Mission to Malaysia 2017

I heard a voice speaking to me

Pastor Murasurajan comes from a Hindu background but soon realized there was no proof for the Hindu gods and became an atheist and freethinker at a young age. Work was offered to him in Singapore so he left Malaysia. Because of personal problems he decided to commit suicide and jump into the sea to drown him.

‘I heard a voice speaking to me. My son, why do you want to commit suicide? I will forgive your sins. I am Jesus Christ.’ He surrendered his life to Christ and although he could get citizenship in Singapore decided to return to Malaysia. There he attended the AOG Bible College. A Pastor from the Methodist Church baptized him and gave him a Christian name: Stephen. Today he Pastors The Palace of Jesus Christ Church in Kuala Lumpur.

As a writer he has published several books and offered to arrange a Pastor’s conference where he wants to launch my book, ‘God’s Genius’ in May ’18 in the YMCA hall.

Murasurajan has a burden for orphans and homeless people. There are 3 orphanages that he takes care of.

‘We need training,’ he told me. I shared some apostolic reformational thoughts with him and also gave some life skill tips.

There are only 10% Christians in Malaysia but there are many that have failed to declare their change of religion to be Christians.

As far as traveling is concerned he has been to many countries like Peru, Puerto Rico, America, India and many in Europe. A friend of his, Sam Berget is the director of Passion Play Ministries in America. It was also performed here in KL with 3000 people attending. As chairman of the organizing committee for Pastors he arranged the hall and invited Pastors and businessmen. Pastors sold tickets to their congregation members. Rajan has an honorary doctorate in Tamil Literature from Chenai, Philippines &India. He is a friend of Dr.Vedha.

Rajan set up a computer school to teach young people to use computers. The children pay a small fee. He is part of the World Wide Missionary Movement based in Puerto Rico. This organization has 350 churches around the world. One of his visions is to hold an International Pastor’s conference in Jerusalem. He invited me to be one of the speakers.

He is interested in becoming part of Harvester’s Network of Churches and wants to start a Miracle Bible College satellite in KL. He is willing to help translate some of our MBC material into Tamil and know someone who can do the same in Chinese.

I went to look at his orphan homes and held a meeting in his church.

His daughter leads worship. She attends Bible College at the moment. One of his other daughters does the admin in his office.

Before church we shared a lovely curry meal for breakfast: parota and egg!

Although I have been to Malaysia three times before this is the first time someone offered to arrange meetings for me and even showed interest in becoming our representative here.

Rajan has an honorary degree in Tamil Literature and is also a Tamil poet that regularly publishes poems in the Tamil newspaper.

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