France May 2006 – Paris Revisited – by Apostle André Pelser

We arrived in Paris where we were met by a very kind lady who drove us across the city to Clamart. There we stayed with Pastor Michel Balverde and his family and ministered in one of the oldest Pentecostal churches in the city. The church and the manse is all paid for which allows the church to do some projects with the income besides providing a salary for the pastor.


Michel is the president of Cijem, a youth organization that reaches out to the unsaved youth of France. His son Samuel was in America promoting Cijem projects. Claire also works with the church as well as for Cijem. We encouraged the church and Cijem to at least pay her a decent salary, because she works so hard.


The first meeting on the first day we arrived in Paris went well. There was no resistance to what the Spirit wanted to do. The following day was Saturday and Nola ministered to the ladies and I ministered to the men in the evening. Nola’s meeting went on for several hours after the prescribed time, because she spoke about her own experiences as a child of rejection and it had a tremendous response in the ladies who needed healing from emotional abuse.


One can get arrested for physical abuse, but emotional abuse goes unchecked in society. That is why there is so much of it. We spent the afternoon with a lovely couple who were fast becoming pillars in the church. They told us how much abuse they experienced in their previous church. It seems that everywhere we go we hear the same stories of pastors and church boards who bully people. This simply confirmed the message the Spirit laid on our hearts for the pastors of France.


Nola, Hilton & I left for France with an air of expectation: God had given us a specific word for the pastors and we were not quite sure how they would receive it. Our entire church prayed and fasted with us for the duration of the tour after they sent us off with their prayers. Even little children fasted and prayed for us and gave us scripture verses to encourage us! Well, the Lord did prophesy through various old prophets that the Spirit of the Lord would be poured out on all flesh and that our children would prophesy!


In the evening I challenged the men to be men of God in the areas of finances, relationships and serving God. Some of the young men really received the word I brought. They were ready to reform according to the patterns of the Scriptures.


Sunday morning the pastor said we are free to minister as the Spirit leads us and Nola started flowing in prophetic worship after teaching about worship for a while. Claire interpreted for Nola. But the people were not as receptive as on

Friday night. Pastor Michel thought he would help the people and took another microphone and started telling them to lift up their hands like Nola was telling them to do. This brought a bit of confusion and eventually Nola stopped

ministering and handed it over to me.


The Lord confirmed his Word in many ways. Afterwards the pastor asked Nola to come back again and teach the people on worship. They were obviously not ready to flow prophetically or to participate in free worship yet. We need a whole week of teaching! He said, and his wife Suzanne agreed, .and we need a women’s camp with Nola so we can speak about emotional healing a bit more!.


That evening we drove around Paris a bit and enjoyed the beauty of the majestic buildings, the sights and the sounds of a city that never sleeps. Because there was a strike on Tuesday we had to leave for Lyon on Monday. This changed our program a bit.


We got onto the TGV to Lyon and found a little compartment for ourselves. Our bags outnumbered us by far, because we took the TV camera and the large stand with us besides our own luggage that included clothes for both winter and summer, because Spring time the weather changes suddenly in France.


Lyon is a very historic city. The first Catholic Church in France was built here. Pontius Pilate committed suicide here by jumping off one of the great bridges into the river. Christians were martyred in the Place of the Three Gauls; the two Luminier brothers who discovered moving pictures and made the first projector also come from Lyon. It is a picturesque city, much like Paris, but built on two rivers, the Rhone and the Sonne. There is the Old Quarters on one side of the river and the Modern City on the other. It is also known for its silk trade and architecture. Here we stayed in a cottage in the backyard of Paul and Gaynor van der Hagen. Gaynor comes from Zimbabwe and Paul from the Netherlands.

They have four kids and Hilton enjoyed playing with some friends. Paul.s mother came to visit from the Netherlands. She is a godly lady and told us many stories about their family and how Paul’s life was spared because she gave him to God as a little boy. Paul and Gaynor have been having home meetings for several years in Lyon.


They are helping apostle Clement from St. Etienne at the moment on Sundays with his work.


Lyon where the first Catholic Church was built in France


Paul and Gaynor are ready to move on to Nice before the end of the year. Paul has found a wonderful job there and the company is even paying his hotel for the first four month as he commutes every weekend between Nice and Lyon. From Lyon we went to St. Etienne. God gave Nola a word about St. Etienne about a treasure hidden in a field. People had to sell what they possessed in order to purchase that field. Sacrifices were made for that treasure. When we got to Pastor Florence and the church of L’Abrie Nola realized that they were that treasure! After a five hour meeting on the Sunday morning Florence and Bruno took us to their lovely home and showed us their history in a picture album. The

Lord told them to sell their Manor House and buy a field in St. Etienne that had nothing but an old ruin on it. In the natural it did not make sense at all, but they knew they were acting out a prophetic word to rebuild the ruins of the house of God in that city. When they started breaking down the walls of the old ruin they found a treasure hidden in one of the walls: an old earthen milk jar filled with silver coins dating back to 1726 and with King Luis the 15th face on them! The jar was covered with a little cloth and tied with a woven string. This particular ruin belonged to Huguenots who fled for their lives. They saved their money in a jar in the wall obviously hoping to come back one day, but they never returned. This treasure was proof to Florence and Bruno that they had obeyed the voice of the Lord and Nola came to confirm it.


We had a very powerful meeting in their church. As I said, it lasted almost 5 hours! Their son leads worship in a powerful way and Christoph the dancer does slow motion break-dancing! It was a tremendous blessing to worship with them.


They had also broken the chauvinistic hold that France’s male population has on the church by appointing Florence as the pastor! Even the sound engineers were two twin girls!


The church were full of men, women and children who were all set free from demonic oppression and there was freedom and power in the church. They accepted Nola’s prophetic flow in worship wholeheartedly and afterwards

Nola prophesied more to individuals than I have ever seen before, simply because her gift was acknowledged! It’s so simple if you receive a prophet in the Name of a prophet you receive a prophet’s reward! It felt as if we had known the people in that church all our lives. It was a kindred spirit.


They invited us back to come and teach them on worship and apostolic reformation. They also asked if we could bring a team and hold an apostolic breakthrough conference in their church. We also learned a lot from them. They are very strong in discernment and intercessory prayer and really have a good sense of what is going on in the spirit realm in Europe.


We also met Ann who is busy translating my book .God’s Genius into French! What a great task. She showed me a third of the book in French. It was hard to believe that someone would willingly undertake such a mammoth task! God bless her.


The previous day we spoke at a Full Gospel Businessmen’s luncheon in the Tower Hotel where we were lodging. 14 souls were saved after Nola and I gave our personal testimonies. At 6 p m the all night praise service with combined churches began. Different worship bands came from all over France. I was asked to preach and I spoke for about an hour. Nola also ministered. We spoke a strong word about the pyramid systems and the Pharaohs in the church and told the pastors who were treating their people like slaves what Moses told Pharaoh:

‘Let my people go so that they may worship Me!’ There are many churches in France who are turning to the G-12 pyramid system of church growth hoping they have found the solution to France! But only Jesus Christ can be the solution, not a man-made system.


The leader of this church growth system in Pretoria claims that in order to have church growth everyone in the church must eat, sleep and drink church growth. When you ask him how he is he answers something like this: we are 120 home cells now. It is almost impossible to have a normal conversation because he is so taken up with his own ambition! His wife has had two heart attacks at the tender age of 32!


Imagine Jesus and Paul and Peter, those who gave their lives for the church, imagine them whipping their home cell leaders into a frenzy with worldly motivational systems and making them feel guilty (just like the businesses in the world) for not reaching their goals every week for growth and extension!


Husbands and wives have to go to separate home cells. This causes the family unit to break up and brings competition into the family. If the wife has more time to spend in preparing her message and following people up because she is at home; the husband who has to work 8 hours per day will soon be left behind and feel embarrassed to report his lack of progress in numbers and finances in his men’s cell. This has been a recipe of divorce for many couples that we know of.

Their children cried out to me (I stayed in some of their homes when ministering in these churches), we never see our parents. They have to be at church every night of the week and the whole day Saturday and Sunday!’ This will make the kids hate the church and eventually reject God! The Pastors who run their churches according to these worldly systems are the modern Pharaoh’s who slave-drive their people to build monuments for the pastor’s ambition.

This is a disgrace and an abomination in the eyes of God.


A true shepherd does not drive his flock; he gently leads them to green pastures and quiet waters and gives them rest. The hireling throws stones at them.


It is not an easy message to give to Pastors and members alike, but we had to bring it and warn them all. Nola spoke about the fact that Israel preferred to have earthly kings like the nations around them instead of having God as their only ruler.


When God was their king he would destroy their enemies with hailstones, chase them with hornets and send his angels to slaughter them. He provided for them in supernatural ways, kept them healthy and forgave all their sins. Who would not want a God like that to be their king? But they insisted on having an earthly king.

When the prophet Samuel complained to God about their stubbornness, the Lord told Samuel, ‘give them a king, but tell them what he will do to them: he will take their sons and daughters and make them slaves in his palace and he will tax them heavily and make life difficult for them. He will use them for his own glory and they will hate it in the end!’


People in churches do much the same. The do not want the Lord Jesus Christ to be the Head of the Church. They prefer a strong leader who bullies them into submission and makes them work like slaves in the church! They want an earthly ruler and they are happy with that. Most of the world’s greatest leaders have been despots and dictators such as Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Idi Amin and many other examples. The church does not want to be ruled by God therefore they prefer the systems of the world and leaders according to the patterns of the world rather than the pattern of God’s Word.


They have growth yes, but it is not God. Only God can give true spiritual increase with peace and rest as part of the package deal. The success the world offers is full of frustration and guilt feelings for never being good enough.


Later on in the evening, past midnight, Nola and I ministered to the people for healing and for deliverance. Eventually we also ministered to those who had emotional abuse in their lives. This seems to be rampant everywhere we go.

The need for emotional healing has reached critical proportions in the church, let alone in the world!


The Monday morning as we woke up and looked out of the Motel window the entire scene was snow white, it had snowed throughout the night! Hilton wanted to see snow but everyone said the snow season was over because it was already pring (Le Printemps). I think God let it snow especially for Hilton. When we woke him up he could not believe his eyes. He quickly got dressed and had a bite to eat as fast as he could and ran outside to frolic in the snow like a little calf. He rolled around and slid in the snow and Nola helped him to build his own snow man! We had snow fights. Nola’s fur coat never got wet. Amazing! No wonder that the great bears of Europe wear fur! Our surname comes from the word Pels or fur. Apparently the Pelsers were furriers, then became builders and ended up in the ministry!


In Lyon we ministered the same word to a group of pastors around a table. When we finished they spontaneously began to ask the Lord’s forgiveness for using systems of the world in their churches and asked God to show them the divine designs. During their prayers of confessions I had a vision of the Lord pouring out anointing oil on my head as I knelt before him in humble surrender with a deep feeling of total unworthiness. I sensed all my hidden sins and felt the weight of things weighing me down in his glorious presence. But instead of rejecting me the Lord poured more oil onto my head and spoke very kindly to me: ‘This day I remove the effects of sins in your life and I grant you new authority to bring change and reform in my church. I anoint you for this purpose.’


I cried. I realized why the elders threw their crowns at his feet. None of us deserve anything at all. All the glory belongs to Him. He did it all, even if He did it through us. I told the Lord even if I do not do everything perfectly I would continue to do what I am doing to serve God and humanity as long as He spares me and keeps me healthy.


On the Monday night in Lyon we sensed a breakthrough and a shifting in the spirit realm. Florence, Bruno and many of their church members came to the joint meeting in Lyon. They advertised it on leaflets and posters with my face on it describing me as Pasteur Andre Pelser.


When Nola asked Angelo Pace (who arranged the tour for us) why he did not use the term apostle on the posters, he said, ‘the pastors are a bit touchy and the people do not understand that term. They only understand pastor.’ Funny though, when we went to a Roman Catholic historical home, the Italian girl who looked after the building looked at the flyer when Angelo invited her to come to the meetings, she looked at Nola and I and said, ‘this couple looks more like apostles to me than pastors!’


On Monday night I never ministered. Nola ministered for almost two hours teaching on Praise and Worship and then demonstrating what she taught. But the resistance was immense. I felt I had to go and do something. Then Florence walked over to me and said, ‘do something!’ I got up and took the microphone and a holy anger came over me. I rebuked the people including the pastors for not responding to the Word of God. I said, the Holy Spirit sent us and decided that Nola would minister instead of me, but they were not receiving the message nor responding to her efforts to get them to worship God freely. Finally the young people from Florence’s church came forward and danced and worshipped God. Suddenly the musicians in that church broke through into another dimension and kept on worshipping God on the instruments. They were like runaway horses that you could not stop. The worship when on for another hour after that! Finally the chairman of the group of pastors got up and prayed and thanked God for what took place. Then he rebuked the pastors as well: ‘I have asked God to do something and we always want the Holy Spirit to take over the meeting, well, tonight He did! This man was man enough to step back and let his wife minister and then rebuked us all for not responding to the Word of God. This was from God. From this night forward we will never be the same!’ There were great shouts of praise after that.
Apostle Andre Pelser