Malaysia – Dramatic changes in Malaysia – by Apostle André Pelser

Pastor S. Krishna Pillay from Simpang Empet (Four Junctions), Malaysia where I ministered before told us about the dramatic changes that have occurred since I ordained him as a Harvester minister on my last visit.


A teacher called Rita Davy received instructions in a dream to go to a specific church because she had demonic trouble. The church that was shown to her was the church where Krishna Pillay pastors. When she arrived she recognized the church in her dreams. She lives 100 km from the church! When they prayed for her she was delivered from the trouble!


Imagine God showing people where a church is! Who needs advertising?

During my previous visit we seriously prayed for Krishna’s health and his wife’s as well. He had painful lung trouble and could hardly breathe and walked with much difficulty. Since we prayed he is healed and he has put on weight! There is a smile on his face and he tells us his wife’s health has improved dramatically.


They have new Hindu visitors in almost every Sunday service and they baptized three last week. He says this never happened before. The political party of the area also approached him to be a counselor to them to bring the people’s problems to the district officer. This role has never before been given to a pastor. Krishna explains that the community treats him with greater respect than ever before. All these changes occurred after my visit and ministry according to him.


His brother who is a gangster and ended up in jail put his twin daughters aged 16 in a home. His wife left with another man when he was imprisoned.


Krishna also writes articles in the local newspaper and when one of the daughters saw his face in the newspaper she said, ‘this is my uncle!’ The home contacted him and now the two girls live with Krishna’s family and both are serving the Lord.


Pastor Silveraj from Novascotia reports that his church has also grown. He bought a Bible Speaking Clock in India that recites a verse of Scripture at every hour on a loud speaker!

Regie, a lawyer friend, normally takes off from work whenever I am in Kuala Lumpur to see me. He says he is more confident than before.

I explained how godly confidence works. II Corinthians 5:6, 7 tell us: ‘He who has prepared you for this very thing is God Himself, therefore you can always be confident. For we walk by faith and not by sight.’ We do not have ego confidence as children of God because we know the source of our confidence. God prepares us for something before the opportunity comes and therefore we can be confident that we are ready for it.


I also explained how your spirit has eyes and ears and all the senses your body has. I explained to them how I saw the two pastors in Cuba in a vision before I met them. The one had a red check shirt on with dark trousers and the other one a short-sleeved white shirt. When I met them at the airport I recognized them immediately. This was a sign to them that God sent me to Cuba.


Regie informed us of a Chinese businessman that donated R5 million (Ringgit) to a church in KL and washes the toilets every Sunday before church to keep humble before God!

Apostle Andre Pelser