Mission to Kuwait May 2015 – A box of chocolates opens a door to Kuwait – by Apostle André Pelser

Pastor Nannette in Marikina, Manila brought two boxes of chocolates to share with everyone attending the discipleship class on a Monday night.

I spoke on discovering your divine gift. To demonstrate it I took one of the boxes of chocolate from Nannette, who was quite surprised, and gave it to Mary Ann Reyes. She found it hard to receive it, but I insisted. So she took it but wanted to give it back to Nannette. I said, ‘no, it is yours now. You can take it home. It is a gift from me.’

It showed how we struggle to accept a gift from God. We struggle to discover our divine gift because we cannot accept it as a gift. We want to earn it. You do not earn a gift. You receive it and take it and say thank you!

After the meeting Mary Ann came up to me and said she is from Kuwait and she will introduce me to her Philippine Pastor in Kuwait and arrange meetings for me in Kuwait.

A box of chocolates opened the door to Kuwait! Amazing!

I have prayed about North Africa a lot and wondered how I would ever get there to minister. Here I was in Quezon City in the Philippines and a prophetic act of taking a box of chocolates from the host and giving it to someone else opened the door for me to go to Kuwait.

Jesus took the small boy’s lunch and handed it out to the people and 5000 people were miraculously fed!

The Pastor’s name in Kuwait is Timothy Daily.
Apostle Andre Pelser