UK – Breakthrough in England – by Apostle André Pelser

Yorkshire towns

We held meetings in Luddedenfoot, Yorkshire. You try saying that while balancing on one foot! These English country town names are sometimes so hard to pronounce. Try this one: Mytholmroyd – pronounced ‘Mithemroid’! You don’t know where the one village ends and the other one begins: Sowerbybridge (pronounced Soarbybridge), Hebden Bridge, Huddersfield, Luddendenfoot and Mytholmroyd, Halifax seem to be all one town to the untrained eye. The scenery in Yorkshire is exquisitely beautiful. There were snow capped green hills everywhere!

Many great cotton old mills are standing empty and forlorn. The industry has shifted to the East. Some mills converted into apartments. I stayed in such an apartment – quite luxuriously! Harvester Halifax is being held in a room in one of the old deserted mills. Janet stocked up the fridge and the cupboard for me and I was able to cook for myself, do my own washing and ironing.

Duncan and Bev Curry have established a proper Harvester Church over there. I think it has something to do with the three months they spent in Cape Town and attended Bible College, mixed with the people on different levels and learned to operate in the frequency of Harvester Reformational Church that made the difference.

‘We’ve never enjoyed the ministry as much as we do now!’ they explained. The freedom with which they are allowed to operate as well as the support they receive mean a lot to them. In their previous denomination they were constantly given instruction to copy this or that successful pastor and apply their method of success, and the eternal regional and national pastor’s meetings were never ending.

They arranged for me to preach in Huddersfield in A New Testament Church where Patrick Pryce and his wife Volette pastor the mostly Jamaican member church. He was studying the scriptures concerning the apostolic ministry and the fivefold ministry when he received Duncan’s email that apostle Andre Pelser would be available to preach on Sunday night. He believed it was a God-sent opportunity and it turned out to be a wonderful service, God confirming His words with healings and prophetic utterances. Graham and two other members from Birmingham Harvester drove through to join us for three days. Mary from Lebanon asked if I would go to Lebanon if she could arrange meetings for me and Wang Hui (Dinah is her English name) our first Chinese convert in Birmingham said she would interpret for me when I go to China in October this year. She is studying to become a translator from English to Chinese!

Graham, Duncan, Beverly, Patrick and I ministered as a fivefold team that gave the knock-out punch as we always say!


Mini Revival in Huddersfield

Two young people were sitting on the balcony quite uninterested in the meeting, playing with cell phones and laughing throughout the worship service. When Pastor Patrick handed the service over to me I wanted to rebuke them for their frivolity but the Spirit told me to love them instead. I prophesied to Victoria that she was a dance leader and to Jonathan that he was an evangelist but that both of them had to get the Word of God inside of them. The prophecy had a ripple effect in the congregation. Everyone knew them very well. Their father came to me after the service and told me, ‘you don’t know how long we have been praying for my two children and tonight God did something supernatural for them.’ They put down their cell phones and paid attention to every word I preached and then came forward for ministry during the altar call where Graham also ministered and prophesied to them.

People lingered in the beautiful old cathedral for a long time after the service. Nobody wanted to go home because the presence of the Lord became tangibly real.

I ministered on several themes at Harvester church in the mornings and we held meetings that we did not even plan. The people came and God did wonderful things. The prophetic flow in worship was a blessing to all and some visitors even joined the dance!


Perfect Timing

Pastor Paul van Essen from Greater Life Church asked if I could be at Twickenham station at a quarter to ten on Sunday morning as the meeting commences at 10.30 am. I stayed in St. Pancrass area (where C. T. Studd attended the lectures of the German missionary Carl Jung that inspired him to go to Africa.) I got up at 7.30 did some exercise in the room and had a small continental breakfast and went to Kings Cross Station.

‘How do I get to Twickenham?’ I asked the ticket officer.

‘You have to take the underground to Waterloo and then get the train to Twickenham. There is a train every twenty minutes. You have to walk to Euston station to get the underground to Waterloo. It is a ten minute walk.’

So I had a brisk walk and as I stepped onto the platform the tube train pulled in to take me to Waterloo. I think it was about 14 stations later that I got to Waterloo and went upstairs to look for the train (over ground) to Twickenham. There were so many trains that I asked a railway official for directions.

‘Platform 16,’ he told me.

I walked to platform 16 and as I boarded the train and sat down, it pulled out of the station.

When I set my foot on Twickenham station’s platform I looked at my watch. It was exactly a quarter to ten. Perfect timing!

If I had planned the journey and checked the times, I would have been rushed and worried about the whole trip, but because I was relaxed in the Spirit, trusting Him to lead and guide me everything happened perfectly on time and there was a total peace about the trip. Life in the Spirit brings peace and rest.


Greater Life Church

The Greater Life Church in Twickenham is really picking up. They are having an outreach at some public fare on Saturday and have a stall where they give free hand massages and hand out leaflets about the church.

I ministered on Living your Purpose instead of trying to find it. I explained that a chair’s purpose is to be a chair. To sit on it is the function, not the purpose. A microphone’s purpose is to be a mike, not to speak in. And then I asked them what their purpose is.

‘To be me!’ a person said. They got the message. I also told them the dream I had about the Holy Spirit telling me in person that He prayed that Andre would just be himself.

Afterwards an air hostess from New Zealand Airlines told me, ‘I needed this message today – all my life I needed this message!’ A couple from the Seychelles immediately gave me a pastor’s address and asked if I will go to their island to minister.

Pastor Paul asked if I had been to Rome. When I said, ‘no’, he said, ‘we must get you there! I have several contacts in Italy! Rome is such an amazing city: you drive around seeing modern buildings and as you come over the hill you are confronted with the Coliseum, a building that is 2 000 years old!’


The House of Bread

On my first night at home I had a spiritual dream. I dreamt my family and leadership of Harvester Cape Town were all together in a house and I said to them, ‘Give the people bread.’ They asked me where they would find the bread. I opened the drawers of an old cupboard and the drawers were full of bread. The interesting thing about the bread was that it was all kinds of bread from different nations: Portuguese rolls, Israeli and Greek Pita bread, Nan bread from India, Baguettes from France,  Croissants, Japanese square bread, English bread for toasting, America sweet and light bread, Homemade bread and Boerebrood! There was bread for all nations!

I heard a voice say in my dream: ‘The House of Bread!’

Nola interpreted the dream that our church is full of the bread of the Word of God and it is time to send people out to give the Bread of Life to the nations of the world! This is a fulfilment of a prophecy we received many years ago.

Apostle Aje sent me an email from Sri Lanka inviting us to come over and help them in that nation that is torn to shreds by civil war.


Five New Nations

During this trip 5 new nations opened up for ministry. The Harvest is great but the Harvesters are few. I pray the Lord of the Harvest to send out Harvesters to bring in the precious harvest.
Apostle Andre Pelser