessary clothes and packed our bags. Aje was 6 years old. He gave away his prized collection of toy soldiers to his cousin Jacques. He cried when he gave them away. It was his sacrifice.


Nola was 6 months pregnant when we left for Australia. The hardships, persecution & rejection we faced in two and a half years just about destroyed me. Finally, I heard the same audible voice that spoke to me in that hotel room and called me by my name telling me: ‘My son, return to the land of your fathers.’


We returned on the 19th of October 1985 with almost nothing. We sowed everything we possessed into the Aussie Mission. I kept a dairy that we will publish soon to record our hardship and some of our triumphs. Before we boarded the plane in Brisbane to return to South Africa I told my family to shake the dust off their feet as a testimony against that nation that did not accept the ones God sent to them.


God has kept His promise. Today I have reached 113 nations and will go to two new nations by the end of March 2017, to Sudan and to Taiwan. We have reached 58 other lands via our live streaming. There are 192 recognized UN nations in the world and we still have to reach 19 more nations to fulfill the Great Commission to go to all the nations of the world and teach them the Word of God.


Everyone that has helped and assisted us to fulfill this divine calling will receive a share of the reward & blessing for obeying the word of God. God also gave Nola & I a reward for going to Australia: ‘wherever you go My presence will be with you. Great will be the peace of your children. Your children shall be blessed and shall be a blessing to many. Your children shall be taught of the Lord.’ Those who support our missionary work can enter into the slipstream of that Promise as well.


The reason why I tell our story is to show you that until I became single-minded about going to Australia God could not fulfill His promise to me. He could not open up all the nations unless I first did my part of the Promise.


Here are some secrets regarding single-mindedness to help you re-arrange your own thinking that will affect your speaking and your actions. Jesus’ thoughts, words & actions always lined up in a single line. What He thought, He spoke and what He spoke He did. That is why I believe He was thinking and speaking the same thing He wrote on the ground when He forgave the adulterous woman that the Pharisees wanted to stone: ‘let the one without sin cast the first stone.’ When he looked up all the accusers dropped their stones and walked away.


‘Woman, where are your accusers?’ He asked.

‘There are none, Lord.’ She answered.

‘Neither do I accuse you. Go and sin no more.’ Jesus replied.

What a powerful scene. What a gracious and merciful Lord! Only our God, the living God, can forgive sins!


James 1:1-8

  1. Let patience have her perfect work that you might be perfect, wanting nothing. Ruled by the Word and controlled by the spiritual force of patience. (Luke 21:12-19) & (Rom 5:1-5: tribulation works patience)
  2. You cannot live by faith and in fear at the same time. Fear has torment.
  3. A double-minded man cannot receive anything from God. He is like a wave of the ocean tossed to and fro by the wind. A house divided against itself shall fall. (Luke 11:17)
  4. Only one thing is needful: the Word of God. (Luke 10:38-42) Mary chose that good part when Jesus started teaching.
  5. A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. Doubt makes you waver.



In order to position ourselves for maximum effectiveness to fulfill all our God-given potential and receive the blessings from God we have to pay the price of becoming single-minded. A Christ-centered life-style guided by a Word-ruled mind and led by the Holy Spirit. Then we can face the 5 apostolic t’s: tribulation, trouble, trials, tests and temptation! Then we will count it all joy when we fall into all sorts of trials of our faith knowing that the trials of our faith produces patience and when patience conceives we will lack nothing!


So learn not to concentrate on things that make you double-minded. It causes dualism or double-mindedness. Faith and patience causes you to enter into the 3rd dimension living in the spirit according to the will of God for your life. In the 3rd dimension you make firm quality decisions to believe God’s Word and act upon it. Ignorance of God’s Word breeds doubt and insecurity.


Jesus stated: ‘if your eye is single your body will be full of light.’ (Luke 11:34/Matt 6:22) The Greek word for single-mindedness is ‘opthalmous haplous’. ‘Opthalmous’ means: simple, uncomplicated, not confusing, sound, healthy, focused without distraction on the object in view. It means ‘single file, straight behind the leader, without duplicity of motives & sincere. So if you are single-minded you do not simulate or pretend, there is no dissimulation or self-seeking behind every action. Single-mindedness removes the blind spot in your rear view mirror!


If you understand the secret of single-mindedness you will no longer hesitate nor be dismayed.


‘Haplous’ means ‘braided or plaited together as one, interwoven’. Your will is woven together with God’s will for your life. (Isaiah 40:31 – as you wait upon Him you are renewed on the inside to mount up with wings as eagles: you shall run and not grow weary, you shall walk and not faint.)


David was single-minded: ‘I have set the Lord always before me’ and Moses was single-minded: ‘he endured as if seeing Him who is invisible before Him.’


Jesus was single-minded: ‘I have come to do your will o God, in the volume of the book it is written of Me,’ (Heb 10:7) And we have the will of God working in us who believe: ‘for it is God who is at work within you both to will and to work according to His good pleasure.’ (Phil 2:13)


Finally, Jesus stated that you couldn’t serve two Masters. You either love the one and hate the other or vice versa. Someone who is double-minded goes nowhere fast!


When you become single-minded stumbling blocks become stepping-stones in your journey of faith! Then you have joy in believing and you lack nothing!

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