Abidjan, Ivory Coast February 2012 – Preaching in a dusty road – by Apostle André Pelser

We held our evening meetings in a dusty road in Abobo. Abobo is about two hours from Abidjan. The members from Harvester Church Abidjan simply set up some plastic chairs in the road and someone made a make-shift canvass cover over a few chairs in case of rain. A pastor in the area gave his sound equipment for our use.

People came out of their tin shanty homes and kids peered at us as we sang, danced and eventually did some prophetic acts while I preached the Word. The kids particularly liked it when we acted things out.

Often a car or a bicycle would pass through the meeting! It was strange, but wonderful to turn a street into a church!

I got one guy to stand on a wobbly table and to try and ascend into the heavens like Jesus did. He jumped and leaped but did not rise up. So I asked the kids, can he go up? They shouted, ‘no!’

Then I explained the principle of a strong magnet drawing iron filings up – they jump up to meet the magnet. That is how we will be drawn up to meet Christ Jesus in the air when He returns.

I gave an altar call and many bystanders and kids gave their hearts to the Lord. The following night there were about 40 new kids dancing in the dusty street with us as we worshipped God.

I acted out the story of Onesimus who stole from his master Philemon. Suddenly a little corner shop became Philemon’s home and the hangover of a shanty home was the prison where Paul was kept. I got Onesimus to steal the bongo drums and then a policeman arrested him and took him to prison. Paul befriended him and led him to accept Jesus as his Saviour. Then Paul wrote a letter and sent it by the hand of the policemen to Philemon asking him to take Onesimus back. If Onesimus owed Philemon anything Paul was prepared to pay it.

I explained how Jesus Christ paid everything to reconcile us with God. Then I gave an altar call and so many people accepted Christ, right there in the dark.

We baptised ten people on the Saturday.

During the day I ministered in Yapougon – Niangon in a church offered to us by a lady Pastor. About 80 people attended which included many pastors from different churches. I explained our orbital structure and protocol to them and many showed interest in working with Harvester. What surprised them the most is that there is no barrier between us and Pastor Yasmir and Pastor Honore. (Pyramid structures create barriers and pressure between people)

I mainly preached and taught from the book of Acts during the day. I explained how the first church operated and cared for each other, besides winning souls.

The feedback from the conference goers was tremendous. They praised God for the enlightenment they received.

DVD’s of the day time meetings were made and can be ordered from either One Driver productions 05 17 07 32 in Abidjan or from Pelser Media at andre@pelsermedia.com or from Harvester International mbc@harvesterchurch.org.za

In Doula, Cameroon I spent some time with the administrator of the Full Gospel Churches. After I explained what I teach he was astonished and said, ‘this is what we need here in Cameroon!’ I gave him a DVD and he said he will see if he can arrange a pastor’s conference for me in Doula later in the year.

I have several invitations to African nations, some from the Congo, some from Nigeria and some from countries like Burkina Faso.

I also want to visit our Harvester Churches in the UK and see if I can register Harvester International in the USA this year. The door to Portugal has opened again so I may stopover in Lisbon en route to either the UK or USA.

Hopefully we can register Harvester Church in Kampala, Uganda in May.

I would like apostle Aje to go to Liberia to establish the Harvester Church in Soul Clinic village outside Monrovia.

In March I will be in Myanmar, Vietnam and Philippines. I hope to establish Harvester Church in Myanmar. It is dangerous as they kill Christians in both Myanmar and Vietnam. But God will protect me and bring me back safely.

I continually pray for all who support us in prayers, finances and in effort. My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

(Philippians 4:19)

Apostle Andre Pelser