Kampala, Uganda June 2015 – A man dreamt about me – by Apostle André Pelser

A Pastor called Moses had a dream of me without knowing who I was. In the dream I wept as I spoke about God’s love. When I started speaking about love in our meeting he remembered the dream and realized I was the man in the dream. God gives dreams and visions to confirm that He sent someone to some place.

Moses plants ‘family altars’ that is household meetings to us. A family has a prayer and fellowship meeting every week’s night and it attracts neighbors. When the neighbors come they minister to their needs. But people still go to their individual churches on Sunday. He came to the meeting with me to be encouraged in the work of the Lord.

Pastor Alex is actually an Apostle. He plants new churches wherever he goes. We will soon ordain him as an apostle.

Moses starts ‘family altars’ in homes where a family gets together every day of the week and prays together. This attracts the neighbors and they are drawn into the group.

We now have 10 Harvester Churches in Uganda. We have to renew our registration of the church every August. It cost a few hundred dollars (US). Several of the churches relating to us for a year left Harvester because they did not receive salaries from us. Only the faithful ones remained.

I found out that Pastor Paul who is a member of Harvester in Uganda went to Nimule, Sudan to plant a Harvester Church so I will soon visit Sudan! We have often prayed for Sudan and for a door to open. This is proof that the spiritual fiber of the core group of Pastors in Uganda is still strong and committed to the vision in spite of setbacks.

People mostly meet in homes or school classrooms for meetings.

Apostle Speke and Sarah head up the work and Apostle Richard works with them.

Alex is prepared to start translating our Harvester Foundation Course into Luganda. Then we can reach the people in rural areas where English is hardly spoken.
Apostle Andre Pelser